Removals School

At Aussie, no one joins the road crews until they’ve been thoroughly trained in adherence with British Association of Removers (BAR) standards. We need to be sure that every team member can think quickly and respond to challenges with confidence and poise. Basic training begins with an induction (two hours) which takes packers, drivers and porters through all the key information regarding light goods vehicles, health and safety, working at heights and more.

We then act out a typical day from beginning to end. For our moving teams, this entails seeing the operations manager, making sure they have all the necessary equipment for the job. Then, they call clients to confirm that they’re on their way, arriving punctually at the home or office and greeting them in a positive and courteous way. Our teams are primed to embody the Aussie ‘can-do’ attitude which we hold dear.

After this, it’s time to look around the client’s property, establishing what materials need to be packed up, put in the van or lorry and taken to the destination point. In our training room, we have a practice vehicle. Our trainees learn how to carry and load fragile items and valuables, including pianos, paintings and specialist furniture. Further instruction, including the taking apart and reassembling of computers and other IT equipment, comes next. A standard moving job is concluded by seeing the client and determining if all needs have been satisfied, then returning to the yard.

Within the first fortnight of someone’s employment, we may move them into advanced training. Advanced training encompasses the more intricate elements of a removals job. This includes taking apart and putting back together a grand piano, removing a sash window and then replacing it, taking out a dishwasher and then plumbing it back in, and moving highly valuable antique furniture. Training manuals are issued, so that nothing is forgotten.

We try to train both thoroughly and quickly so that new team members work well with established personnel. We also want to diminish the likelihood of our existing road crew having to do additional training on the job, although some things can only be fully learnt in this fashion. To keep everyone’s skills in top condition, we arrange both ongoing training and refresher sessions. We want to be certain that all our movers and drivers not only do each job to your satisfaction but also exceed expectations, and that all of them come armed with the Aussie attributes of efficiency and competence.