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The Best Household Storage Tips

Posted on 5th October 2021 by Lauren May
The Best Household Storage Tips

If you’re struggling to find space in your home, it’s time to organise and make the most of the living spaces you could enjoy. To varying degrees, we all hold onto things when they’re no longer useful and then end up trying to shove them anywhere possible. Out of sight, out of mind. That’s because we live busy lives and have little spare time to keep on top of everything. Before we know it, clutter builds up, and we’re tip-toeing around boxes and containers.

Today is the day – it’s time to bravely face it and reclaim de facto storage spaces and return them to their original purpose. Or better yet, do something imaginative and new! Using a combination of options, you can create more room at home without having to spend lots of money. This includes your back garden as well, creating a winning indoor and outdoor experience. We’ll go into more detail about the practical side of things.

Getting the Most from your Home –

Your home might be your castle, but it is sometimes a storage kingdom instead. It’s not easy to keep on top of things, especially if you have little ones spreading their toys around. Also, we tend to accumulate stuff as we go through life. Eventually, we start shoving things into anywhere that resembles a storage nook.

Then the day arrives where we simply run out of places to shove things, and we can no longer avoid the inevitable. Your house or flat is overrun with boxes, containers, and random black bags. Worst still, you’re not 100% sure what’s in some of them. And you can’t put them in the usual places because the garage, loft, and understairs cupboard are at bursting point.

Even if your situation isn’t quite as dramatic as this, you’re likely unhappy with the current levels of clutter. Our homes will ideally have plenty of living spaces for everyone to move around in. So, it’s time to reclaim and return each room to its original purpose. We’ll discuss the most efficient ways to do this, and even doing one tip will make a huge difference.

Create Extra Space with Self Storage –

Whenever the time comes, and you’ve had enough of the mess, the main problem is where to put the items that are in the way. If you’re running low on storage, surely the solution is to create more at home or outside? In some circumstances, that’s possible, and we’ll explore in-house storage solutions later. But for now, we need to move items out to create space.

That’s where storage comes into play and can solve the problem at hand. It’s the one-stop solution to your lack of living spaces that has many other benefits as well. A lot of Aussie’s customers think of their self storage unit as an extension of their home. Only it’s a little bit further away but still very convenient, especially when you’re trying to claim entire rooms back.

You can fit the total volume of two rooms into a 50-sq-ft storage unit, which is the smallest size we offer. Just think what you could do with all that additional room? If you’re feeling ambitious, why not adopt the garage for a utility area or convert the spare room into an office? Self storage offers unlimited access during business hours. And there’s no minimum storage period or stringent contract.

Declutter and Get Rid of Things you Never Use –

There’s no getting away from it – you’ll have to declutter at some point, so it may as well be now. We tend to avoid this at all costs, but it’s a simple way to create more space. You can always put it all in storage, but this is just transferring the problem to another location. Plus, it’s silly to pay to store items you don’t or rarely use.

That’s the main thing to remember you don’t have to hold onto things that have little or no use anymore. Split them into three piles and base it on how often you utilise them. The first pile are things that you don’t use but are in good condition. You can sell each item online or donate them to your favourite charity shop. The second pile are things you’re unsure of and will need some thought. Finally, the last pile is things in a poor state – recycle these to do your part for the environment.

There are lots of recycling points in Oxford and at least one upcycling enterprise where they’ll repurpose and sell them. You’ll avoid throwing away and adding to the landfill waste. Once you’re finished, the idea is to keep it up and do a quick declutter every other month. And try to improve how much single use packaging you bring into your home.

Maximise Places to Store with Innovative Home Storage –

In this blog, we’re trying to consider every angle and approach this, so it helps people in various situations. So, it’s not just about making more space but having solutions to continue keeping your home in order. There are plenty of ways to increase your in-house storage. Maximise everywhere possible with some innovative and smart ideas:

  • Freestanding wardrobe rail – you can prevent you hiding things and takes up less space.
  • Mount bikes on the wall – this looks great and reduces cramped hallways.
  • Hang pots and pans on the wall – simple, effective, and best of all – cheap.
  • Hang garden tools on garage wall – all the benefits from the above point.
  • Drawer organisers – keep everything in order, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • Shelves above doors – utilises doorframe’s support while maximising the empty space.
  • Underbed storage containers – another fantastic way to maximise spaces.
  • Storage containers – you’ll find various ones that suit every room.

A few of these suggestions will require a bit of investment, but none of them falls into the category of major home improvements. Price them out and see which ones you like and work in your home. Obviously, get assistance if there’s drilling from someone who knows what they’re doing. You’ll utilise more spaces that would otherwise do nothing, and they make life much easier.

How to Organise your Outdoor Areas – 

We’re going to be discussing every aspect of your home in this blog. Once you organise the house, it’s time to look outside to see what improvements you need to make. Unless you have a sturdy shed, you might need to put tools in the garage or storage unit. Also, think about protecting wooden furniture and other objects with a coat of creosote.

You can add a compost bin for all your organic waste, helping to improve your carbon footprint further. This is also an excellent opportunity to repurpose old containers for pot plants. Then it’s a case of doing some general tidying, possibly some weather-resistant containers for toys. One tip – don’t leave furniture or items out because they’ll damage the grass.

It might also be worth checking your fencing is in good condition. Repair any broken slats to improve security, making sure to include them when treating other wooden items. You can smarten the garden area with some pallet furniture. And add a wood burner or heat lamp for colder weather.

Use a Home Inventory App to Catalogue Everything –

The most common reason for creating a home inventory is when someone’s moving to a new house. But this isn’t the only instance where you can employ it – it’s also wise to do so before using storage. It helps you list each item before they enter the storage unit or room. Furthermore, a home inventory app will allow you to document specific information, such as pictures and notes.

These applications are usually free or cheap, easy to download, and often straightforward to share the data. The only drawback is the app might take a bit of getting used to but is very handy in the long run. You can also share with the insurance company for policy updates, and we always advise people to discuss storage with your broker. You can also send your inventory to us, so we know what we’re collecting and storing.

The advantage of making an inventory is the ease of reference. You’ll know where everything is at the touch of a button, saving you from wasting time and effort. Instead of rummaging from boxes, you’ll see if you have a wrench or an HMDI cable. Then you can head to your self storage unit to retrieve the item you’re looking for instead of buying a new one.

Aussie Man & Van – The Best Organising Solutions in Oxford –

There’s no better feeling than walking into a home that’s organised and clutter-free. Conversely, it can ruin your mood if the place is a tip, and you dread entering the front door. Be proactive and reclaim the rooms lost to boxes and random items. It’s pointless hanging onto things that never see the light of day.

Aussie Man & Van is here to make things easier for anyone organising their home in Oxford. We can give you tips and arrange collection for self storage. Our team know the local recycling points and will gladly advise where they are. You’ll have your home in shape and feeling brand new and a pleasure to spend time in.

It’s time to give your home some TLC and create some much-needed living spaces. Click here to request a free quote for self storage or any other services.