Prepare for Christmas and New Year with Self Storage in London

The Aussie Go-To Guide for First-Time Buyers in London: Part Two

While Christmas this year will be very different for many of us, there’s room for optimism as we conclude what’s been a challenging twelve months. It has easily one of the most turbulent years in recent history, so it’s understandable that many looking forward to 2021. The festive season allows everyone to have some family time, even if some of that’s via a Zoom call.

If you’re extending your family bubble over Christmas, you’ll need to think of ways to increase space in your home. One way you can do this is by renting a self storage unit. It’s the ideal approach to making more room without costing too much. Aussie has excellent storage packages on offer, and we can accommodate everyone’s requirements. 

A Reason to be Reasonably Jolly this Christmas –

If you’re struggling to find anything positive to take from 2020, then the fact that we’re close to the end of a truly strange year is reason enough. With a viable vaccine now in circulation, there’s the hope of returning to some sense of normality soon. However, this isn’t the end of the pandemic, and we should certainly all take some valuable lessons from the lockdown.

One recurring theme which is still playing out is a shift in how we respond to our homes. For many people in London, the stricter lockdown was an eye-opening experience. Questions were surfacing around what it’s really like to live in a city when you don’t have adequate outdoor spaces. That’s why tens of thousands of online property searches were focusing away from the capital.

This doesn’t always equate to relocating, and many people are considering practical ways of improving their homes. And for those who are thinking of extending their bubble, you’ll need to keep up to date with current information. Guidelines might change, and you’ll need to amend plans if the government introduces more stringent measures.

Either way, decluttering and organising your home is a good idea because you can start the new year with a blank slate. With some clever choices, it’s possible to give your home a few smart touches to make it feel like new. And Aussie has a range of services to help you make more space and enjoy the festive season.

Creating Space at Home with Self Storage –

If you need a motivational nudge, there’s no better prompt than planning for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. By organising your home, you can make it feel like new, and it doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking. It might be trickier for people in a tier 3 area due to restrictions, but it’s likely to be more straightforward than the previous lockdowns.

There’s one choice you can make today which will give you a lot more room to work with, and that’s self storage. You can open up your living spaces and remove any clutter out of your house or apartment. And one of the advantages of using self storage is you can access your unit whenever you want to when we’re open.

Another plus-point when using self storage is the freedom of choice it offers. If you only need to use storage for the duration of the holidays, you can end your contract without any issues. We often work with people who keep their storage unit after the festive season because they enjoy the additional space and convenience.

It’s also worth noting that storage provides you with an unbeatable level of protection for your possessions. Aussie’s depot has excellent security measures in place, which includes 24-7 CCTV monitoring and individual codes for each unit. There’s no safer way to safeguard your belongings over Christmas and new year.

Organising Your House before New Year’s Eve –

The first thing you should think about it plotting out some realistic targets for organising your house or flat. It’s not clear if the reduction in restrictions for different families indoors will extend from Christmas into New Year’s Eve. It would help if you keep up to date with any official guidance, but it’s unlikely any gatherings will be allowed.

Even if you can’t have the usual New Year party with family and friends, it’s worth starting 2021 with a clutter-free home. You don’t need to go overboard – a few simple, practical touches can make all the difference. Start by identifying things you rarely or never use and put them to one side to go through properly later.

Before you start any decorating, it’s time to give your home a top-to-bottom deep clean. Then you can think about adding a fresh coat of paint for each room, as well as doing any small repairs. If you’re too busy to do this, you’re in luck. Aussie Man & Van has a holistic range of services that includes Handyman and Professional Cleaning services.

Preparing Your Belongings for Storage –

At Aussie, we are on-hand to take care of a lot of the preparation part of the process.  However, we do ask our customers to do a few simple tasks before we begin putting your possessions into a storage unit. The following checklist will help you prepare your items to ensure they stay in perfect condition while in storage.

  • New storage boxes or containers: Don’t try and use boxes you get from the corner shop or supermarket. You can buy industry-level supplies from Aussie’s online store. Durable plastic containers are also an excellent way to safeguard your possessions.
  • Carefully pack fragile pieces: Much like moving, you need to treat fragile objects with additional care. Every box should have lots of extra padding and packaging, and correct labelling for the outside of the box is a good idea.
  • Clean all appliances and furniture: Any mould you bring in can spread to other items, which can damage fabrics. Also, remember to leave appliance doors slightly open and wrap their cords.
  • Vacuum seal clothes and fabrics: If you are keeping clothes in storage, you should invest in vacuum-sealing equipment. It eliminates air that can cause mould.

To clarify one point specifically – you should avoid packing things into plastic bags. The materials most carrier bags or bin-liners use can increase humidity which then causes moisture. That’s ideal conditions for mould to set in.

How to Declutter in One or Two Weeks –

Decluttering and deep cleaning are essential when you start trying to organise your home. Truthfully, we all tend to keep things for a later date, hoping they’re of use. Others are outright guilty of hoarding and have containers full of old electrical cables. The best way to approach your decluttering project is to give yourself one or two weeks to complete everything.

Create and stick to a timeline – creating a schedule can help you make progress. Giving yourself no more than one or two weeks to start and complete the decluttering job will save lots of wasted hours of procrastination.

Download a home inventory app – download one now and start getting used to its features. A decent home inventory app can save you lots of time when you need to locate an item. It splits objects per room with images of each object. A perfect solution for insurance purposes and claims, and there are plenty of free apps available.

Set targets for each room – have a plan for each room to help keep focus. Do you need to make any repairs in the garage? Are you repainting the living and dining room? Does the tiling in the kitchen need to be replaced? This will determine how much time you spend on each room.

Don’t delay, take action – don’t be tempted to start putting little ‘maybe’ piles to the side. If you’re guilty of being a hoarder, then it’s a good idea to get someone to help you keep on top of things. Check that you’re doing your due diligence by undertaking regular monthly decluttering to make sure you don’t regress into bad habits.

Removals Services Available to Transport Everything –

When it comes to the physical part of getting items to our branch for storage, it’s worth remembering that not everyone has a suitable vehicle. That’s why Aussie has specific packages where we can offer assistance with transporting your belongings. For container storage, we will bring the empty unit to your home or office. For self storage, we will arrange to collect your items with our Man & Van service.

Our team will help you pack and prepare things for storage which is a service we offer removals customers. We have years of experience in packing and will be able to give further advice when preparing everything. Furthermore, we will assist with creating an inventory before your items go into the storage unit.

Aussie has staff members on-site to unload and unpack your possessions into your storage unit. We’ll arrange everything to make sure there are no issues with overpacking. All our packages complement each other, which means they interact seamlessly when we need to incorporate them. Before we sign anything off, we’ll perform a thorough assessment and send you a free, no-obligation quote.

Aussie Man & Van – Getting You Ready for the Festive Season in London –

Aussie Man & Van will be operational throughout the tier lockdown system. We will have different hours for the holidays and will update with exact opening hours closer to the time. It’s possible to take on last-minute jobs now if an emergency move is needed. Everything in storage will be completely secure over the festive season.

Customer service is key to everything we do at Aussie, which is why we’re known as the ‘can-do’ service provider in London. We work throughout Greater London, the surrounding areas, in addition to national and international long-distance relocations. That’s why we’re the capital’s fastest-growing independent removals and storage company. And we’re here to help you make preparations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

If you need to create some space before the festive season, please contact us today. We have a range of storage options and other services to help make this a special Christmas.