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Container Storage or Self Storage? Choosing the Right Option

Posted on 1st February 2022 by Lauren May
Container Storage or Self Storage? Choosing the Right Option

Although there’s a slightly dull and uninteresting image association, storage is more than a simple room where things go to gather dust. There’s a surprising number of uses for households and businesses alike to enjoy a host of benefits. It can help create more space without it becoming too expensive or signing a rigid contract. But how do you choose the right storage option if you’re new to this?

Aussie Man & Van has several choices for storage, and we’re confident we cater to most, if not all, situations. We will help you choose the correct package via our rigorous assessment exercise. It’s our mission to match people with the most effective service. Let’s look at the differences between container and self storage.

Understanding the Merits of Using Storage –

There are several common reasons for using self storage and container storage. You’ll also receive similar benefits, regardless of which service you use. Storage provides the ultimate level of protection against theft and damage. And the truth is that our homes simply aren’t constructed to keep things like dampness out completely.

It’s okay if you’re storing something robust like a car in the garage, although it won’t protect them from rust over time. In truth, materials prone to deteriorating rapidly will be susceptible to damage. Plus, it’s almost impossible to regulate the temperate of a garage or loft. One becomes cold and damp while the other suffers from heat surges as it rises.

Storage eliminates all these problems because we are able to control or get rid of these issues. Our storage units all have temperature control as standard, making it possible to avoid overheating or dampness. This maintains a stable atmosphere without either extreme happening. And this helps us keep everything in perfect condition.

With CCTV coverage throughout our branch – we’re able to monitor everything 24/7. We have extensive alarm systems, and nothing gets in or out without our knowledge and permission. With all staff given security and vigilance training – your possessions are safe and secure. There are many other advantages to using storage – let’s look at specific examples.

Container Storage and Long-Distance Relocations –

While we believe in the principle that every job should be evaluated on its own merits, there are recurring patterns we see over time. Container storage tends to work better for long-term storage needs. That’s because people don’t need regular access, which aligns with this service’s process. One of the stipulations of using this package are restrictions of access.

Here’s how it works. We bring the empty storage unit to your address, whether that’s your home or the office. Our team packs and seals everything onsite, including an inventory. Then we transport the full container back to our depot, where it goes into our warehouse’s stacking system. This is the ultimate level of security and is another reason we have many customers using this package.

However, this also means it’s difficult to open the unit after placing it into our stacking system. That’s why we go through a thorough assessment before we suggest a storage service. When someone relocates internationally, they usually suggest this package. It works for numerous other situations, and we’ll always strive to match your needs with the correct service. You can read the terms and conditions here for further details on fees for earlier retrieval of items.

Self Storage when you Need Regular Access –

If we’re making a direct comparison, then the difference between container and self storage boils down to access as well. Self storage allows unlimited visits to your unit during our business hours. The price works out at a higher rate because of the additional maintenance necessary for this service. But we’re still well below market rates for this package.

The increased ability to move items in and out is why it’s a firm household favourite. People often say that self storage is like an extension of their home or workplace. There’s no better way to declutter and organise your home than this service. You can reclaim the garage, loft and/or spare room from clutter and return it to its original purposes.

Businesses also use this service to improve and achieve affordable logistics. E-commerce and SMEs find it straightforward for local distribution when linking with our Man & Van service. You’ll enjoy easy access to the storage units for packing and unloading. Many companies and enterprises use it as a base of operations to further reduce costs.

A Tip for Using Self Storage when Packing –

There’s a good reason why people dislike this stage of a relocation. It becomes a slog when packing when you’re moving around boxes, containers, and furniture while trying to get the job done. Many of us who have a few moves under our belt will be familiar with lugging boxes between rooms and still trying to use the house. Thankfully, there’s a better way to approach this.

If you rent a self storage unit from Aussie, you can solve this problem and consign the awkward manoeuvring around objects to history. The idea is to pack and move whole boxes and things out of the way and into a storage unit. This gives you additional room to finish the packing in stages while having access to your home. Furthermore, we can collect your belongings with our Man & Van service.

There’s no higher level of security than using self storage, which means fewer concerns with theft and damage occurring. Moreover, we can create a seamless link between removals and storage services. We can arrange both jobs for you, making it possible to reduce the number of service providers you work with. Then we’ll pack your possessions straight from the storage unit on moving day, which we coordinate and oversee.

Value for Money and Customer Service –

There’s nothing better in life than a discount, especially as we deal with rising costs for other services. However, it’s not the only thing you should weigh up before using storage. While value for money is essential, it shouldn’t be above or instead of customer service. You’ll need to consider both, and here’s how it works.

You will ask each prospective storage company for a quote and get at least three or more. Also, be mindful of whether they pressure you to sign or are happy to leave the free quote with you. Then go online and read their Google and Trustpilot scores out of five. You can also read testimonials from previous customers to better understand what sort of service to expect.

This will give you all the relevant information to make the best decision. You’re balancing affordability with customer care, and we stress that the latter is vital to a successful storage experience. It also gives you a good insight into a company’s ability to deliver a high-quality service. And Aussie delivers on all points we mention because we care about maintaining lower costs and providing excellent customer service.

Aussie Man & Van – The Best Storage Options in Oxford –

Oxford’s residents have plenty of storage providers to choose from, so it can become a bit confusing. Luckily, Aussie ticks all the boxes for affordability and excellent customer service, meaning you don’t have to shop around. It’s fine if you’re still unsure which storage option is better. We always perform a thorough assessment before each booking.

From decades of experience, we know how to evaluate someone’s storage requirements. Aussie designs our packages to interlink to create comprehensive services. We’ll arrange this with a removals package add-on if you need us to collect. Everything results in the best possible service delivery in Oxford and the neighbouring areas.

Click here, and we’ll begin your storage assessment to see if container or self storage fits your needs. We’ll then provide you with a free quote for both packages, with no obligation to book.