To insure or not to insure

Removals / man & van insurance

If you’re planning a relocation, you’ll likely hear about the importance of insurance in relation to safeguarding your possessions. For some, the premise of being insured won’t prevent damage from occurring; it’s more to help you claim in the event of a breakage. Whether you choose to insure your items isn’t the most straightforward question to answer.

When moving house or flat, there are several points to consider before concluding. And this also includes grey areas where you might have insurance and unwittingly do something that would disqualify a claim. In this blog, we’ll go over some salient points about insurance and other related moving tips.

The Role of Insurance when Moving –

Whether you opt for insurance or not, it’s vital to understand its role in the removals process. Aussie always advises customers to consider some coverage when moving, and this always differs from one removal company to the next. If you book with us, you’ll have the option of purchasing insurance through us, and you can read details of this by clicking here.

What’s most crucial is to adhere to the stipulations of pre-existing insurance you might have. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and money if you don’t stick to the terms and conditions—insurance transfers from your contents between your old and new property in most cases. However, there are specific criteria to meet to ensure your policy remains valid. One example is using a professional removals company to undertake the packing.

There needs to be an explicit knowledge of what your insurance covers and doesn’t. Your insurer may request your movers to pack certain items or risk invalidating any claims. Moreover, you might need to adjust your plan to include things like protection while in transit. Quoteline Direct have an excellent and informative guide you can read here. We’ll do our part by going through aspects from our side of things.

DIY Packing Can Cause Insurance Issues –

If you are doing the packing yourself, check with your removal company whether their insurance will cover your possessions under their policy. Most insurance providers will not insure items if they have not been packed by a professional removal team trained in the art of packing valuable antiques and/or fragile items, like glass and delicate ceramic pieces.

The next place to look is your household insurance policy. Some policies will provide cover for a removal but are likely to have certain exclusions. We also recommend email exchanges with your insurance broker if you are uncertain about your level of cover. The problem is all insurance comes with a stack of terms and conditions. Ask your broker specific questions regarding your items.

There’s no second-guessing this stage, and you’ll need complete assurance before moving forward with other tasks. Having unsuitable cover could result in being unable to claim in the event of a breakage. It will help if you always protect your interests by having a safeguard as a back-up. Not only that, but insurance also gives you peace of mind that there’s a safety net in place.

Specific Rules for Valuable Items –

If professional removers are doing your packing and the company provides cover, your possessions will be covered, and the likelihood of breakages will diminish significantly. We would strongly advise customers with valuable possessions to take this option when moving home. You don’t want to run the risk of invalidating your insurance coverage by packing valuables yourself.

Good companies will ask you to declare items of significant value as you would do on your household insurance. This is generally at a level of approximately £5000. If you are uncertain about values, check on eBay or consult a professional valuation company beforehand. But make absolutely sure you declare these items in writing at an appropriate value.

There is a sensible compromise; request that your removal company to only pack the most valuable and fragile items if you’re working with a smaller budget. To do this practically, try and pack some items earlier and move them out of the way, preferably into storage. Then leave the delicate stuff until the last week, allowing the Aussie team to pack them up for you.

Linking Self Storage and Removal Services –

If your belongings need to spend some time in storage before you move into your new home, all reputable companies will make a very detailed list known as the inventory. Make sure you receive a copy that should be checked off when you move into your new house. The list is also handy when you start looking for items and cannot remember if they’re in storage or not.

Another bonus when working with Aussie is we can link any removals and storage service together. This creates a seamless package without the need to include other service providers. You’ll then benefit from a more affordable overall cost, including knowing that our rates are below market prices. From your first contact, we’ll put together a free quote. The pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees or additional charges.

We’ll be able to oversee and handle the whole move, from start to finish, with an option of aftercare and additional tips. Furthermore, we’ll include the packing and inventory duties if you need assistance. There’s no safer or more secure way to protect your possessions than with Aussie. We have the experience and high standard of service delivery to make this a successful relocation.

Industry Tips for Packing Glassware –

At Aussie, we always look at things from several scenarios, and we want to make sure people have the correct information. If you’re going the route of packing things up yourself, it’s essential to approach glassware and similar items with more care and attention. We need to stress one point in more detail – make sure you put glass and related pieces in the moving van last.

And bulky furniture or appliances mustn’t have any way of contacting them when the van is in motion. The best method of doing this is to wait until the larger pieces are in the vehicle, held in position with straps. Most movers will avoid having heavy items near the doors, as it’s too difficult to get into the removal’s van to do anything once you arrive.

The idea is simple – last in, first off. Gather all your glassware and fragile pieces and put them to one side, ensuring they’re safe. Pack the whole van, leaving a small space near the vehicle’s backdoor. Then, you can pack your delicate items away, all individually wrapped, and place them in last. You’ll be able to keep your valuables at a safe distance from the rest of the load.

The Benefits of Using Professional Packers –

Let’s look at the various other reasons why it pays to use Aussie to pack your things, not just for insurance purposes. We employ expert handling skills and specialists removal’s equipment for each job. On top of this, our movers can always solve problems on the spot and lead with a professional attitude and behaviour. This includes being punctual and meeting deadlines.

From your side of things, we’ll provide you with thorough planning and assistance during the preparation stage. You’ll receive a free quote and the most suitable service suggestion as standard. This includes an explanation of our assessment and other tips to help your removal experience. For us, it’s more than just turning up on the day and moving everything to the new location.

The deeper benefit of choosing Aussie is our commitment to customer service. We’ll lead you through the entire removal process, which is especially handy for newbies. You’ll always have a direct line of communication with one of our team. Our removal’s experts provide a consummate understanding of using proper packaging to protect specific items. This means your belongings stay in perfect condition when you begin unpacking.

Aussie Man & Van London – Expert Advice for Your Next Move –

The devil is often in the detail when it comes to insurance, but a short amount of time researching will be well spent. If you are uncertain about insurance, remember that using a professional company is usually worth the additional expense. And it will almost certainly save you money in the long run, in addition to reducing stress levels and allowing the relocation to go as smoothly as possible.

Insurance is vitally important when moving to a new home as it provides you with a workable preventive measure. And Aussie will help you check your coverage and even allow you to hand this over to us to arrange. We’ll assist with advice to safeguard you in all eventualities, even if you don’t choose to add insurance. For us, there are no cutting corners – that’s why we’re the ‘can-do’ moving company.

Aussie is the one-stop company for all your removals and storage needs, including insurance. Click here to request a free quote and ask about our range of services.