Relocating to London for Work?

Relocating to London for Work? We Have the Right Service for You

If you’re relocating to London for work, you won’t have any issues finding a moving company. There are hundreds of companies to choose from, which can sometimes be confusing. However, you’re in safe hands with a reliable company like Aussie Man & Van. We have depots all over London, Bath, and Oxford and can collect you from anywhere in the UK.

If you’re moving to London, we have the right removal service to match your requirements. We’ll also provide essential tips for anyone moving to London this year.


  1. Is It Easy to Move to London?
  2. What Removal Service Should You Use?
  3. Are There Affordable Areas in London Where You Can Live?
  4. What Are Commuter Towns and Why Are They Popular?
  5. Who Should You Contact When You Arrive in London?
  6. What Are the Public Transport Options in London?
  7. Can I Live in an Apartment with Storage Space?

Is It Easy to Move to London?

Due to its size, moving to a new city is always challenging, especially one like London. If you concentrate on the following points, you’ll give yourself a good chance of a successful relocation:

  • Start planning now or early and create a moving checklist.
  • Do lots of online and offline research, including overnight visits.
  • Consider transport, healthcare, and amenities.
  • Cost everything in detail: property prices, rent, and other costs.
  • Contact an estate agent to assist you.

Like any relocation, starting planning immediately will make things much more manageable. To keep everything on track, you need to create a moving checklist. You can see Aussie’s example here and adapt it to suit your specifications.

We always suggest doing as much online research as possible. When finding a few areas you like to look at, you can learn a lot about them. In addition to your online research, you’ll need to visit each town several times to get a proper feel for the area.

Please don’t limit your research to save time; we all require different services. Commuting is a high priority if your relocation is linked to your career. London has excellent transport links; ideally, you’ll need a Tube station in or near your home.

Then there are other essential things, such as education, healthcare, local amenities, restaurants, bars, leisure activities and green spaces. But these examples are by no means exhaustive. Create a separate list of anything you feel is essential to your lifestyle.

Before you arrange viewings, contact a local estate agent in the area. They can do much legwork for you by sifting out properties that don’t match your criteria. You can also get them to check for property inspections and general housing sales in the town.

What Removal Service Should You Use?

At Aussie, we always approach each removal inquiry to learn about what you’re moving with. We then base your free, no-obligation quote on a stringent assessment process. This will help us determine the number of items relevant to your relocation and which removal package and vehicle size are the most suitable.

Aussie has a fleet of vehicles available, which means we can accommodate all types of relocation. Our Man & Van service is ideal for smaller moves within the same city or town. The volume of items, furniture and appliances will influence the vehicle size we assign. The smaller vans are also better for loading on busy streets with many stationery cars.

We suggest using our Home Removals service if you have larger furniture and appliances or a larger volume of things. One of the benefits of this service is the ability to move everything in one trip. Our team will always provide you with the most efficient and cheapest package when discussing removal options.

Aussie’s National Moving service allows us to relocate you anywhere in the UK. This also means we can collect you and move you to London. Furthermore, this also applies to our European Removal service. Through our network of partner companies, we can relocate you from most towns and cities on the continent.

Are There Affordable Areas in London Where You Can Live?

Let’s begin by identifying budget-friendly neighbourhoods in London suitable for newcomers. London is notoriously pricey, with many paying over half their salary for rent and mortgage repayments. That’s why new residents may still look for affordable options in safe areas, which is challenging.

Here are some up-and-coming locations in Greater London; many are regeneration projects and offer excellent amenities and transport options. Please note that all figures are correct as of the publication date only—check for updated figures.


  • Area – West London.
  • Average house price – £463,309.
  • Average rent cost – £2,002 pcm. Median rent: £1,700 pcm.
  • Nearest Tube station – Hounslow Central.
  • Other information—When weighing up property costs, ideal location, and easy access to public transport, Hounslow will meet you at the halfway point. It’s not the most expensive or cheapest on this list, but it has plenty going for it. There are many attractions and amenities in Hounslow.


  • Area – West London.
  • Average house price – £505,395.
  • Average rent cost – £2,067 pcm. Median rent: £1,700 pcm.
  • Nearest Tube station – Hillingdon.
  • Other information—By London standards, Hillingdon is dirt cheap, but it’s the most expensive option on an Aussie’s list. With low crime rates and plenty of amenities, you should 100% check this locale out in person.


  • Area – East London.
  • Average house price – £445,935.
  • Average rent cost – £1,250 – no median information given.
  • Nearest Tube station – Elm Park, Hornchurch, and Upminster.
  • Other information – Now we’re getting somewhere – an affordable London spot with plenty of tube stations. The property and rental costs also seem favourable, so you’ll need to look closely at Havering.


  • Area – South East London.
  • Average house price – £420,214.
  • Average rent cost – £1,965 pcm. Median rent: £1,700 pcm.
  • Nearest Tube station – NA. Bexley and Kingston have overground rail links.
  • Other information—Over the years, we have often featured Bexley in our “must-see” budget locations. It’s a firm favourite for bargain hunters, as evidenced by the average house price. However, the lack of a tube station could be a sticking point.


  • Area – South London.
  • Average house price – £420,662.
  • Average rent cost – £1,816 pcm. Median rent: £1,699 pcm.
  • Nearest Tube station – NA. Croydon has overground rail links.
  • Other information—Croydon is another frequent contender for bargain-basement London borough. Still, we’re noticing a pattern: Could the lack of a London Underground station affect property costs? Determining how vital tube access is in your estimations will be best.

What Are Commuter Towns and Why Are They Popular?

Next, we’re exploring commuter towns and their significance for individuals relocating to London for work. Much like the previous section, this is partly based on cost reductions, but there are also some quality-of-life aspects.

Only some people look forward to the 24-hour city and may want somewhere quieter after leaving the office. Luckily, there are connecting counties where you can live and commute into the capital whenever needed.

Here’s a summary of things to consider when looking at commuter towns/areas:

  1. How often you’ll be in London for work.
  2. Your ideal commute time.
  3. Costs for weekly/monthly/annual train season tickets.
  4. Public transport options include train, bus, and tube.
  5. Budget for home and comparison to London prices.
  6. Cost-of-living and other expenses.

The best option for the latest commuter towns is checking out popular “best of” lists from newspapers and online magazines. You can also read our previous blog for more information about where you should check out and information to be aware of.

Who Should You Contact When You Arrive in London?

Now, let’s highlight essential contacts to contact upon arrival in London to facilitate a smooth transition. This is a two-way street because you’ll need to start by informing most of the people we mention in your current town or city. This is everywhere, and everyone currently holds your personal information.

Here’s a list of people and places to contact:

  • Gas/Electricity/Water provider(s).
  • Internet provider.
  • Telecommunications provider.
  • Council/municipality (council tax).
  • GP/Dentists/Healthcare.
  • School(s).
  • Post Office.
  • Any subscription providers (magazines, newspapers, stores.)
  • Bank/building society/credit card provider.
  • Insurance broker/provider.
  • Employer/HR.
  • HMRC/Pensions Service/DVLA/TV Licensing

Now, you can repeat this upon your arrival in London to ensure you’re registered for council taste and waste collection. Remember, this list is not exhaustive—you’ll need to review your papers and letters to see who might have your details.

Another tip is to speak with the person moving out of your upcoming living quarters and ask for details about the service provider. Read our previous blog on who to contact here for more in-depth information.

What Are the Public Transport Options in London?

Now, we’re exploring the diverse public transportation choices available in London to assist newcomers in navigating the city. The good news is that London has a robust public transport system that covers various modes of transport, including underground and overground rail, ferries, buses, and taxis.

Train and Underground

The London Underground is renowned as a world-class transport system with rapid journey times. If you find a location with a Tube station, you’re already winning.

Trains are a firm favourite if you need to reach stations not covered by the Underground.


Bus routes cover most areas of the capital and national options—journey times must be factored in for traffic.


And for those travelling over the Thames, you can hop on the ferry, but it has limited reach.

Car and Taxi

London’s famous (but quite pricey) Black Cabs are available throughout the city. You’ll also have car-share providers like Uber and similar providers. Remember to check your car’s ULEZ score before venturing into the city.

General Travel Info

Unlike most aspects of London life, transport is reasonably priced and easy to use via an Oyster card. They’re straightforward to top up at most tube stations and ticket offices, and there are additional online options.

Can I Live in an Apartment with Storage Space?

 We won’t beat around the bush – accommodation in London is a tricky consideration. Finding apartments in London equipped with sufficient storage provisions is challenging. Most apartments have a few meagre cupboards at best, with some complexes offering additional locker and storage cupboards separately, but this isn’t the standard.

That’s where storage comes into play—it’s cheap compared to property costs and flexible. Aussie has removal and storage depots throughout the capital, so you’re never far from us. Self storage offers unlimited access during business hours and robust security measures.

You can fit the equivalent of a flat’s worth of possessions into a 100-sq-ft unit, meaning you don’t have to get rid of your belongings on masse before relocating. The best part is storing on your terms – there are no long-term contracts when you work with Aussie.

Aussie Man & Van – Helping People Move to London

Aussie has five branches in London, but we go much further than the capital. Due to the high uptake of people who live in commuter towns and travel to London for work, we serve all the surrounding areas and neighbouring counties. Furthermore, our National and Overseas Removal services allow us to relocate people to and from anywhere in the UK and Europe.

There’s no such thing as a smooth relocation, but working with Aussie will relieve stress. For us, there’s a fundamental way of making each move successful: lots of early planning, working with a reputable removal company, and researching the place you’re moving to. By booking with us, you’ll have assistance at every stage of your relocation.

If you’re planning an upcoming move to London, contact us today. We have the right removal service and can collect you from anywhere, in the country or abroad.