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Why Interior Designers in Oxford are Using Man & Van Services

Posted on 31st May 2021 by Lauren May
Why Interior Designers in Oxford are Using Man & Van Services

Some businesses naturally complement one another, even if they’re from different sectors with very other operating methods. Interior designers work with removals and storage companies regularly for several reasons. Man & van removal services present business owners with affordable services which have an element of flexibility available. And this matches everything a professional interior designer needs to perform their role.

At Aussie Man & Van, we’re fortunate to have several designers on our books who use our removals services and storage facilities. Removal packages have various applications outside of their primary designation. It allows independent companies and sole proprietors to outsource without overextending their finances. This article will look at the relationship between interior design and man and van work together to create a budget-friendly business model.

A Case Study for an Interior Designer –

Aussie works with several interior designers and traders who work in property development. Their two most used services are man and van and self storage. We’ll give you examples of how these two packages combine well for anyone working in similar set-ups. You’ll begin to see why they work well together and provide an affordable way of operating.

The first notable advantage is the availability of a vehicle when you have a new project. You don’t need to buy or lease a work’s van to perform your collections and deliveries. Furthermore, Aussie’s Man & Van packages come with the use of two removal’s team. They do all the lifting work, which can help a lot free you up for project managing.

We charge by the hour instead of a flat day rate, meaning you only pay for the time you use our services. It’s possible to outsource all your local distribution with this package, and we’ll also help you coordinate any pickups and provide regular updates. You can remain onsite while we take care of collecting and bringing materials and other items to you.

The Advantages of Using Smaller Vans –

Interior designers often have constraints to work with when it comes to the construction site. This might be particularly awkward if the building they’re working on doesn’t have enough access to allow larger vehicles onsite. There are often issues with things like unloading and packing up as a result. Additionally, parking restrictions and inner-city jobs are also common.

That’s why a man with a van vehicle rises to the task in these situations, particularly in locations with tight entry/exit points. Similarly, it’s more straightforward to park without obstructing vehicles. You’ll avoid complaints from neighbours or constantly re-parking to appease them. And it’s much simpler to unload at the beginning of the day and pack up again.

These vehicles also easier to navigate in areas with more congestion and denser building placement. We constantly check on traffic reports, but it’s not possible to plan for everything. It’s effortless to alter the direction and take a different route in smaller vans. There’s also no height or width restrictions or vehicle limits to worry about with the Luton vans.

An Affordable Business Removal Solution –

Keeping monthly costs to a minimum is the key to any successful business, especially in our current situation. Having too many outgoings can stifle growth, and as we saw with the pandemic, it might also result in closure. In extreme circumstances, expenses can lead to catastrophe. This has always been the norm and surviving the first year of trading is the litmus test for any new venture. However, established enterprises were just as vulnerable to this during the lockdowns.

The reason why it’s necessary to keep costs to a minimum is twofold. Firstly, it’s about having enough to cover outgoings. Secondly, you’ll have a cash flow that allows for marketing and other forms of investment. Interior designers with experience understand this, and they typically need to route their finances into investing in materials. Man & van services may help you make savings by avoiding leasing a car or van and other things other companies might extend their expenditure to meet.

If you’re currently dealing with a weighty set of outgoings, it’s never too late to re-focus your financial plan. You can employ some of the tactics we discuss in your own venture, even if it’s in another business sector. Man & van services can help you reduce your overall costs significantly. These are vital tips for anyone who needs to add affordability to their strategy for 2021.

Adding Value Through Customer Service –

The thing that drives Aussie is adding value to every business we work with. The Aussie group are known as the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, and we bring the pedigree from our origins in London with us to Oxford. This has been our approach from day one – lead with value and cements it through working hard for our customers’ interests.

For us, we see the benefits of doing this in real terms when we have people revisit us to use again for future jobs. We have a large customer base who rate us highly and return to use us for similar bookings or alternative services. When it comes to trade clients, this is naturally going to be an advantage as we build and improve upon our relationships with Oxford’s business community.

It’s possible to see how a company performs via Google Reviews and Trustpilot before signing up with them. If you’re considering reducing your expenses, check the provider has a good reputation before committing. Aussie has a Quality Policy in place, which includes BAR affiliation. That’s why we’re a firm favourite for interior designers in Oxford.

Aussie – We’re the Ideal Partner for Interior Designers in Oxford –

Partnering with Aussie makes it possible to run a business with a lean budget model. You’ll enjoy more funds to invest and manage cash flow while maintaining your monthly expenditure. It’s a wallet-friendly solution that any SME or sole proprietor can adopt. And we believe that interior designers have always been ahead of the curve in this regard.

Aussie Man & Van makes the ideal partner for businesses in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. We have a range of flexible services, making it possible to apply them to numerous different applications. This has a broad appeal, from property development to creating an office with a room conversion. We have the right team members and services to improve any company’s situation.

If you’re an interior designer in Oxford and you’re looking to trim your expenses, please contact us today. We can help you achieve this with our Man & Van removal package.