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Our Guide on Making a Home Office in Oxford

Posted on 2nd March 2021 by Lauren May
Our Guide on Making a Home Office in Oxford

A lot of people are working from home, especially after the first lockdown, where businesses were scrambling to find ways to stay open. Remote working gives employers more freedom to reconsider their current property and any other cost-saving measures. And their staff can work a more flexible daily schedule, which might help with family duties and running errands. All you need is a home office set up with a decent internet connection, and you’re ready to begin.

Aussie’s range of services goes beyond the basics of moving and storing. Removals and storage have multiple applications which can transfer to other uses. That’s why creating a home office is within our expertise, and we plan on continuing this service as long as necessary. You’ll know how to start the process after reading this blog, and we’ll gladly discuss it in more detail. 

Creating Your Home Office in Oxford –

In 2020, an old idea was revisited to help tens of thousands of businesses survive the lockdown. For decades, self-employed people have set up offices in their homes, and companies all over the UK are now adopting this practice. Due to the ongoing pandemic response and some unforeseen benefits of having employees work from home, it’s looking like a permanent fixture.

You can always try working at your kitchen table or living room couch, but many people need more structure.  If you plan to work from home regularly, your choice is to convert a room or build a new one entirely. The straightforward, affordable option is the latter because you don’t usually need planning permission. And it’s more a case of clearing the room and buying office furniture, rather than any construction work.

There are some things to prepare for if you’re planning on doing this yourself. This article will flesh out the best way to approach setting up a home office from different circumstances. It includes various pros and cons and why you should avoid undertaking any work that devalues your property. It’s vital you run any plans over with an estate agent to ensure you don’t lower your property’s market value.

Aussie provides removals and storage for thousands of people every year, and we often adapt our services for various purposes. During the pandemic, we have helped several people and businesses create a home office or study. If you’re thinking of doing this yourself or for your employees, we’re happy to undertake this for you.

The Future of Remote Working in the UK –

When we think of businesses, you probably think of large office blocks with separation cubicles spread on every floor. For many large corporations, these mega-buildings were the norm, even if the property was shared with other companies. However, in the reality of lockdowns, a different approach was necessary, which is where remote working became part of the mainstream.

Having employees work from home was necessary to prevent companies from going out of business. It also kept the economy active while the government put together and implemented various recovery packages and schemes. Initially, remote working was supposed to be a temporary measure before everyone was able to return to work.

Even though the current lockdown is due to end on March the 8th, people will likely continue working from their house or apartment. The government directive is to encourage home working in a bid to limit movement. We also see its advantages in other situations, such as the reduction of carbon emissions and an adherence to social distancing.

In practical terms, it’s often difficult to concentrate when you work at home because of all the distractions and potential for procrastination. That’s why making a home office is an excellent way to maintain your productivity. Now we’ll look at how the process of setting up an office works.

Tips on Preparing Before a Room Conversion –

First, you’ll need to choose whether you want to go with a room conversion or build a new extension. Conversions are cheaper and more manageable, so we’ll focus on this because it’s an affordable option. It’s also worth reminding anyone who wants to build a new room that you’ll need to hire a qualified builder and check with your council for things like planning permission.

Our advice is to avoid the expense and red tape by converting an existing room instead. Another reminder, this doesn’t mean you’ll be free from additional work. This serves as our reminder to book a viewing with an estate agent. They can provide a current valuation and a hypothetical one after the conversion. It’s crucial that any work doesn’t significantly reduce your property’s current value.

Next, you can start costing any materials and outsourcing any additional services, such as an electrician, to create more electricity points. You’ll probably need IT and internet improvements if your role involves working online. Then you can get some prices for office furniture and any new electrical equipment. If you happen to live in a noisy area, soundproofing is also something to consider.

Using Storage to Add Space and Organise –

Now you’ll need to turn your attention to emptying the chosen room for your conversion and how you plan to do it. The last thing you should do is spend time moving boxes and furniture in and out of the way. It becomes a chore that might then delay your progress. That’s why most people who set-up a home office rent a self storage unit from us.

Aussie has three storage options for you to choose from. Our Self Storage package is suitable for anyone who needs regular access or is looking for a short-term storage option. Aussie also has a Container Storage service for anyone with long-term storage requirements. Then we have our unique AusBox Storage package, which combines elements of the previous storage packages.

We have a variety of storage unit sizes, all with temperature control to protect your possessions or work equipment. Whether you need storage for three weeks or several months, we have the right package to suit your requirements. Furthermore, there’s no lease or minimum contract to worry about, which is why lots of businesses use our storage facilities. Moreover, you won’t receive any add-on fees or last-minute charges. We assess your situation in detail and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Reasons to Anticipate Further Lockdown Restrictions –

It might seem like we’ll never get out of lockdown restrictions, with many business owners sceptical of what will happen in March. However, it would help if you don’t allow pandemic fatigue to cloud your judgement. You can avoid this by taking direct action and doing some planning now. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the latest developments in the news. We’ll do our part by informing everyone of any operational changes.

For anyone running a business, staying up to date could make a huge difference. For example, the government might need to change its current plan if infection rates suddenly surge. Another month or two of lockdowns might cause you too many issues unless you change something. This is where having your team working from home could make a significant impact.

By doing this one action, you could then consider moving out of your current office or workspace until you find something more affordable. You’ll need to look through your lease in detail, but it’s worth having this option in mind. And Aussie is available to undertake last-minute removals jobs if you need to vacate quickly. No one wants another lockdown, but it’s worth having a backup plan if it becomes a reality.

Aussie Can Create Your Home Office for You –

Once you know what room is suitable for conversion and it won’t cause any issues with your home’s value, you’re ready to begin. There’s a lot of things to consider, which is why many people seek professional assistance to consult and create their home office. This makes a lot of sense, especially if you’re new to the process and want it done promptly.

The Aussie team can do all the organising and heavy-lifting work for you. Our Man & Van service is ideal for collecting office furniture and transporting any full boxes to your self-storage unit. We can make referrals for other services, which is one of the many advantages of being a top removals provider. Many of our customers work in various trades so that we can make referrals to reputable companies.

Aussie has a selection of removal’s vehicles, storage units and expert team members at our disposal. But one of our many positives is we’re also flexible and will happily adapt one of our packages to perform a related task. That’s why we helped create home offices in Oxford and the neighbouring areas during the previous lockdown.

Aussie Man & Van – Oxford’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company –

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, meaning we always take a positive approach to every job we sign up for. For us, it’s all about assessment, and if we get this stage right, everything else falls into place. Our customers can rely on us to assist with any planning issues, and we’re always available to discuss your home office set-up.

It’s not going to be an easy year, with many businesses in Oxford looking at ways to reduce their outgoings. Cost-cutting will be an essential aspect of survival for many companies, and remote working is a possible way of doing this. Business owners will be able to evaluate their current rental property to see if downsizing to a more affordable building is possible.

The Aussie team is available to start creating your home office today. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this in more detail and any information about our range of removals and storage packages.