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New Build Homes In Oxford 2022 

Posted on 21st July 2022 by Lauren May
New Build Homes In Oxford 2022 

New look on New Builds: In a country like the UK country where the signature housing aesthetic is for period architecture and old-world nostalgia, the New Build can be somewhat underrated.  A manufactured estate of houses, complete with a turning circle, is for some an unattractive prospect. However, there are others for whom the benefits outweigh these aesthetic preferences.  With the impending question of increasing heating costs, the prospect of a cheap-to-run, energy-efficient house may alter people’s perceptions about the popularity of New Builds. 

Ten Advantages of New Build Houses 

  • Brand New – means no residues of past residents, past building work, past owners. All fixtures and fittings are guaranteed, as is the building work.  You are not going to be unearthing bad tradesman’s work and accidents waiting to happen in the plumbing, wiring, and structure of your new home.  A new home is a clean slate, without any sense of the past haunting you. 
  • Guaranteed The NHBC guarantees New Builds for 10 years on structural problems, investment assurance and fittings and fixtures. This brings peace of mind throughout the process of paying the deposit, to long after you are established in your new home. 
  • Creative design – depending on the point at which you are involved in the purchase, you can have some creative input on the design and interior design choices.  This gives you the sense of being a part of the creative layout of your home.  Making decisions about floors and tiles can help you put a personal signature into the infrastructure of your new place. 
  • Technology – most new builds factor in high-speed broadband, underfloor heating and smart technology.  The wiring to support new smart technology is built into the home.  USB ports, LED strip lighting and Keypads are all easy to plan into your new home. 
  • Energy Efficiency – high levels of insulation and new sustainable building procedures and materials lead to warmer homes. Domestic water usage is also limited by showers and dual flush toilets.  Overall, a reduction in utility costs over time. With an Energy Performance Certificate level of A or B, as many New Builds claim, you will be running a very efficient home. 
  • Safety and fire regulations all built in – Due to rigorous modern building safety requirements, a New Build will conform to these and will incorporate the latest in safety requirements, carbon monoxide alarms, and fire alarms.
  • Soundproofing – The increased insulation and modern materials usually mean more soundproofing than you would find in a period property. 
  • Incentives – Many incentives are offered by developers, including reduced or no stamp duty, assistance in selling an existing property, reduced mortgage fees and advice, down to free white goods, free fittings in the home, and added garden landscaping. 
  • Help to Buy Schemes – Schemes are offered for New Build homes where first-time buyers can purchase a new house with a deposit amount of as little as 5%.  Most companies selling properties within their developments provide information about which schemes are eligible and assist in the process. 
  • No Chain – Ease-free moving takes the stress out of the process.   Without the chain, it is possible that the sale will move more quickly, and with predictable dates.  

Energy Efficiency in New Build homes 

As it is energy efficiency that could swing the argument, let’s look at that in more detail.  Some new build companies claim that a brand-new home could be up to 69% cheaper to run.  Innovations such as argon-filled double glazing and other thermally efficient insulations guarantee that the homes will be warm when needed and cool when required.  Regarding water usage, they claim to limit water usage by 26% per person per day.  It’s not surprising that they have an energy efficiency rating of either EPC A or B. In addition, there are other areas where money can be saved. The design and build will incorporate the latest fire-resistant technology, as well as ventilation and electrical safety.  Consequently, your buildings and contents insurance cost will also come down accordingly. Estimates claim that compared to a Victorian equivalent, savings of up to £1,418 a year are possible. 

Where to find New Build developments in Oxfordshire 

David Wilson Homes, award-winning homebuilders, have an extensive website, showcasing their properties in the Oxfordshire area.  Their site is a valuable resource as it talks you through the various stages of the buying process in a simple way. Their home buying guide explains Stamp Duty as well as the Help to Buy schemes that are available for first-time buyers.  They also have a whole host of incentives and additional benefits tied into their property deals, including the NHBC 10 year warranty.  Miller Homes has some forthcoming properties between 14 and 20 miles outside of Oxford, in Princes Risborough, and Carterton.  You can register with them for more information. For homes with a dedicated in-house interior design team, and next level innovation you can research Redrow’s Five Star developments in Oxfordshire.   Breckon and Breckon have developments in the surrounding areas and in Oxford city, if you were also interested in an apartment.  As each company has their own set of incentives and developments, it is worth searching through these sites to see what is on offer in accord with your own needs. 

Property prices in Oxford 

In March 2022 the average property price in Oxfordshire was £471,968, but prices vary considerably depending on location. In the city of Oxford itself, the average price is £584,000, while in rural areas it’s much lower at around £297,000. This price range puts it in a similar bracket to neighbouring counties such as Buckinghamshire (£490,324) and Berkshire (£471,509), and a touch more expensive than Hampshire (£382,719). For first-time buyers, the Help to Buy schemes and initiatives that are offered with new builds can really assist the leap required to get one foot on the ladder. 

Living within Oxfordshire 

Its not just the city of the dreaming spires which captures the imagination of people who aspire to live here.  Bordering Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire, it is highly accessible.  The Oxford. With steady and swift connections to London, on public transport and by car, it’s definitely not off the beaten track. 

However, within the rolling hills, winding valleys, and picturesque villages, the rural fantasy can be easily achieved.  So, living a little outside the cultural centre of Oxford is not a problem for many people.  Having the city pulse, with its galleries, universities and restaurants, and the beautiful surrounding countryside is really the best of both worlds. 

Aussie in Oxford 

Firmly established in London as the “can- do” removals company, Aussie is now in Oxford offering a range of removals, storage and transportation services.  With out Antipodean ethos, there is no problem we can’t handle, no job to complicated, no obstacle we cannot surpass. We come to each job with the right attitude, equipment, and years of experience.  When it comes to the big day when you finally have the keys and can enter your new home, let us be part of the team which makes it a dream come true.  Its not only removals we have covered, but we move businesses and people overseas all the time.  Get a free quote or call back within the hour from our contact page, we look forward to working with you!