Packing Service London & Packing Materials London

We are a full service removals company with years of experience in the industry.  One thing we always advise our customers to do is to use top quality packing boxes and other packing materials for the move. We’ve seen too many accidents happen with the use of poor quality materials.

Our boxes are made with recyclable materials! Visit our packing shop

When you are getting ready to move house, taking care of the packing for the move can be a time consuming and difficult business. Planning how many removal boxes and packaging materials you need almost requires a degree in advanced mathematics, and making sure you pack your items to prevent any damage in transit can eat into the time you have available for the move. With so many other things to organise around your house move, doesn’t it make sense to hand over this job to a professional removals packing service?

Our team are skilled in the art of professional packing, and are able to organise your home into sturdy, well protected boxes to ensure you get to your destination unscathed. Our prices are highly competitive, and with our skilled packing team on the job you’ll be able to fit more in, more safely to the van, making the entire moving process more efficient and cost friendly.

If you are considering doing your removals packaging yourself remember:
• Protect corners of furniture
• Avoid using newspaper to wrap china
• Don’t make boxes too heavy
• Fill boxes to the top so they don’t get crushed
• Dismantle large pieces of furniture
• Use recycled and eco friendly packaging materials where you can

By choosing to let the Aussie teams provide the expertise and muscle you need, you can free yourself up to supervise and do other moving house jobs. Take the stress out of your next move with our cost effective removals packing service, and give yourself the time you need to organise the other aspects of your move by leaving the hard work to us.