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Moving with Grand Pianos and Musical Instruments

Posted on 1st November 2021 by Lauren May
Moving with Grand Pianos and Musical Instruments

For anyone who’s planning a relocation and has a grand piano, it’s a good idea if you work with professionals to handle your items correctly. Like most moves, you’ll have plenty of other things to deal with as you plan and organise. However, due to musical instruments’ unique features and value, it’s crucial you work with movers who understand how to pack pianos properly.

Aussie Man & Van has a track record of working with musicians and other artists. We have experience of transporting all types of piano and know the different requirements involved. You can’t leave this side of things to people who wouldn’t know the difference between an upright or grand piano. Not only that, but we only employ experts with superior handling skills.

How to Pack Musical Instruments –

It might be tempting to go with the cheapest options when you begin organising your upcoming relocation. A DIY situation may well keep costs down, at least on paper, especially if you’re knowledgeable enough to dismantle your piano correctly. The other option is using an incredibly cheap moving company which will serve the same purpose to keep the price of moving down. But this won’t guarantee the quality of service in either instance.

Grand piano owners can’t afford a mishap when packing up and relocating to your new home. And the likelihood of damage occurring goes up if you don’t choose professionals to do this for you. That doesn’t mean it’s unaffordable to use a reputable moving company, and it’s possible to receive a balance between customer service and value for money. You just need to find the right mix of both.

Aussie Man & Van has found a way of achieving both by keeping our prices below market rates and attaining excellent customer service. That’s down to employing removals and storage experts with decades of experience. We’ve done it all when it comes to relocations, including grand pianos and other musical instruments. And we’ll go through some essential tips for a successful relocation.

Step-by-Step Process of Moving a Grand Piano –

We’re now going to delve into our process when we receive an inquiry from someone who wants to move a piano. It all starts with assessing what type of piano we’re discussing and its value. When we’re able to determine the make and model of the instrument, we’ll then know its value and if it has a standard structure or not. Grand pianos pose more significant challenges, and we will often call in our specialist team.

If we can handle the instrument in-house, we’ll start the dismantling process with three of our staff in place. Two will hold the instrument, while the third will start removing one of the piano’s three bolted-in legs. This requires us to lower that side of the piano to the floor (with padding in place), then lift it to its side to remove the next two legs.

Then we’ll transport it onto a piano shoe, reassemble it, then do the exact reverse of the starting procedure, assembling the two legs back on, roll it, and then lift the corner and attach the leg we took off initially. Some grand pianos have legs that are kept in place by a series of screws rather than a bolt. If this is the case, again, we call in specialist assistance.

There are additional circumstances in which the specialist personnel are called in. An example is when we need to remove the piano from the top floor to the ground floor unless there’s a lift that can contain the instrument. A couple of steps here and there is negotiable for us, but anything more than that, and it’s over to the specialists.

How to Pack Everything to Avoid Damage –

We hope that the details about our process for the disassembling and moving of grand pianos give some context about how tricky they can be. When it comes to these types of items, Aussie undertakes a lot of due diligence and preparation beforehand. That’s how we get the results we need by reducing any issues when packing up and during transit.

Other musical instruments tend to have fewer moving parts than a piano, but they also require superior handling and packing knowledge. That’s because using the correct packaging materials will reduce the chances of scratching or blemishes on the surfaces. Aussie’s assessment is thorough, and we ask you for specific information before turning up on the moving day, to ensure we understand any complicated fixings and other things to consider.

We have a proven track record of working with valuable items, and we know that every object has specific needs. Our assessors undertake the same level of research for every job we sign up for. If there are any doubts, we’ll arrange a visit, which is sometimes necessary for locations with parking or access restrictions. This is the high standard of excellence you can expect from us for all relocations.

The Role Self Storage Plays when Relocating –

From our many years of relocating people, we know that no two moves are the same. That means it’s sometimes necessary to stagger a removals job when moving people over long distances. This would apply to national and overseas removals jobs, but it might also be relevant for local moves. And depending on the estimated period, you’ll either use self storage or container storage. It tends to centre on what level of access you need as well.

Much like the need to book your removals service with a provider who focuses on quality, the same goes for using storage. When it comes to damage or breakages, similar issues can happen if temperatures frequently change in the storage unit or room. At Aussie, we have temperature controls as standard, which removes any issues with overheating or dampness. Your items will come out of storage in the exact same condition, which is crucial for musical instruments.

To add more convenience to the situation, we can collect with man & van vehicle for self storage customers. For container storage, we’ll bring an empty unit to your home or office. We’ll then pack it and create an inventory before sealing it then and there. The final part of the process is transporting the full container back to our facility to stack it.

Choose Customer Service When Booking –

When dealing with valuable things like grand pianos, you need to trust and have confidence in your movers. Anyone lucky enough to own a piano knows that it’s more than the price tag that matters. They hold a lot of sentimental value as well, often changing ownership through generations. The removals company you entrust must treat these items with the same care and attention.

It might seem a bit difficult to know how to know what type of service you’ll receive before the fact. Fortunately, it’s possible to evaluate the quality a moving company can offer prior to working with them. And applying the following suggestion will increase your odds of a successful relocation significantly. It’s all to do with a company’s online ratings and reviews from previous customers.

Google Reviews and Trustpilot are two notable platforms that shoulder much of the internet’s ratings. You’ll see what a potential moving company’s rating out of five is by doing some research. Furthermore, there are testimonials from previous clients available for reading in more detail. Then seek quotes and cross-reference which fits best. We’re a five-star removal company, and we have a quality policy to promote customer service and accountability.

Aussie Man & Van – Oxford’s First Choice for Piano Owners –

Aussie Man & Van’s primary goal is to provide the best service delivery possible for every removals and storage job. We work with hundreds of people who need specialist removals and storage every year. They need to receive a higher level of oversight and evaluation to protect their grand pianos and other precious items. We’ll map things out thoroughly, starting with an assessment.

The other benefits of booking with us is the commitment to being there at every stage of your relocation. This includes all your planning and organising duties, which is where many people struggle to coordinate. Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, and it’s our job to go the extra measure to meet your requirements.

Your grand piano needs the best packing and handling skills available for your next relocation. Click here, and we’ll begin the assessment process and provide you with a free quote.