Puppy-proof your London home

Posted on February 21, 2017 by Lauren May
Puppy-proof your London home

So you’ve finally succumbed; the thought of having your own fluffy little friend has at last got the better of you. Who could blame you? Few of us can resist the heart-melting sweetness of a dog and welcoming one or more of them into our families is a rite of passage of which no one should be deprived. After all, what could be better after a long, challenging slog at the office than the unquestioning love and devotion you’ll be shown every single day by your furry acquisition? It’s a loyal, dependable love that can sometimes be hard to find in London. The only problem, or at least one of the most significant ones, is that your London home may be a potential death-trap once your canine companion moves in, especially if he or she is a puppy and given to excitable behaviour. So here are some important provisions to make so that everyone can be safe, sound and very, very happy:

  • Child locks and baby gates are vital. If you have kitchen cupboards at floor level with potentially hazardous cleaning materials within, then it’s vital to make sure your dog can’t go rummaging. Meanwhile, the gates make sure that dogs, whether puppies or adults, are kept safe from tumbles and prevented going into out-of-bounds parts of the property.
  • A dog cage, which can be left open, allows your pet to have his or her own personal space. It can help the dog to feel secure and safe.
  • Ensure that none of your house-plants is toxic (e.g. Mistletoe, poinsettia) and keep strong household cleaners and garden sprays well out of reach or change to non-toxic, environmentally friendly brands.
  • Tumble dryers and washing machines can look like cosy resting places to puppies, so keep their doors firmly shut; the same goes for ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and any similar appliances.
  • Your puppy might feel like chewing his way through tempting wires and cables, so conceal them behind furniture or use cable protector, available at DIY/hardware shops. Get a good supply of chewing toys, too, so that you can tempt your puppy away from chewing on furniture.
  • Don’t have lighted candle, incense sticks or oil-burning devices on display while you’re dog is a puppy. They’re likely to get knocked to the floor.