Pets In Removals

Last week I asked the question in passing, “Have we ever moved pets?” To my surprise, we had!


Many years ago, we had a two-day move from Clapham, London, down to the grassy areas of Devon. On the morning of the second day, the customer left her keys in the hands of the crew to load up the last few remaining items. As they locked her property up to depart, they saw a little grey ball sitting at the windowsill of the downstairs front-reception – they could not believe she had forgotten her own cat!

So the three of them set off with the little animal beside them and, after a five-hour drive, they parked on the customer’s farm estate. “Good news!” they yelled as she approached the van, “We have your cat!”. I gasped at this point in hearing this story, because I could see where it was going. “I’ve never owned a cat,” she said, staring at the adorable (and now homeless) animal. However, this was not a cat-astrophe but a purr-fect ending – our cheerful customer, taking an immediate liking to the feline, walked merrily into her new home carrying her brand new pet cat.

Our move co-ordinator Richard, who previously worked as the Aussie boxman, also had an encounter with a runaway cat. He was doing his daily box run, collecting empty boxes from a house in Chiswick. While going back and forth to the property, he petted the owner’s feline multiple times before driving back to our warehouse. As Richard rolled open the van’s shutter, out jumped the cat, which he chased hiss-terically around the yard for over half an hour. After a long-winded process, he and a few others safely captured the rascal. This cat definitely had some catittude, but after some reluctance, it gave in and was taken back to its relieved owner.

photo credit: Rocky Stott