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Running a Business from a Self Storage Unit

Posted on 1st April 2022 by Lauren May
Running a Business from a Self Storage Unit

Over the last few years, there has been a shift in mindset favouring entrepreneurship and start-up enterprises. This is due to more options available, both for traditional smaller businesses and online ventures with fewer entry restrictions. One aspect that still acts as a roadblock for many people is the costs of rent and other running expenses. This leads to a rise in companies using alternative workspaces. A popular choice is self storage, but can you run a business from a storage unit?

Yes, it’s possible, but this depends on which storage provider you discuss your concept with, as some won’t accommodate it. Aussie currently works with several clients who operate from one of our self storage units. You’ll find the rates for storage are far cheaper than commercial rental costs, making it an attractive prospect. We’ll use this blog to look at some of the benefits of using self storage and some relevant information to do more research on.

The Benefits of Using Self Storage as a Workspace –

Everyone needs somewhere dedicated to work to keep a steady output and high productivity levels. Most businesses, regardless of size, need storage provisions. Some will also need to manufacture goods or store equipment. This is tricky if you’re trying to work from your home or garage because you’ll struggle to separate your home and work life.

Commercial rental is also expensive, not to mention business rates and utilities on top of that. This often prices newer entrepreneurs and business owners out of the market. It doesn’t need to be this way, especially when there’s a feasible option. Self storage is the solution that avoids these stumbling blocks and offers real benefits.

You’ll have an affordable workspace without distractions without overburdening your cash flow. We already have a broad section of industries working from our storage units. We’re adaptable and flexible, and you won’t have to worry about stringent contracts. Let’s begin by looking at a few examples of sectors that Aussie works with.

Popular Sectors Utilising Storage to Reduce Outgoings –

Interior Design and Property Development – Link our Man & Van service to create the ideal setup for freelance interior designers and property developers. You won’t have to fork out for commercial rental or buy a new vehicle, which will keep project costs to a minimum.

E-commerce and Online Sales – Your garage seems like an excellent place to start with. But once the boxes and packaging begin to build up, you might have some angry family members or housemates. Plus, it’s not an ideal place to store items because of the chances of theft or damage. Storage solves all these problems.

Retail Stores and Supermarkets – Retail stores work with us when they need more space. Occasionally, they might move to a smaller, more expensive rental building and use offsite storage. Supermarkets often experience increases in seasonal stock, and they need temporary solutions. Self storage with Aussie provides both sectors with everything they need.

Start-Up Enterprises – Every new venture needs somewhere to work minus any distractions, all without overextending expenses. That’s the beauty of self storage. You have a dedicated workspace that’s affordable, giving you all the necessary features that you need. It’s not as flashy as a trendy city-centre incubator, but it’s what every start-up needs for the initial year or two.

Health and Lifestyle SMEs – This sector is thriving with the increasing interest in healthier lifestyles. The wiser newer entrants into this industry keep their costs down by avoiding commercial rental spaces. You’ll eventually look for a customer-facing store. For now, it’s about practicality and maintaining a budget.

Finding Affordable Local Distribution in Oxford –

Each example from the last section will feasibly need some form of transportation of goods. Whether from their premises to storage or as delivery to your customers, you’ll need to have access to a suitable vehicle. This can sometimes be tricky if done in-house, resulting in taking a staff member off their duties to perform the role, not to mention purchasing or hiring a van.

You’ll need to work out what’s more efficient and genuinely cost-effective by costing everything thoroughly in certain scenarios. This situation will highlight a need to outsource this function. While we suggest keeping this to a minimum, you might end up losing money by having your team do this instead of their primary job.

There’s also an affordable option for Aussie customers that will cover all bases and ensure you meet high service delivery standards. We can take your local distribution over entirely, meaning you’ll delegate every duty to us. Unlike courier companies, you won’t get excuses for poor performance or lost packages. We’ll update you for every collection and delivery, so you won’t have to constantly check-in.

We’ll assess and evaluate whether it’s possible before anyone commits with every service. We can put together a strategy and process for your distribution if everyone is happy. This is an affordable option where you don’t need to lease or buy a vehicle, financially keeping you in a strong position. Our man and van package and storage units link together seamlessly, creating an unbeatable logistics setup.

Tips for Getting the Most from a Self Storage Unit –

The most common way people and businesses use storage units should be obvious from the name. It’s a safe and secure way to store possessions, products, tools, and equipment without any issues with damage or theft. Storage facilities like Aussie’s have top-notch security systems and measures. This gives more than peace of mind – it’s the ultimate level of protection.

But there are some lesser-known ways to utilise a storage unit that suits smaller operations. Start-ups and entrepreneurs often squeeze every drop off space to ensure their outgoings add value to their business. We suggest sectioning the unit into separate parts for different functions. You might have most of the area for stock, a corner for equipment and a slightly bigger space for a desk and computer.

This gives you a multipurpose workspace that comes in a lot cheaper commercial rental and serves your daily functions. You won’t have issues with a lease or minimum storage contract to commit to. Most businesses dream of this level of flexibility, which is essential if your circumstances change suddenly. It’s a very basic version of work premises but will suit ventures that need to keep costs low.

Home Office Setups and Storage for Stock –

You can consider more options when trying to reduce your operational costs, so let’s look at another angle. If you’re not a fan of having your office in a storage unit, you might prefer this option. Aussie undertook several home office setups during the pandemic, and we continue to offer these services now. It’s still popular, with hybrid working patterns becoming a routine practice.

We can do this for you and then use storage to retain your stock and other work-related items. This will keep everything separate, and you won’t crowd your home with boxes, containers, and packaging materials. To complete the system, we can still undertake your collections and deliveries. We’ll add our man with a van service to create a perfect low-cost, high-performance process.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to utilise an office at home:

  1. A dedicated workspace – A vital component for remote working. Distractions equal delays, which invariably leads to a drop in productivity.
  2. No TV, no Netflix, no problem – It’s critical you stay away from watching your favourite series, including when on lunch break.
  3. Selling goods and services – You’ll need to see if business rates are applicable. Here’s a useful link for you to read to understand the regulations.
  4. Multipurpose equipment – Maximise your workspace by using furniture and appliances with several functions.
  5. Stick to the essentials –You only need four things in an office: a decent chair, a desk, a computer, and an internet connection.

The Unexpected Advantages of Using a Removals Company –

You’ll probably have a much better idea about the benefits of using more affordable choices for where you work. Additionally, there are other points for aspects of outsourcing, and they will help you improve things like efficiency. Moreover, it’s more evident that keeping certain tasks in-house might make less sense from the perspective of your earning potential and allowing your team to perform their roles.

Aussie always approaches every blog we publish with the knowledge that every business is unique, even if they’re like our previous clients. That’s why we suggest putting some time into further research and gathering more information to identify more areas where you can trim your costs. That said, we would recommend placing an equal emphasis on quality when you consider further outsourcing.

The best way to gauge this in the removals industry is by checking for accreditation and quality standards. For example, the Aussie Group is BAR compliant, and we have a Quality Policy in place. This provides our customers with assurances of accountability and a higher level of customer service. By using platforms like Google Reviews and Trustpilot, you can see our written testimonials from previous customers.

Aussie is a five-star company, and if you book with us, you’ll enjoy the best customer care and service delivery. Our customers want the best of both and frequently return to use us for future moves or other services. The Aussie team is always available it you need to contact us. We will go through each removal and storage package in more detail.

Aussie Man & Van – Affordable Solutions for Businesses in Oxford –

At Aussie, we think of ourselves as problem-solvers and partners for local businesses. From working with companies in Oxford regularly, we understood their needs. Furthermore, it was apparent that things like commercial rental and other expenses were causing obstacles for SMEs and start-ups. And due to our broad range of services, we knew there was scope to utilise them to fulfil these requirements at affordable prices.

Aussie Man & Van are championing new businesses, and we’re the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company. If we encounter a new scenario, we’ll do everything possible to accommodate specific needs. We guarantee to add value to your new business, and we always share helpful information with our customers and followers regularly.

Click here to discuss how every service we provide fits into aspects of local distribution and affordable workspaces. We can then create a free, no-obligation quote for you to add to your budget.