Picking the Right Property to Purchase in London – Part 2

Picking the Right Property to Purchase in London

Following on from our first article – now that you’ve started to look for a suitable area of London to relocate to, what sort of property is right for you? There are upmarket townhouses if you have the funds, some amazing warehouse conversions in up and coming areas. New developments are an excellent way to get onto the property ladder and London’s famous terraced housing in never goes out of fashion. London has a lot of choices when you are property hunting.

Every area in London has its charm and character. With a combination of online research and visiting each place on your wish list, you should have a decent outline of your ideal property. Remember – buying a property is about making a building your home. Keep your feet on the ground as well as letting your imagination roam free. Your choice should be objective and subjective – think with your heart and your head.

Warehouse Conversions & New Developments –

Warehouse conversions have become a gateway for developers to take available properties and turn them into living spaces. Some of the warehouse conversions in Clapham and Bermondsey are a fantastic example of transformation done with attention to detail. Elegant and stylish – these conversions create a contemporary luxury apartment without the need to purchase new land to build on.

New developments are another popular way for people to get on the London property ladder. Some of the areas to keep an eye on for new developments in 2017 are Whitechapel, King’s Cross, Peckham and Battersea.


Value for Money & Getting Your Foot on the Property Ladder –

Getting value for money isn’t easy in London. Even with dips in the housing market, London always commands high prices for rentals and mortgages. In fact, if you plan well in advance of your ideal moving date, you’ll be able to find some bargains. Additionally, if you have good organising skills and are motivated, a property that needs a lot of work could be a great way to start. A good renovation job will also give you more of an opportunity to create your unique living space.

If you don’t qualify for a mortgage it seems easier to rent. However, there are ways to get onto the property ladder. Shared ownership is a great way to start out, and the scheme is designed to help people secure a property with an affordable mortgage.


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