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Flexible Removals and Storage for Oxford’s Students

Posted on 16th October 2020 by Lauren May
Flexible Removals and Storage for Oxford’s Students

It’s an incredibly difficult time for students at the moment, with many of you stuck at university until further notice. Unsurprisingly, many will already be thinking about going home at the earliest opportunity. The best way to approach this is to start considering what your plans are and discussing things with your parents or a guardian.

Aussie Man & Van has been active throughout lockdown, undertaking emergency relocations during the most stringent period of the pandemic response. Our team is ready to provide affordable removal and storage services to any students in Oxford.

Affordable Ways for Students to Move and Store in Oxford –

Even though things are unclear now for many students at university, planning now can help when it’s possible to leave. You should discuss every option with your parent or guardians to work out if you plan to move back home or stay in Oxford. If you do choose to move some or most of your possessions, you’ll need to arrange a removals service.

Aussie Man & Van has consistently low prices for our removals and related services. We realise that people from low-income households as well as student loans, have a limited budget. One of our core values is promoting inclusive packages so more people can relocate or use storage. We don’t sacrifice our high standard of customer service though, and it’s possible to perform both evenly.

There are several options open to students in Oxford during the coming months. You can either move home and prepare for distance learning or wait it out to see if regular classes resume. Even if you head back to your parents’ house, it’s possible to store your belongings in Oxford at our depot. Either way, Aussie has your back and will ensure everything is safe and secure.

We can relocate students to anywhere in the UK and Europe in both directions. This means we’ll also be able to collect you again from your origin town or city to head back to Oxford. All at the most affordable rates on the market. We’re happy to discuss our services with you, should you need a quote or more information.

Aussie’s Self Storage is Ideal for Students –

When this term ends, it’s likely a large number of students will leave Oxford to travel home. This might be temporary, but it’s worth planning ahead. It’s a bad idea to leave anything of value in halls of residence or a student share house, especially if the property is empty. This is especially true if you have expensive equipment that’s too bulky to take home with you.

The reason why this isn’t a well-thought-out plan is that thieves target student areas. Students tend to have a lot of electronic items, and it’s a guarantee to find them in every room of the property. Most burglaries are opportunistic, and they will wait for vacation time to see where the vacant houses are.

You can stay one step ahead of them by renting a self storage unit from Aussie. We have extensive storage facilities in Oxford, giving you a lot of choices. There are specific storage packages for students to suit everyone’s budget. And we can arrange to collect your belongings from your house or apartment.

Good Value Man & Van Removal Packages –

The thing most students need is good value for money, especially after the expensive university lockdowns. That’s why Aussie’s removal services are affordable for students and their parents. We usually suggest booking our Man & Van removals service for students to keep costs down. It’s ideal for smaller loads and is a favourite for students.

While we keep our costs low, this doesn’t reduce our high standards of service delivery. Aussie’s ethos is that value for money, and excellent customer service can coexist. Our student customers get the best of both when they book with us, and we work with thousands of learners every semester. We go the extra mile and will gladly assist with advice while you plan things.

Another advantage of using a man and van service is the vehicles are easier to park, even if densely populated student areas. This avoids any angry exchanges with your neighbours because of an obstructing removal’s van. We can park up, pack everything, and be gone before it becomes an issue. Furthermore, we’ll check for parking restrictions and best approaches for loading.

Every man and van job comes with two expert Aussie removal team members to do all the heavy-lifting work. And we can assist by creating a basic inventory of your belongings as we pack. We do also suggest you download a home inventory app before the moving day as it also works for insurance purposes.

Tips for Preparing Your Items for Storage –

While storage safeguards your belongings from damage or theft when you go home, it’s still necessary to prepare everything. We advise our student customers to clean every item and make sure they’re dry before storing them. Here’s our easy to follow steps on preparing to use self storage:

  • New storage boxes or containers. Don’t try and use boxes you get from the corner shop or supermarket. You can buy industry-level supplies from Aussie’s online store. Durable plastic containers are also an excellent way to safeguard your possessions.
  • Carefully pack fragile pieces. Much like moving, you need to treat fragile objects with additional care. Every box should have lots of extra padding and packaging, and correct labelling for the outside of the box is a good idea.
  • Clean all appliances and furniture. Any mould you bring in can spread to other items, which can damage fabrics. Also, remember to leave appliance doors slightly open and wrap cords.
  • Vacuum seal clothes and fabrics. If you are keeping clothes in storage, you should invest in vacuum-sealing equipment. It eliminates air that can cause mould.

It’s crucial to avoid packing things into plastic bags. The materials most carrier bags or bin-liners use can increase humidity which then causes moisture. That’s ideal conditions for mould to set in and it will ruin your possessions.

Safer Removals and Storage with our Covid-19 Policy –

Now that we all face another set of lockdowns, Aussie will continue to enact our Covid-19 Standard Health Policy. You can read more details about this here, but we’ll go over some of the key aspects in this section. It’s worth noting that we will provide updates on any significant developments as we introduce them.

Aussie’s Standard Health Policy is a commitment to our customers and staff, to promote the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitisation, with a view of preventing any new infections of Covid-19. While we understand how vital a relocation is, it must always be done safely and within the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation.

Every member of our removal’s team will regularly wash or sanitise their hands, which includes before arrival and throughout the job. Aussie provides our team’s with PPE equipment and hand sanitiser. We will also wipe down any surfaces or frequently touched objects with disinfectant wipes. However, it’s also worth considering booking us to undertake a deep clean of your property.

We’re also performing inquiries and bookings via online video platforms. Video quoting, via WhatsApp or Facetime, is how we offer quotes, but we are still able to conduct in-person meetings where necessary. These measures will help reduce any increased risk without causing any issues with the services we offer. We will always be available to discuss your relocation by phone, email, as well as via video conferencing.

Share a Storage Unit with Housemates –

There’s another way you can lower your storage costs even further by sharing a storage unit with your housemates. If you live in student accommodation or a student share house, then get everyone together to join forces. You could all rent a self storage unit with Aussie and share the costs, giving you the benefits of secure storage for a reasonable price.

There are two truths to the situation of students and storage. The first is that most students have or use expensive items and equipment. That’s usually in the form of a laptop, a TV and possibly a games console. If you then multiply that by four or five for a typical student house, that’s a lot of valuable items. And that’s why most student areas in every city have high theft rates.

The second truth is that most student houses suffer from poor maintenance, and damage from damp often occurs. This is where storage can assist. If you rent a self storage unit with Aussie, your possessions will be safe and secure. You can access your unit regularly. And by sharing your storage unit with housemates, you’ll be keeping the costs down.

Aussie Man & Van – Oxford’s Student-Friendly Removals and Storage Provider –

Aussie is Oxford’s favourite removals and storage company, and we work with thousands of students every year. It’s our number one priority to help make your relocation as stress-free as possible. We don’t cut corners, and we leave nothing to chance. Our team will guide you through the relocation process to make sure your possessions arrive safely.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company that knows we can provide a high level of customer service, as well as offering affordable rates. You don’t have to choose one over the other. The Aussie team is made up of highly skilled people who love what they do. We’re proud to call Oxford our home, and we will gladly discuss any aspect of our city with you.

At Aussie, we understand how daunting it can be to move to a new city and country. That’s why we go the extra mile to assist students from other areas. We were hoping you will eventually restart your student life in Oxford, and we have affordable, flexible removals and storage packages, specifically catering to students’ requirements.

If you’re a student in Oxford who’s considering returning home soon, please contact us today. We have a range of removals and storage services to help you take the right action when this semester ends.