Reducing Your Business Overheads in London by Using Storage and Man & Van

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London is home to thousands of successful businesses, and most, if not all began by keeping things simple and sticking to a modest budget. This is especially true for start-up companies and SMEs where the first year is a make or break scenario. Reducing your current overheads or putting a cap on spending will ultimately improve your ability to invest. And there are plenty of innovative options and ways to lower your costs.

There is a simple way of approaching this. Before taking on a new expense, you should cost it out thoroughly. With any new business, it is tempting to have an ‘invest now and reap the rewards later’ attitude. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always pan out, and it’s vital that you’re sensible and learn to walk before trying to run. Aussie Man & Van is a big fan of business in London, and we have some services that may be able to help you reduce your overheads.

Ways to Reduce Costs by Using Man & Van in London –

One area where you can make an initial saving is to shelve any ambitions of owning a work’s vehicle for collections and deliveries. It’s an expense you can do without, even if your enterprise will be dealing with a lot of movement of materials, tools, equipment or products. And as off-balance as that sounds, our next suggestion might clarify things a little. You can use a man with a van service for all your collection and delivery needs.

Aussie’s Man & Van service charges by the hour instead of the typical day rate most removals companies apply. This means you only pay for the time you use. And if you find yourself in a scenario where you don’t have access to any vehicle, our man with a van service is the solution to all your problems. You don’t have to invest or rent a van or car for your first year of trading. Plus, your only expenses are billed per hour, so it’s feasible to keep costs down and manageable.

Every man & van job we book comes with the use of two of our expert team members who have plenty of experience in removals and other trades. They will be there to assist with all heavy-lifting and packing work. And by working with Aussie as an associate, we will do whatever we can to accommodate last-minute jobs.

Additionally, if you rent a storage unit from us, our Man & Van service ties up nicely to streamline all your collections and deliveries. The smaller vans are easy to pack and offload again during the trips between destinations, even in built-up city environments. This is especially handy if you’re working in a densely populated area and you want to avoid long delays for deliveries.

Other Overhead Cost Reduction Strategies and Tips –

One of the costliest outgoings for any company is the premises where they run their business. Crucially, if you were able to reduce one expense, your commercial rental would be the most effective. You’ll need to cost everything out fully and then look at a typical commercial rate for the area you want to work in.  If you were then able to shave five hundred pounds off that per month, that would add up to a significant amount in one year.

A popular trend in the London business world is finding alternative workspaces. In fact, many entrepreneurs have taken up the task and brought some innovations to fruition. With things like co-sharing, workspace labs, and office sharing, it’s possible for start-ups and new SMEs to have affordable and flexible workspaces.

And one such innovative trend is happening at Aussie’s storage facilities. Using a storage unit as a dedicated workspace is an excellent way of lowering monthly rental costs. All you need is somewhere that offers you secure storage for your products and to undertake admin duties. This might not work if your business needs to be in a high-value location and be customer facing. However, it might also be possible to rent a smaller store and then rent a self storage unit for all your stock.

Your alternative storage workspace is very simple to create. Just add a desk, a couple of chairs, an internet router, a filing cabinet or two and a kettle, and you have yourself an office. Then, if you split the unit into two or three sections, you can keep your stock in one, the office in another and space for any equipment and packing materials. We also offer archive document storage, making this the complete, affordable business solution.

Aussie Man & Van – We’re the Pro Business Removals and Storage Provider –

Aussie works with hundreds of business owners every year from just about every industry and sector you can name. And because we take the time to get to know our clients, we are able to use this collective feedback to pass onto new business customers. Regardless of what type of enterprise you run or what industry it fits into, capping costs will help you maintain a budget.

To help lower costs, Aussie has the most affordable rates on the market. We have a range of services that comprise our ethos of having everything ‘under one roof’. This means you won’t have to use multiple companies at additional costs. Excellent customer service is our primary goal and attaining the highest standard of service is why we have loyal customers.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage provider due to our commitment to delivering the best service. We have five branches spread throughout London, and every facility has a fleet of removal vehicles and storage units. When it comes to start-ups and SMEs, you have the right partner when you work with us.

If you’re starting a new enterprise or company and you’re keen to attain a manageable budget, please contact us today. We’re London’s favourite company for start-ups and new businesses.