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Go Green: Eco-Friendly Homes in Oxford

Posted on 2nd December 2021 by Lauren May
Go Green: Eco-Friendly Homes in Oxford

There has never been a better time like the present to become more environmentally conscious. Many people are taking steps towards improving their habits, and you can be proactive by following their lead. It’s worth remembering that we’re not just doing this for us – the next generations and ones after that need us to take action now. But to many of us, it’s a bit vague on detail – how can we do something positive?

Aussie is a greener removals company, and we’re on a similar journey as well, learning new ways of upgrading our sustainable practices. We have some excellent tips that have results we would like to share with our followers to fill in the information gaps. This includes understanding carbon output and other problems that arise from our actions. All to make small changes that add up to collective action.

Your Guide for an Eco-Friendly Home Makeover –

For anyone who’s old enough to remember how rife climate denial was in everyday life. Now, the national and global awareness of climate change has made leaps and bounds, even if the COP26 event left many questions about targets and commitments. If anything, that annoyance is driving more ground-up action. Rather than waiting for government or big business – let’s see what we can do ourselves.

However, there’s a slight gap between the words and actions of how to go about making the necessary positive changes. So, we’re going to provide you with some practical examples to help bridge the void. Going green is never as easy as it sounds or should be, but it’s within everyone’s ability to enact some simple measures into your daily routine.

There are two ways of creating sustainability in your home. The first group of suggestions won’t cost much or anything upfront to put in place, and everyone can start them. You can even apply a couple straight away without much preparation work. And then the second set of considerations do have financial needs but will pay off over time, so it’s more of a smart investment.

Top Five Simple Greener Home Steps –

Turn lights and appliances off – one of the most common offenders on this list, and I’m sure a few people will be nodding in a guilty fashion when reading this. Luckily, it’s also a straightforward suggestion that you can apply right now. Just turn off the lights when you leave a room and do the same for any electronic devices—simple, effective, and a money-saver.

Reduce plastic packaging and waste – this one is about cutting out the source of waste before it enters your house or apartment. Try buying products that use less plastic packaging or take tubs and put the plastic into the supermarkets recycling before leaving. You can also be proactive and lodge any complaints to your local store if you think they need to improve their practices.

Recycle and reuse more – another one everyone can involve themselves in. A simple concept – try to avoid throwing things into the general waste bin wherever possible. You can recycle a lot more items nowadays, so check what’s allowed in your recycling bin and where the points are nearest you. And if it’s possible, reuse items or repurpose them instead. More on this later.

Switch to LED bulbs – your traditional, incandescent lightbulbs are a drain in two ways. They break or run out quickly and cost money to replace, which you’ll often do. Then there’s the poor efficiency and energy waste that goes with it. By changing each bulb with an LED when this happens, both factors will improve significantly.

Reduce flights and imported consumption – everything you do has an impact, not unlike a domino effect. You can read more about carbon footprints here to see what your current score is. If you reduce air travel, yours will go down significantly. It also applies to products that you buy with high carbon costs, such as imported foods.

Choose Environmentally Aware Movers –

This is something that will require a shift in mindset because it can become a bit of a challenge. The first thing to understand is that everything comes with a related consequence. Whether that’s via booking a service or purchasing a product, there’s a carbon price attached. Now here’s the good stuff – you can improve your carbon footprint directly by making better choices.

Aussie has been at the forefront of greener removals in London for the last decade. And when we embarked on new branches, we took that pedigree with us, both in terms of quality and responsibility. This extends to our environmental impact, and how to we approached offsetting it. Once we went through every package, it was clear that there are two categories for improvement.

Reuse or repurpose – we only use the best quality removal boxes because of their protection. They’re often good enough for the next relocation, and we’ll reuse them wherever we can. When this isn’t possible, it’s a case or repurposing as padding for the moving van. Failing that, recycling is the final consideration – nothing goes in general waste.

The second category is all about efficiency and carbon emissions. We have a team that undertake all the evaluation and assessment processes. Part of their job is to factor in measures to help us achieve eco-friendlier moves. That’s because reducing the number of miles for each journey and choosing the most suitable vehicle will reduce carbon output. Wherever possible, we’ll make one trip and will also try and take items for recycling during transit.

Using Self Storage when Decluttering –

Whenever we sign up with a new customer, one piece of advice we suggest is to perform a thorough decluttering of their possessions. This will reduce the total volume and potentially save money on their upcoming relocation. It’s then possible to inventory everything via an app that has multiple purposes. Moreover – it’s a bad idea to move with things you never use.

You might be reading this and wondering what happens with all the things you get rid of. The problem of organising and decluttering does lead to bin bags full of junk. And the likely destination is the landfill via the bin. Never fear; we have a smart guide to do this sustainably where you can feel at ease with how to deal with things you’re not keeping. And it’s all about the three Rs – repurpose, recycle, reduce.

Before we get into that, you can sell or donate anything that’s in good condition. Next, reuse or repurpose whenever it’s possible. This applies to things like ice cream tubs that can become containers for plants or alternative pencil cases. Then it’s a case of recycling the rest to make sure it doesn’t go into the bin. And there’s plenty of recycling points in Oxford.

We note some ways you can reduce things like plastic packaging entering your home, which will help keep things in order in the future. Another thing that will help you keep on top of things is to use self storage. Once you have a clutter-free home, you mustn’t slip back into bad habits. Reducing possessions will encourage better heat distribution and less waste. It’s a win-win situation where you can keep your home in great shape.

Booking a Home Energy Inspection –

Let’s talk about heat loss and why it’s a major problem for households in the UK. Apart from the costs involved in additional heating, the impact on the environment is also detrimental. People often aren’t aware of what their current insulation levels are. Nor do they realise that poorly insulated houses cause so many issues. However, we note that you should avoid a kneejerk reaction before doing anything. Book a home energy audit and get some professional advice.

This report will look at your insulation and sealing quality in detail. The auditor will provide you with suggestions where improvements are needed and some referrals to perform the work. It will also highlight any structural problems they pick up on, such as loose roof tiles. And even though there’s some financial outlay, this will help you move towards greener solutions and eventually save you money.

To offset some of these costs, there is a government scheme to assist when people are installing greener energy solutions. It’s known as the Green Homes Grant, and you can read more about it here. Then there’s the concept of return on investment and how this plays out over time. You can easily realise any expenditure back via energy bill savings within a year. After that, it’s all in your favour.

Switching Energy Suppliers and Lightbulbs –

We’ll now come back to an earlier point where we mentioned that every action has a reaction. Another way to make a positive change is to be proactive and change energy suppliers. There are several that are 100% sustainable, green energy companies. And that’s because they use renewables instead of fossil fuels to generate power. You can click here to see what options of suppliers you have.

Then it’s time to change your lightbulbs when the next bulb pops, and we’ve all been there. Incandescent bulbs cost more because of their poor performance and frequent breakages. You’ll find yourself replacing at least one every other month. And while they’re not hugely expensive, it soon adds up. You can eliminate this with LEDs, and you will only replace these lightbulbs every few years instead!

Incandescent bulbs require lots of energy and break easily. If you turn on one of these lights in winter, the sudden spark can lead to the bulb popping. Additionally, you’ll only get between 750 – 2,000 hours of light if they manage to survive the sudden change in temperature without hearing that familiar popping sound. It’s easy to see how LEDs are a better choice where you’ll get around 35,000 – 50,000 hours instead.

Aussie Man & Van – Oxford’s Greener Moving Company –

The time to act and improve carbon output is now, and there are a number of ways to do this. Let’s look at this from a positive perspective, and we hope you’ll see something you can use from this blog. It’s not exhaustive, and there are other potential areas to consider. We now have the knowledge and means to make better choices, and you’ll likely inspire family and friends if you start taking action.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, and we like to lead by example. The environment is crucial to us, and we understand our negative impact has consequences. That’s why we have protocols where efficiency and reuse are paramount to how we operate. Not to mention the unbeatable customer service we strive to achieve on every job we sign up for.

To work with Oxford’s greener removals and storage provider, click here. We’ll go through your needs and can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.