Packing For Your Move

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If you’re planning an upcoming relocation this year, it’s vital that you don’t leave sourcing your moving boxes until the last minute. We see it time and time again, and it often doesn’t end well when you rush things. You can give yourself a helping hand and buy packing boxes and materials now to give yourself a head start. It saves you a job later, and you can pack a few things as you go.

Aussie understands that people might want to do the packing themselves instead of using our team. That’s why we have an online store where you can purchase the same industry-level packaging. This also includes tape and other items, as well as specialist containers for trickier or delicate possessions. Preparation and the best materials will put you on the right path to a successful relocation.

Preparation Equals a Successful Relocation –

Although many of our customers opt to use Aussie’s own packing and unpacking service, a considerable number prefer to pack up their belongings themselves. It’s important to know what you need if you intend to do the same. Start by ensuring you have black and blue marker pens, scissors, packing tape, bubble wrap, and paper for wrapping.

The general saying holds true for every relocation – it’s all about preparation. If you put plenty of effort in at this stage, you’ll benefit in various ways. Please don’t wait until the last minute to start searching for packing materials in case it comes back to haunt you. You can order Aussie’s boxes online today for the best results, and it’ll save you a job later.

By booking with Aussie, you get this as a standard part of every removals service. But it’s possible to use the same high-quality boxes if you’re doing this yourself. We’ll also explain why it’s a bad idea to use second-hand boxes in the next section. Using new or sturdy older containers will give you more assurance that your belongings are safer.

Make Sure You Use Sturdy Moving Boxes –

With small moves, people are sometimes willing to put themselves through the stress of going from one supermarket to the next, asking for cardboard boxes. You end up with a random variety of sizes, often in such a state of disrepair that they cannot contain heavy items. Even with a wedge of masking tape across the bottom, it’s likely the boxes will split or collapse.

We provide a service that delivers boxes straight to our clients (along with all the other packing items you need) for a better move. When we deliver the boxes, we’ll also quickly assess your relocation requirements in case you need more materials. Our boxes use double-walled cardboard and come in three sizes: 12 inches (for fragile, books, heavy items), 20 inches (for clothes, kitchen appliances etc.) and 30 inches high (for duvets, pillows, soft toys etc.). Width and depth are 18 inches in every instance.

Whether you’re using our boxes or your own, it’s important not to close boxes by interlocking the flaps. Use packing tape (stronger than masking tape) so that all boxes have flat undersides. We can provide a tape gun which makes the sealing process easier – and you can cut a length of tape with just a flick of the wrist. Use paper to wrap fragile items, cups, and crockery.

Buy the Best Online Directly from Aussie –

Strangely enough – packing boxes and materials are usually the last consideration for most movers. People often race around to their local corner shop or supermarket to ask for cast-offs. While this is an excellent way to save a few quid but risky plan. Instead, you can order industry-quality boxes from Aussie’s Packing Shop.

Aussie only uses the best tools of the trade when we take on a removal’s jobs. This includes specialist boxers and containers to accommodate more delicate or tricky items. We also stock all types of additional padding and adhesive products. It all adds up to everything you need to secure your possessions ready for the big move.

We’ll reiterate a problem with second-hand moving boxes – they’re usually kept in damp storage rooms. Wet conditions damage the cardboard’s structure, and this weakens them. Put in a few heavier items, and the sides of the bottom might collapse. You can avoid this and buy from us – you’ll be able to use it for future relocations.

Specialist Wine and Clothing Containers –

Hanging wardrobes are a vital addition to anyone’s moving materials. Ours have an inbuilt door and can store around seven men’s suits or twelve shirts. If used for trousers, they can hold about eight pairs or roughly six pairs of bulkier jeans and be able to handle the weight. And that’s the two-fold advantage of clothing containers. You protect the clothing while packing and in transit, and the cardboard is sturdy.

Wine boxes can be used both for bottles (about sixteen bottles per box) and wine glasses. You won’t have to worry about your vino falling through the base of the moving box during packing or loading. And finally, on your packing shop-list, don’t forget plastic bags, sofa bags, mattress bags and armchair bags. Now you’re all set to get packing.

We also offer packs to cover specific situations, and it helps to knock off a few quid in comparison to buying single items. There are student packs for those going to and from university and wants to protect their valuables. Then we provide starter, medium, larger, small moves, and family packs, so there’s something for everyone.

Working with a Greener Removals Company –

Aussie has a Quality Policy in place that centralises every aspect of our company. At every stage, accountability and performance are key components of the excellent service we provide. We use this management system to monitor and improve our capabilities wherever possible. But we don’t stop at customer care or service delivery.

Aussie Man & Van is a greener removals company, and we bake this into every service we offer. We have ULEZ removals vehicles to reduce our total carbon output. Every van now meets the criteria, and all new additions must meet them. Efficiency is also essential – matching the correct service will reduce emissions and make sure we complete on time.

We’ll reuse moving boxes for future jobs when they’re in perfect condition. If they’re not up to our standards, they’ll be repurposed for things like padding. If that doesn’t work – it’s off to the local recycling centre. And you can check out where your closest recycling point in London is by clicking here or checking out what council initiatives are in place.

Dedicated Packing Services Available –

Packing isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, nor do many of us have enough time to dedicate ourselves to the task. Usually, it’s the part of the relocation most people hate with a passion. And that’s why they rush this side of things, only for breakage or smash to occur. Luckily there’s a solution that will cover this for you, and that’s to hand it over for Aussie to do.

We have a range of specialist services to complement our removal and storage packages. And this includes a Dedicated Packing service. Our team of experts will handle and pack everything for you. And we only use the best packaging and materials when we perform a relocation because we can’t afford any issues.

We’ll arrange this to fit around your schedule and will discuss timings well in advance of the moving day. This will include a home inventory, which we’ll create and fill in as we go. When you book with us, you’ll be working with professionals with decades worth of experience at their disposal. And that’s why you have the best chance of success.

Aussie Man & Van London – Handling Your Possessions with Care –

The thing that sets us apart from other movers is that we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. We know that everyone wants to avoid breakages and damage when moving to a new home. Even with insurance, the last thing you want is to deal with claims when you’re trying to unpack and start the latest chapter in your life. The best way to avoid this is by working with a reputable removals company.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage provider in London, and we have five branches spread across the capital. Our team has superior handling and packing skills, and we ensure to utilise them to our advantage. We only use the best boxes and containers, as well as top-notch removal’s equipment. And we can take over the packing duties for you, freeing you up to tackle the other responsibilities.

Whether you choose to let us take on the packing or prefer to do it yourself – click here, and you can enjoy the same high-quality packaging and other items.