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How to make a Moving House Survival Kit

Posted on 26th September 2022 by Lauren May
How to make a Moving House Survival Kit

What is a Moving House Survival Kit? At Aussie Man And Van Oxford, we have finely tuned removals and storage in Oxford into a ninja-like operation.  By that, we mean a stylish, seamless, and almost supernatural ability to overcome any problems that arise. After all, moving home is rumoured to be a make-or-break moment in people’s lives.  We don’t agree and apply our flexible attitude and experience to every situation so that it is a smooth operation.  However, we do work with a moving strategy and offer that to all our customers as part of our service. A moving house survival kit is key to a good moving strategy so that from the packing phase to the unpacking moment you will have everything you need to hand.   Your survival kit travels with you from one location to the next, aside from the main bulk of your possessions.  That way, as soon as the new key goes through the new door, you can set up and get going. Let’s look at this in more detail. 

What goes in a Survival kit? 

In general, the survival kit is there to see you through this major transition.  When you transport your family from one location to another and must get the new template in place, you will need to be organized to keep stress levels down. Whatever will be vital for the first day and night in your new home will travel with you, leaving your packed and itemized boxes to be unpacked when you are settled.  We advise packing on a room-by-room basis, to keep the unpacking process organized. Having an inventory for all the boxes means you have an idea of where things are, and you don’t open boxes unnecessarily in the process.  Minimizing chaos is part of the survival kits tasks. 

General essentials for a Survival Kit

  • Mobile phone chargers/battery pack
  • Toilet Paper
  • Towels and Wash bags 
  • Speakers, radio, laptop
  • Extension leads 
  • Bedding 
  • Food for first day/night
  • Medications
  • Beverages

Setting up in a new space 

There is no denying that moving home is an emotional process, and it is important how you enter the new place. Keeping your eye on pets and children while overseeing the removal men, amidst a sea of fluctuating expectations requires a lot.  And you may have already used up a lot getting to this point. However, if you have a good professional removals team on board, with an excellent moving strategy, you should be able to get off to a good start.  It’s always good to set up a functional kitchen first, stock up the fridge, and arrive with a plan for how you will tackle the unpacking room by room. 

Packing a survival kit room by room 

With the foresight of a survival kit, you can pack with this in mind, considering what essentials you will need from each room to set up in your new home.  It can also be a good process to be advance planning, as it lessens the overwhelming feeling that can happen with upheaval.  As you extract your essentials from each room for your survival kit, a plan will form about how the next phase will develop. This can be reassuring and aid your organization. 


Obviously, you will need to be able to put the kettle on.  There is nothing more reassuring in England than being able to conjure up warm beverages at will.  Consider bringing a basic kitchen set up for the first few days and packing the nonessential kitchen paraphernalia in its own boxes. Having cutlery and plates and bowls for each family member will be a good start.  Breakfast for the following day, oil and salt and pepper will make it feel like you have basic provisions.  Kitchen roll, sponges, and washing-up liquid will be handy.  Never forget bin bags.  A toaster, kettle and some bottled water should see you through until you can face the supermarket again. 

Bedroom and Bathroom

Packing the bedding for the first night will allow you all to get a good night’s sleep. If there are any children’s essential bed companions, perhaps they too should ride in the survival box.  A change of clothes will allow you to stay fresh before you figure out the technicalities of the new washing machine- if there is one!  A basic bathroom grooming kit is going to ensure teeth can remain clean and hair can be washed.  Towels, toiletries, and a first aid kit will be good to have handy so they can all be packed in advance. 

Getting set up in your new home 

Once you are in and the kettles boiled, you can begin the next stage of the process.  Many people will do the cleaning themselves, but some people prefer a cleaner to come in before them.  Cleaning is a good way to find out how your new home functions, and to get to know it. Having a DIY and cleaning wing to your survival kit will mean you get to meet any issues you encounter head-on. Plus, it means you can just extract the essentials out of the larger collections from the garage or utility room, as it is likely you will unpack those boxes last. 

  • Cleaning stuff 
  • Screwdrivers
  • Drills
  • Hammers
  • Gaffer tape
  • Nails/screws
  • Scissors 
  • Knife 
  • String
  • Measuring Tape
  • Glue/Sealant

Moving troubleshooting 

With years of experience informing our Oxford removals and storage services, we want your experience to be stress-free and liberating.  We will check that you have power and amenities set up in your new place, so you don’t arrive at that set of problems.  If you don’t have the WiFi established yet, it is worth checking if you have some data allowance available to see you through the first days.   One of the main causes of a stressful move is leaving packing to the last minute.  We can supply you with the packaging materials you need in advance and then take them away when you are completed.  Although people think it is cheaper to have friends and family help you out on the day, we believe having an insured and professional team can be worth the investment.  After all, a new beginning with a positive moving experience can make all the difference. 

Celebrating on Moving Day 

Having the foresight to pack the champagne is a good omen. Chilling it in the fridge upon arrival is even more auspicious. However long the tunnel may seem there is light on the other side.  A moment will come when it’s time to celebrate this new chapter with some music, drink, and snacks.  Warming the house up with a celebration is a necessary part of the process.  Put on some tunes and settle into your new abode.  Hang some art and get excited about where you plan to put everything.  Gather your family or house crew together to set your intentions for the time ahead. 

Aussie in Oxford 

Whatever the size of scale of your move, we have a removals service to match. With the best Man and Van service in Oxford, we can handle smaller moves around town and Oxfordshire.  We cover office moves and international moves with our flexible team and can guarantee you excellent service.  Our reviews can vouch for our word.  If it looks like storage would be useful for you, we have various packages at great prices.  It is our mission to make your move stress-free and to help you move stealthily like skilled ninjas through this important threshold.