Picking the Right Property to Purchase in London – Part 1

Picking the Right Property to Purchase in London

London has a lot of great places to live; each area has its own unique identity and things to do and see. If you’re planning on moving to London or you’re already a Londoner, and you’re looking for a change, then we suggest that you shop around to do as much research as possible. It’s essential that you find the best area and property to suit you.

Life in the capital is the city where everyone can find their way. With virtually every cuisine from every corner of the globe represented, you won’t be stuck for something to eat. Lots of great bars, wine bars and nightclubs, and some of the best concerts and live events, London is a happening place. 

Our Best of London List –

Here are some areas you should add to your research list –

Hampstead – one of the unique parts of London, Hampstead is at the slightly higher end of the price range but it has bucket loads of character, a spectacular green space in Hampstead Heath, and Hampstead Village has the quirkiest shops and great places to eat and drink.

King’s Cross – apart from being an infamous hub for London’s transport system, King’s Cross is emerging as a trendy and affordable place to live. You can travel anywhere in London and Europe just a short walk away, and the prices make King’s Cross a savvy choice.

Bermondsey – the high rate of development in Bermondsey has made this an increasingly popular choice for first-time buyers, and its reliable transport links and reasonable prices have set this apart from other more established areas in London. We suggest you do your homework on this one – developing areas can command higher prices, so get on before the boom.

Stoke Newington – this place is the gem of the bunch, and a lot of people haven’t heard of Stoke Newington before. With some of the lowest house prices in London, this is a safe bet for first-time buyers who want to get onto the property ladder in a vibrant area. The independent shops and places to eat set this apart from other parts of London, and we highly recommend you visit.


Do Your Research –

Sounds like a bit of a bore, but research is part of the plan if you want to find your ideal property. Far from being dull, doing some online research on London be exciting and will spur you on.

Pros and cons – make a list of what you want from an or house. As you find areas you like, make a separate list. You can then compare both lists and work out which areas fit your requirements. You’ll need to check current house prices and speak to some agents in the area.

If you need good transport links to work then make sure that’s something you make a priority. If you have a young family, then schools are important, and you’ll need to contact a few schools to work out their admission process.

You shouldn’t limit your research – it’s important to factor in your tastes and interests when looking for somewhere to live. If you’re a keen runner, then a good park or green space is a must. If you’re a cinephile, then it makes sense to live somewhere near a cinema    .


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