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Moving Abroad With Aussie International Removals Oxford!


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As you’d guess from our name, Aussie is a dab hand at moving people abroad. We’ve been doing it for decades. As part of the Master Removers Group, we have networks that stretch across Europe and to every other continent known to man. We can get your belongings safe and sound to any destination in the world, and at no point is the job handed over to third parties. We can start planning your international move right now. We’ll put to rest any fears you might have about the whole undertaking; we know it’s daunting, but we’re ready to take the stress off your shoulders and on to ours. With our famed ‘can-do’ attitude, there’s no such thing as a problem; only a solution waiting to be implemented. We’ll take you from Oxford to any destination country and it won’t be an arduous, exhausting slog. From start to finish, we’ll make it efficient, friendly, and much more straightforward than you ever dared hope. The same applies if you’re coming back to Oxford after living abroad.


Our Oxford HQ handles thousands of overseas moves a year and we have Aussie personnel on the ground in Eastern Europe, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, the US, Africa, South Africa and elsewhere. Singapore, too. That’s why your international move will never fall into the hands of unknown third parties; it’ll always be with Aussie. We have highly qualified, fully vetted partners in other destinations to ensure your move remains under the Aussie umbrella from beginning to end. No matter where you’re moving, Aussie will be there.


Why pack worry up and take it with you? It’s far better left behind. That’s one of our main responsibilities; ensuring that stress and anxiety don’t get in the way of you living your life. You can hand over as many of the moving responsibilities to us as you like, including packing (we have expert packers who really do it properly, using export-grade materials and careful labelling). We’ll load everything on and off vehicles and unpack at the other end, placing every item in the room it belongs in your new home. Everything is carefully inventoried and you’ll be up and running in your new environment from day one. If you prefer to do your own packing, we can supply you with everything you need to do the job well. Our moving planners will look after scheduling, making sure that every stage is accurately timetabled and keeping everyone on the same page.

You can begin your international move by just placing a call to us today. We’ll get straight on it, assessing your requirements and preparing a quote. We can visit you in person if it’s a more complicated, larger undertaking. We draw up no-obligation quotations that are clear and straightforward with no hidden extras to sting you further down the line. Your exact requirements are taken into account; we tailor our approach to fit you, your budget, your timeline. You can relax and leave everything to us.

Moving abroad couldn’t be called easy, but it needn’t be half as hard as it’s sometimes made out to be. We can help you with the thornier aspects of the move, like bureaucracy and customs. We’ll make sure all the necessary documents are ready just when you need to present them. Our moving checklist comes in invaluable and you’ll also be able to reach us on the telephone whenever you need guidance and support. We have moving tips and advice to get you through any kind of tight spot.


As part of the British Association of Removers (BAR), we’re held to rigorous standards of service and conduct. This means you have an assurance of quality. The BAR is synonymous with world-class service, meaning you and your possessions will be looked after with unstinting consideration and respect. You have instant peace of mind and can relax, knowing that everything you entrust to Aussie will be cared for and that the whole job will be undertaken in a respectful manner.


Whatever the confines of your budget and no matter how soon you need to get cracking, Aussie can help. Our services are adaptable to your circumstances. You’ll be assigned a Moving Coordinator so that you have a sole point of contact, keeping the lines of communication clean and uncluttered.

For smaller movers (e.g. studios), we advise that you use our part-loads service. This means you share a moving consignment with other clients heading in the same direction. You save money with no loss of quality. For bigger moves, an exclusive shipping container is advised.


There’s more than one way to move overseas. Between sea, air and road, there’s a variety of options from which to choose. The size and destination of your move also play a part in dictating what kind of move is right for you. Sea freight takes six weeks to two months. Air is, naturally, faster, usually coming in at seven days to one week. Take a look at the individual international moving pages to get an idea of what might work for you. If it’s all too overwhelming at this stage, then let our trained moving advisors quickly help you find the right option. In short, sea freight is good for destinations beyond Europe. If you’re moving within Europe, then road will be quicker and more affordable.


If you already know roughly what you move will entail, use our no-obligation quotation form (it’s free), to get started. If you’re facing a more complicated, large overseas move and aren’t yet sure of what you’ll be taking, then let us come and see you. We’ll conduct a thorough survey and then provide you with a quotation. For a telephone consultation, call us on XXXXX XXX XXX.

No matter how you get started, once you’re with Aussie, it’s going to be easier than you imagined was possible. We’ll be punctual, prompt, polite, helpful and reliable. There’s a reason we’re called the ‘can-do’ company. Come and find out.