Photographers in London – Alternative ways to Create Your Own Studio with Aussie Self Storage

Working as a freelance photographer in London is no easy task. Like most artistic professions, photography is subject to many obstacles that make it harder to earn a decent living wage. The misconception from a lot of people is that anyone with a camera can do the job. That’s why it’s crucial to find ways to reduce all your business overheads.

No matter what type of photography you do, there will always be a need for a studio or workspace. Even if you mostly shoot outdoors, you’ll still need to edit your images in a suitable space. For a lot of photographers in London, renting a studio space is out of the question. However, to make the step up in your career, it might be expensive but necessary.

How to Create Your Own Photography Studio in London –

If you’re a freelance photographer who wants a studio but can’t justify the rent, there are two options. The first option we’ll look at is creating a basic studio at home. Even if you live in an apartment or small house, it’s possible to do this.

The most important aspects of your home studio are space and lighting. You can use any room in your home, but you will need to create enough space to move around in. That equates to at least two people, which is the subject and you, the photographer. There needs to be enough distance to get the shots you need, in addition to space to manoeuvre. So, choose your studio room wisely.

From speaking to one of our customers who’s a photographer, they said the basic studio setup is simple. All you need is two backdrop stands and a fabric backdrop. It’s possible to buy ready-made backdrops, and there are plenty online. Their suggestion was that you should buy a large piece of plain fabric to create your own DIY backdrop. There are lots of tutorials online for this, and it’s an inexpensive process.

For those of us who are fortunate enough, natural light is a blessing for any home studio. However, if you live in an apartment, natural light is less likely. You’ll need to set aside enough money for a decent continuous light, but there are some affordable options. However, with some experimenting and know-how, it’s possible to use the basic lamps and other lights you already have. Some photographers use torches as a light source!

The main stumbling block for a lot of home studios is the lack of space. Even if you manage to arrange or remove the furniture from your main room, it’s a constant battle. However, this doesn’t have to prevent you from creating your home studio. This is where storage can come to the rescue.

Alternative Ideas for Reducing Your Overheads –

For people who feel like they don’t have enough space at home, storage may be the perfect solution. It might not sound like much, but even a small 50-sq-ft unit can store space for an entire apartment. Just imagine having that much extra space! This is ideal if you live in an apartment and you don’t have lots of room.

Of course, there are those of us who don’t like the idea of a home studio. It’s okay if you work with a lot of models that you know, but that’s not always possible. And the idea of separating home and professional life is appealing. If this sounds more like you, why not join the growing number of people who use storage as an alternative workspace?

The Aussie team works with thousands of business customers every year. We get exposure to a lot of savvy and innovative new ways of doing things. And when some of our customers were showing interest in using our storage units as an alternative workspace, we knew they were onto something.

By using a self storage unit as your central studio space, you’ll have all the things you would need. Our facilities have toilets, the units have running electricity, and there is Wi-Fi available. In comparison to renting a commercial studio, the cost of a storage unit is drastically cheaper. Not only that, you don’t have a lease to sign. This makes it possible to stay in your unit for as little or long as you want to.

Aussie – We’re London’s Forward-Thinking Removals and Storage Company –

Aussie works with hundreds of freelancers every year from a variety of different sectors. And much like start-up enterprises and other entrepreneurs, photographers need something affordable to begin their journey. It’s not easy moving from a part-time freelancer to becoming a full-time professional. You need to have a place where you can produce your best work.

At Aussie, we encourage feedback and communication with our clients. When we discuss our service with our business customer, they often thank us for our forward-thinking attitude. For them, they know that we will assist them to match their needs with the right service. We see this as a win-win situation. They get the service they need for their business, and we can evaluate how we’re performing.

Aussie is London’s ‘can-do’ company, and our customer service is our primary focus. To provide the highest standard of service, it’s necessary to listen and learn from each customer experience. We understand that there is no such thing as the right or wrong way to do something. That’s why we know how essential it is to think outside of the box to create studio space.

Alternative uses for storage space is a fresh way to solve financial issues to get the studio space you crave. And the crucial thing to remember – it is possible to create your own studio at home or with us. If you want to discuss how we can help you realise your ambition for a studio space, contact us today.