Preparing Your House for Sale During Lockdown in London

Selling Your Home - What Potential Buyers Want in 2021

With discussions regarding how long the lockdown period will continue for, there’s every chance that people who want to move home will face some delays. At Aussie, we like to keep our customers up to date on important information. We also like to find a silver lining in every situation, and we believe that it’s possible to use this time wisely for things like home improvements.

Home staging and general maintenance could make all the difference for people who need to sell their property to facilitate their relocation. And we believe that it’s better to put some time in proactively now, ready for the housing market when it reopens. Additionally, we’ll also discuss the latest operational developments for Aussie in this blog.

Update on COVID-19 Operations –

Aussie Man & Van is still operating in a limited capacity, but we are accepting more jobs now. Emergency jobs are still our priority, but we are increasing the essential removals criteria to allow for more relocations. The best way to find out whether this applies to you is to contact us directly today, and we’ll go through your requirements.

One of the reasons behind our ability to provide more removals is the use of technology and protective items. Aussie is now using tech to our advantage with video calling for quotes and general inquiries. All staff now wear masks and gloves, with onsite sanitizer available for all customers. We’re also encouraging social distancing for anyone who uses our depot.

We will continue to provide updates as we continue to receive new guidance, with a view to taking on more jobs as the lockdown eases. However, while it’s still in place, this could be the ideal time to make some home improvements before your current property goes on the market.

Using Home Staging Techniques –

The main thing to remember is that your house or apartment needs to be in excellent condition before you try and sell it. Although you might think it’s ready now, putting in some additional work might speed up the process. And it’s worth remembering that, on average, it takes between two or three months to sell a property. Now that the housing market is closed, this is the ideal time to consider improvements.

Home staging is a technique interior designer use to accentuate the best aspects of your home. It can mean anything from some clever decorative touches to full-scale renovations, depending on the state of your home. This does mean you’ll need to make some investment, but there’s no reason why it should cost lots of money.

The concept to give any potential buyers that wow factor when they enter the property. And a lot of this is achieved through lighting, furniture arrangement, and some tasteful focal points. Furthermore, it’s possible to do this yourself, although we can make a referral to a home staging expert if you’re looking for some professional assistance.

The Importance of Basic Maintenance –

Making some home improvements might sound like you’re taking on unnecessary work, but it can help influence how quickly you can sell your house. However, everything has to start from a foundation of basic upkeep and maintenance of your home. If people notice something like a damp patch when viewing, it’s likely to raise questions. And that’s the last thing you need when you open your home to potential buyers.

You probably have a generally good idea about the state of your property, but it’s easy to miss an underlying issue. That’s why a general home survey is worth investing in and will uncover any potential problems. Some will be easy to remedy, and you can undertake them yourself. However, you might need to budget for things like a plasterer for severe dents in the walls. The roof is the main offender when it comes to water and damp issues, which is something a survey will establish.

In addition to providing a range of removals services, Aussie’s branches in London also have a Handyman service. It’s now possible to get all your repair and maintenance work done, as well as booking your relocation. We’ll gladly discuss any potential repair work and provide you with a free quote.

Booking Your Future Relocation in London –

Aussie Man & Van has been providing removals for people and businesses in London for nearly twenty years. From experience, a successful relocation is the result of thorough planning. And there is no such thing as too much preparation, which includes sprucing your current property up to make sure you get a timely sale.

We are currently accepting future bookings, and we can be flexible should you need to move dates around. Our team will be available to assist with any planning or rescheduling tips you might need. And we’ll always suggest the most cost-effective and efficient removals service. And should you need it, we also have a range of storage packages.

Although we’re focusing on emergency removals jobs, we will assess every inquiry on an individual basis. And if we think your situation requires it, we’ll expedite your relocation and complete it during the lockdown period. For all other scenarios, a postponement is the best option, which we will oversee and arrange for you.

The Benefits of Using Storage when Moving –

Aussie Man & Van has a range of services that includes three storage options. Our Container Storage package is often the choice for people who need long-term storage. However, there are limitations on how often you can access these units. If you need regular access, our Self Storage package would be more suitable. We also have a unique AusBox package, which is an affordable choice for people with fewer items to store.

Self storage offers a safety net for people when a gap in their moving dates suddenly occurs. And this is something a lot of people in London will need. We would still advise that we’re prioritising emergency cases, but we will assess any inquiry we receive. And we’ll do everything we can to help you find somewhere secure for your belongings.

Regardless of why you need to move, Aussie has a suitable storage package for you. We’ll book everything straight away and arrange to get your possessions into one of our self storage units as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have a range of removals and storage services to choose from making it possible to accommodate everyone’s requirements.

Tips on Researching Your New Location –

There are many things to contend with when you begin planning a relocation, especially during something like this lockdown. To be honest, we’re in new territory, and it can feel difficult to know where to start. All relocations will bring the stress levels up a notch, but how do we go about organising something during a pandemic?

The first thing the Aussie team suggests is to call us and discuss your relocation dates. By doing this, our team will advise the best removal package for your needs. Then we’ll work out whether you need an emergency relocation or if it’s better to postpone for now. And because we understand what people tend to forget, we’ll help you plan a moving checklist.

You should also research as much as you can about your new location. We would also recommend looking into your immediate postcode and then the surrounding areas. Before you arrive, it helps to have a decent level of knowledge regarding things that are useful for you and your family. That can be the local healthcare provisions, public transport, education institutions, shopping centres, the closest police station and the civic buildings.

Aussie – Helping You Prepare Your Home for Sale –

We’re all making sacrifices during this lockdown, but it’s possible to turn this to your advantage and keep your mind off things. While the housing market is on hiatus, you can take some time to spruce up your home and increase your chances of a quick sale. Moreover, you’ll have an opportunity to do some research on your new location.

If you do need to rearrange an upcoming relocation, the Aussie team will be with you at every stage, which includes planning. We’re flexible and will do our best to find a suitable day and date for your big move. You’ll be in expert hands throughout, and we’ll assess your requirements in detail to ensure we match your needs with the right removal service.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s Number One Removal’s Provider –

If you want to see whether you need an emergency relocation or to book a future move, please contact us today. We’ll assess your circumstances to suggest the best time to move, in addition to recommending an efficient and affordable