Pets In Removals – Part II

Following on from the recent office cat anecdotes, more stores of pets in transit have come to light! Years ago, we had a customer who had an export move to San Francisco. Her property ranged from £1000 pictures and paintings to £15,000 marble tables. Nothing was going to be valued higher than her pride and joy – a small and fluffy black poodle called Monty. Due to restricted time frames, she was unable to take her dog with her. This resulted in our surveyor, James, suggesting, “Why don’t we take Monty?” He sad her face lit up with delight. We accompanied the little pup on an evening flight to San Francisco and were thrilled to see her reunited with her beloved pet. You don’t hear that often do you?

We haven’t just encountered “real” animals; we also move very unusual items. Last week I booked in a job to move some props between two London locations. One of the items was a stuffed crocodile. For my entertainment, I told the crew it was a real life croc in a cage! They were shocked but could not wait to encounter the beast. On arrival, they were pleased to realise it was fake and that at no point would they have to wrestle the animal into the van.

Regarding our own office pets, we’ve had many ranging from Schnoodles to budgies. From what I’ve heard, the office Parakeet would squawk constantly, causing earache for the team. That said, when John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” came on the radio, he apparently whistled it note-perfect. We were sad to say goodbye to Paddy (see picture) who belonged to Andrew Lucas, the man dealing with the insurance side of Aussie. After 13 years of working for Aussie, Andrew is moving back to Australia with his partner and Paddy.