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At Aussie Property Services, we have streamlined and perfected the art of inventories, providing meticulous, reliable, accurate inventories with a remarkably quick turn-around for both estate agencies and private landlords in London and the surrounding areas. We use cutting-edge technology and software along with high-res images to create inventories that exceed industry standards while simultaneously adhering to them. It’s no wonder that our happy clients come back to us again and again. 

Whether it’s for business premises or residential properties, our inventories are unsurpassed. Aussie Property Services can also help you with other tasks and transactions; we can oversee check-in, provide periodic reports on the condition of the property and take meter readings. And at intervals of your choice, we can visit to undertake inspections, so that you never need worry that your property is falling into disrepair or being treated shoddily.

The Aussie Property Services inventory service uses the latest software enabling us to create flawless inventories and then make accurate inspections. Our inventory service includes:


At the start of a tenancy, we inspect the property and draw up a record of its condition. We take meter readings. If inventory and check-in can occur simultaneously, it allows us to go over the inventory with the tenants as they move in and then leave them in the property with all parties in agreement about the accuracy of the inventory, preventing quarrels later on. Our inventories include all contents, fittings and fixtures.


Our inspections can take place at intervals of your choice, whether that’s every three months or halfway through a tenancy. We’ll thoroughly inspect the property’s condition so that you can have peace of mind and the reassurance that your tenants are abiding by the obligations of their lease. Our fast turn-around means you can have the inspection report one day after we’ve visited, including high-res colour photography that shows up every last detail.


Our check-out inspections pinpoint the exact condition of the property at the end of a tenancy, including all the contents. Thanks to the high quality of our check-in and mid-term inspections, we’re able to compare every aspect of the property at the time of check-out with how it was at earlier stages, so nothing is overlooked. Any change we notice will be highlighted, along with photographic proof. This includes any missing items, deterioration in conditions and whether or not the tidiness and cleanliness of the property matches how it was at check-in. We’ll also take meter readings.


The Aussie Property Services clean-team provides an exceptional end-of-tenancy clean, leaving the property in a fresh and immaculate state, so that your next tenants are met by scrupulous hygiene and tidiness. Every room will be restored to sparkling condition.

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