Places You Can You Move to Within One Hour’s Commute to London

Places Can You Move to Within One Hour’s Commute to London

Sometimes we all need a change of scenery – life changes mean you might need a bigger or a smaller property, you may have just started a new job, and you need to relocate, or you’re changing career, and you need to use your home as an office. During these times it might be wiser to consider leaving the city to get more value for money and space for your pounds – what are the options available within a commute from London?

Living in London can be an amazing experience but it can also have its drawbacks, and it might be time to see what else is out there. One of the great things about London is the transport networks in and out of the capital. You can easily get on a train and commute to work every day, making it possible to live in one of what is now being called commuter towns and still be within reach of London, both for work and entertainment.

Before you make any firm decisions, the first thing you should do is some research and decide what sort of place you’d prefer to move to – would you prefer a city environment on a smaller scale? Are you looking for a vibrant or large town with a good transport system and plenty of things to do? Or are you in the market for something quainter – a country pub and a tight-knit community? You’ll also need to work out two budgets – your ideal buying price and the maximum amount you’re prepared to offer.

Then you need to make a list of other things you want: how many bedrooms and bathrooms, do you want an en-suite for your master bedroom, a large living room, a modern kitchen, a separate dining room, a decent-sized garden and a spacious garage. Since you’re planning on relocating there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to get your ideal home at the same time. Your budget will play a part in what you can afford but as the saying goes – aim high.

Here are some of our choices for great places for you to consider when you plan your relocation:

Moving To Reading

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s affordable with lots to do then Reading is a town to do some research on. It’s the largest settlement in the UK, making it more akin to a city and its links to London are sound – an average commute of 31 minutes. Very reasonable average house prices and season ticket fees, lots of schools, good transport links and entertainment, we think this is a real contender.


Moving To Gravesend

Gravesend might not be as trendy or fashionable as Kent’s other town (also see Ashford, Maidstone, Swanley and Sevenoaks), but its rail links to London make it an excellent choice for an ideal commuter town. With high-speed and metro rail lines, the average travel time is just 24 minutes, and the average house price is well below any of the other major towns in Kent.

Moving To Epsom

Epsom is a market town in Surrey that doesn’t attract as much attention as Guildford or Woking but was listed several years in a row as Location, Location, Location’s best place to live in the UK. When you think market town, you might think homely and dull, but Epsom is far from that. Great shopping, pubs and restaurants, historical landmarks, beautiful scenery, and its transport links to London make this a firm favourite. The house prices are slightly on the higher end of our list, so you’ll need to take that into consideration.

Moving To Amersham

Amersham in Buckinghamshire keeps popping up as a popular commuter destination, making it a surprise entry. A small market town with plenty of charm, known for its quaint public houses and place to eat, Amersham will appeal to those who aim for a quieter life with the added benefit of reliable transport links to London. Amersham is at the most expensive on our list, but it’s transport links and current popularity make it work considering.


Moving To Harlow

Our final commuter contender and one that will slip under the radar of most lists, Harlow is by far the most affordable regarding the UK’s average house prices and is just over half an hour away from London. You’ll get value for money here, and with a lot of regeneration investment, Harlow has a strong economy, decent amenities, lots of schools, good transport links, and lots of leisure activities – perfect for young families.

These are just a few potential places for commuters, and we suggest doing as much online research and making a list of locations to visit. When you’ve found the perfect town or city, and your finances are right, it’s time to arrange a mortgage, put an offer in, and if all goes well and it’s accepted, you can start planning your big moving day. And that’s the right time to contact Aussie.

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