Remote Working – Setting Up a Home Office in London

Remote Working – Setting Up a Home Office in London

For anyone who’s looking for a different way of working, there’s a new method which is, in fact, not new at all. Remote working is now trending and gaining mass appeal, both from an employer and employee perspective. It all kicked off from the previous lockdown where it was a necessity for companies to survive. The question is – what are the advantages of working from home?

Aussie Man & Van are champions of business innovation. We love to see people take the initiative and do something different. Regardless of its critics remote working is here to stay. And our team can set up your office at home.

Remote Working – Innovative Business Solutions –

It’s strange how adverse events like a pandemic trigger positive reactions and new ideas. For too long things have been static, often relying on old working habits. There was a set organisation and expectations of how businesses operate. People travel to work to perform their duties because it’s easier to assign tasks and monitor productivity.

Anyone who works in a London office will know the typical issues with the commute. The usual traffic jams, rush hour congestion, full busses, and Tube trains. Just so everyone can pack into office blocks. When the pandemic response brought about the first lockdown, it was evident this wasn’t a viable way to do things. Close contact was actively discouraged, and social distancing made the usual commute a no-go.

While remote working isn’t a new concept, there’s a reluctance for some larger corporations to consider it. Self-employed people have had home offices for decades, and technology advancements are making things more straightforward. It will take a while for the office culture to adapt to staff working from home. But it presents a host of positive opportunities.

Even companies who previously were unable to imagine using this approach are now testing it. We acknowledge this won’t suit every company who needs an on-site workforce. However, if a decent percentage of businesses try it, things like lower carbon emissions will benefit everyone.

Assessing Your Property for a Room Conversion –

Before we start, it’s worth pointing out that we’re focussing on this from the perspective of converting a pre-existing room. It’s possible to build an extension to create a new room or use a large outside shed. The former does require some upfront costs and planning permissions, which is why we’re looking at the simpler option.

The first thing you’ll need to work out is whether you have enough rooms to find a spare one. If the answer is no, then you can think about partitioning a space in your house or apartment. Many people with one or two-bed flats can separate part of their bedroom or living room as a dedicated workspace.

The best option for those with a spare guest room would be to convert it. However, you’ll need to think about your home’s value – more on that in the next section. Alternatively, your garage or loft present viable options but will require a bit more work. This might mean additional insulation and adding electricity points.

Things to Consider Before You Start Work –

To follow-on from our previous point, you need to ensure the set-up of your home office doesn’t negatively affect your home’s value. So, before you jump into the conversion, take the time to mitigate any issues and prepare for all outcomes. It might seem like a no-brainer to have a dedicated office or study, but you’re sacrificing a bedroom to enable it.

This is where the assistance of an estate agent is a smart idea. If you put together a plan of the room conversion, they’ll be able to assess the impact on your property’s value. Then you can weigh up the pros and cons of going ahead with the project. In the event where this would harm the valuation of your house, we would suggest considering an outside building to use.

It goes without saying that you need to be careful if you live in a listed building. Even small modifications on some properties need to have official approval before work begins. If this applies to you, get in touch with your local borough council and submit your initial plans. They’ll be able to tell you if this will cause issues to avoid any nasty surprises.

Setting Up an Office or Study –

Now for the nuts and bolts of how an actual home office set-up entails. In this section, we’re listing the vital steps and considerations so you can start working remotely straight away.

A dedicated workspace – A vital component for remote working. Distractions equal delays, which invariably leads to a drop in productivity. Go through every room in your house to see if you can convert them into a home office. For apartments, you can adapt a section of your lounge or bedroom and cordon off with a portable divider.

No TV, no Netflix, no problem – It’s critical you stay away from watching your favourite shows, which includes when on lunch break. Even catching up on the news can lead to bad habits. So, consider this when choosing your dedicated work area.

Selling goods and services – You’ll need to see if business rates are applicable. This is for anyone who’s selling goods or services. Here’s a useful link for you to read to understand the regulations.

Multi-purpose equipment – An excellent way to maximise your workspace is to use appliances with several functions. Examples are printers with a scanner and fax. Additionally, you can also look into furniture which folds away if you have limited space.

Stick to the essentials – Guess what? You only need four things in an office: a decent chair, a desk, a computer, and an internet connection. It’s probably a good idea to invest in an office chair with enough back support. And installing fibre will help you avoid any sluggish connection stress.

Aussie Creates Home Offices in London –

At Aussie, we love seeing people make changes to how they approach their daily operations. For a number of years, we saw how entrepreneurs and start-ups were utilising self storage for alternative workspaces. Now, rather than people shaping innovation in the business world, an unlikely global event was the driving force.

The Covid-19 pandemic caught everyone off guard and left thousands of businesses in London in a state of confusion. However, out of this sudden seismic shift came something unexpected. Rather than give up, an old idea was rejuvenated. Remote working was once again back in the mainstream, allowing people to do their duties from their house or apartment.

At Aussie, we keep up to date with current trends in London’s business community. We do this to see if it’s possible to take our existing removals and storage packages to transfer for a new service. This is how we started setting up home offices and workspaces. Our team can collect materials, assemble office furniture, install IT systems, and make referrals to other traders.

Using Self Storage to Create Additional Space –

Before any room conversions can happen, you’ll need to create more space, especially if you live in a city centre flat. By moving everything out before you start any work, you’ll avoid transferring objects from room to room. Plus, you’ll enjoy the additional levels of security self storage offers. Aussie has a range of storage options to ensure your belongings are safe and secure.

Aussie Man & Van has a range of services that includes three storage options. Our Container Storage package is often the choice for people who need long-term storage. However, there are limitations on how often you can access these units. If you need regular access, our Self Storage package would be more suitable. We also have a unique AusBox package, which is an affordable choice for people with fewer items to store.

We have a range of storage packages to choose from, making it possible to accommodate everyone’s requirements. This applies to domestic and business customers, and we have a variety of storage unit sizes for you to choose from. And should your circumstances change, we can always upgrade or downsize your storage unit accordingly.

Aussie Man & Van – Empowering Innovation and Business Solutions –

When you weigh up the benefits, it’s hard to argue against remote working. It gives businesses more options, especially if critical scenarios occur and shutting down is the only other alternative. For London’s business collective, there are lots of challenges ahead, and we need broad-based solutions. One size doesn’t fit all anymore, which is how business in the 21st Century is shaping.

With the potential to decrease carbon emissions from having fewer people in the office, this also presents a wider societal advantage. Yes, indeed, it doesn’t work for every sector, but it’s worth considering for those suitable industries. Aussie has a range of removals services which can adapt for other needs. We can have your home office up and running in no time.

If you’re looking into remote working for you or your business, please contact us today. We have the right equipment and expertise to create the perfect home office in London.