Relocating to London for Work? We Have the Right Service for You

Relocating to London for Work? We Have the Right Service for You

If you’re looking to move to London for work, you won’t have any issues with finding a removals company. There are hundreds of companies to choose from, which can sometimes be a bit confusing. However, if you do a little bit of research, you’ll find a reliable company like Aussie Man & Van. We have depots all over London, Bath and Oxford, and can collect you from anywhere in the UK.

If you’re moving to London, we have the right removals service to match your requirements exactly.

Is it Easy to Move to London?

Moving to a new city is never easy, especially one like London due to its size. If you concentrate on the following points, you’ll give yourself a good chance of a successful relocation:

  • Start planning now or early and create a moving checklist
  • Do lots of online and offline research, including overnight visits
  • Ensure you keep things like transport, healthcare and amenities in mind
  • Contact an estate agent to assist you when house hunting

Like any relocation, you’ll make things much easier if you start planning straight away. And to ensure you keep everything on track, it’s necessary to create a moving checklist. You can see Aussie’s example here and adapt it to suit your specifications.

We always suggest doing as much online research as possible. If you choose a few areas you like the look of, you can find out a lot about them. In addition to your online research, you’ll need to visit each town a few times to get a proper feel for the area.

Please don’t limit your research to save time; we all require different services. If your relocation is linked to your career, then commuting will be a high priority. London has some excellent transport links, and ideally, you’ll need a Tube station in or near where you live.

Then there are other essential things, such as education, healthcare, local amenities, restaurants, bars, leisure activities and green spaces. But these examples are by no means exhaustive. It would be best if you create a separate list of anything you feel is essential to your lifestyle.

Before you jump into arranging viewings yourself, it’s usually essential to contact a local estate agent in the area. They can do a lot of the legwork for you by sifting out properties that don’t match your criteria. It’s also possible to get them to check for things like property inspections and general housing sales in the town.

What Removals Service Should You Use?

At Aussie, we always approach each removal inquiry with the intention of getting lots of information about what you’re moving with. We base your free, no-obligation quote on a stringent assessment process. From doing this, we’ll know the volume of items relevant for your relocation and which removal package and vehicle size are the most suitable.

Aussie has a fleet of vehicles available, which means we can accommodate all types of relocation. Our Man & Van service is ideal for smaller moves within the same city or town. The volume of items, furniture and appliances will influence the size of the vehicle we assign. The smaller vans are also better for loading in busy streets with lots of stationery cars.

If you have larger items of furniture and appliances or a more significant volume of things, we will suggest using our Removals service. One of the benefits of this service is being able to move everything in one trip. When discussing removal options, our team will always provide you with the most efficient and cheaper package.

Aussie’s National Moving service gives us the ability to relocate you anywhere in the UK. This also means we have the capacity to collect you and move you to London. Furthermore, this also applies to our European Removal service. We can relocate you from most towns and cities on the continent through our network of partner companies.

Aussie Man & Van – Helping People Move to London –

Aussie has five branches in London, but we go much further than the capital. We serve all the surrounding areas and neighbouring counties, due to the high uptake in people who live in commuter towns and travel to London for work. Furthermore, our National and Overseas Removal services make it possible for us to relocate people to and from anywhere in the UK and Europe.

There’s no such thing as a smooth relocation but working with Aussie will save you a lot of stress. For us, we believe that there’s a fundamental way of making each move successful. Lots of early planning, working with a reputable removals company and doing lots of research on the place you’re moving to. And by booking with us, you’ll have assistance at every stage of your relocation.

If you’re planning an upcoming move to London, contact us today. We have the right removals service for you and can collect you from anywhere in the UK and Europe.