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Aussie’s Five Tips for a Successful Relocation in Oxford

Posted on 29th March 2021 by Lauren May
Aussie’s Five Tips for a Successful Relocation in Oxford

When it comes to moving, some of us have done this before, and it’s almost second nature to start planning and initiating parts of the relocation. However, for anyone who’s doing this for the first time, it can be a daunting prospect facing you. It’s also an incredibly stressful thing to undertake, even for those who have several relocations under their belt. How would someone begin the process of moving home?

The good news is, Aussie Man & Van is here to guide you through your upcoming move. We have helpful staff ready to walk you through each stage and appoint a lead person for complicated jobs. From packing your items up until we get you there safely, we’re there with you at every step of the way. This is our guide to successfully relocating within Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.  

Putting Your Best Foot Forward When Moving Home –

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving from a six-bed house or a two-bed apartment; every relocation will benefit from a plan. In this blog, we’ll cover the following steps:

  • Start Preparing for Your Relocation Now.
  • Use Self Storage to Create Space when Packing.
  • Put Together a Moving Checklist.
  • Get Rid of Excess Possessions.
  • Check Everything Twice.

It’s not a guarantee for success, but you’ll give yourself a much better chance by following them. You’ll also need to book with a removals company who put customer service as a priority. At Aussie, we lead with this as a core value of our company. Customer service drives every decision we make, and we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes.

You’ll be putting your best foot forward by working with us, and we have a broad selection of removal and storage packages available. There’s something to suit everyone’s needs, and we’re flexible and can adapt parts of our services. We’ll begin with the first step, which focuses on starting your preparation straight away. Start planning today – there’s always something you can do.

One: Start Preparing for Your Relocation Now –

We’re all a bit guilty of putting things off for another day, which is fine if you don’t have anything important to tackle. The latter point couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to relocating, and each day counts. It’s also easy to think you’re taking lots of action if you don’t have a plan. Everything you do has to be meaningful and progress you further towards your move. You can achieve a good structure by creating a moving checklist, which we’ll cover in more detail in the next section. 

The first thing we want to instil is a proactive mindset. Always ask yourself – is there something I can do today, now, to make progress? The answer is often yes, even if it’s going online to check the train times in your new area. If you’re able to clear something from your checklist or gain some credible piece of information, don’t put it off.

It might help to keep a notepad nearby; you never know when inspiration will land, and you need to write a reminder. Most phones have a note application, or you can send an email to yourself. Either way, have a way to take notes when you’re on the move and save them on your moving checklist when you get home.

Larger tasks might need several different attempts to organise and conclude. That’s why we suggest breaking them into segments you can tackle. Remember, you’re also going to work through the day and looking after family afterwards. Understandably, your schedule might be full, but putting something off can cause issues, which only increases as you get closer to your moving day.

Two: Put Together a Moving Checklist –

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to another part of Oxford or down to Cornwall; all relocations require planning and time. Not only that, but it’s also incredibly easy to overlook a task while you try and organise everything on life’s terms. To ensure you keep on top of everything, you’ll need to have a guide. A moving checklist will serve as your master document, which you can refer back to.

You’ll need to book the services of a reputable removals company to undertake your relocation. This will give you the expertise and professional handling skills necessary to avoid breakages. Furthermore, make sure this includes the highest standard of removals service for affordable prices. And by booking with Aussie, you’ll have access to our range of services that covers all removals and related situations.

Remember to get rid of any clutter now, as it will save you time and money in the long run. Then you can see whether you have the time and patience to undertake the packing yourself. It’s also possible for our expert removal’s team to do this for you. Aussie employs the very best people with decades of removals and trade experience. If you choose to do it yourself, you can buy industry-quality materials from our online store here.

Three: Use Self Storage to Create Space when Packing –

For anyone who’s packing up to move, you’ll have the pleasure of lugging furniture and appliances out of the way as you go. And once you pack the boxes and containers, they’re also obstructing your progress (and possibly causing lots of swearing). This soon becomes a tiresome exercise, which is why savvy people rent a self storage unit.

As you pack, you can transport each full box or container to your storage unit, which gives you more space to move around. One of the many advantages of storage is the higher level of protection for your belongings. There’s no safer or more secure option for safeguarding your possessions from theft or damage. Aussie’s storage units have temperature control measures that eliminate any water retention or moisture issues.

Aussie has three storage options for you to choose from at our branch in Oxford. Our Self Storage package is suitable for anyone who needs regular access or is looking for a short-term storage option. Aussie also has a Container Storage service for anyone with long-term storage requirements. Then we have our unique AusBox Storage package, which is an affordable option for fewer items.

We have a state-of-the-art security system that covers the entirety of our depot. This includes 24/7 CCTV monitoring with vehicle recognition technology. Additionally, Aussie has staff performing regular security checks, and everyone has vigilance training when they join our team. Nothing can get in or out of our facilities without our knowledge or permission.

Four: Get Rid of Excess Possessions –

Whenever the subject of decluttering comes up, a lot of online articles suggest getting everything done at warp speed. There’s some good thinking behind this because people who fall foul of light hoarding are prone to putting things off. However, it’s not always realistic to suggest this, especially for people with lots of family and work commitments.

It’s probably a better idea to spread it over three or four weeks. This will give you time to go through every room thoroughly and decide whether you can sell, donate, recycle, or repurpose. Moreover, you won’t stress trying to organise your home while juggling school runs and work deadlines. This would only create a negative reaction to decluttering regularly.

One benefit of decluttering is the potential to save money on your relocation. The total volume of items for a removals job is called the load. If you reduce this significantly, it might make it possible to use a smaller vehicle. You can also contact us to see if we’re applying any further discounts during quieter periods or on less popular moving days.

There’s plenty of recycling points spread throughout Oxfordshire, and you can click here to find them. If you have things you would prefer to donate instead of selling, you’ll discover upcycling collectives all over the city, as well as charity shops. It’s possible to declutter your home while also helping the environment by avoiding sending your old things to a landfill.

Five: Check Everything Twice –

Last but not least – the final large task you’ll need to run through is the final checks. Double, triple check everything is in place. This includes contacting us to go through the relocation plan and to make sure there are no issues. We’ll then do our final checks for traffic reports, parking and loading provisions for the moving day. Then, we’ll confirm arrival and completion times with you.

Next, you’ll need to check all mortgage payments and documents are in order by contacting your mortgage broker. It will help if you did this to avoid any issues with the handover of keys. From previous jobs over the years, delays often happen at this stage and are usually avoidable. Never assume that everything’s going smoothly if you haven’t heard from the other parties. Be proactive and oversee this side of things.

Get in touch with Oxford Council and utility providers to confirm when you’re vacating your current home. Record the meter readings and save them in case of any future disputes. If you forget to do this, you might get a bill or court summons later down the road. You’ll also need to leave your current property in a liveable state, so consider using a professional cleaning service to get the best results.

All that’s left now is to prepare the car for the journey to your new home, remembering to check your oil level and tire pressure. Pack a small bag with things for the kids and pets, such as treats and water. Remember to make provisions for comfort breaks if you have young children or a dog. Plan your route the night before and use a satnav for directions. Now you’re ready for the next chapter in your life, with Aussie here to assist you every step of the way.

Aussie Man & Van – Book Oxford’s Best Moving Company –

At Aussie, we know that the early stages of a removal job are crucial. If we get this stage right, everything else falls into place. It’s something we ensure our customers also consider as they prepare to relocate. Moving to a new home is a challenging task that can be stressful if there’s a lack of organisation. Our customers can rely on us to assist with any planning issues, and we’re always available to discuss an upcoming relocation.

Aussie is known as the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, meaning we always take a positive approach to every job we sign up for. If you follow the steps from this blog, you’ll drastically increase your chances of a successful relocation. And with Aussie in your corner, there’s no problem we can’t solve. We have a keen eye for detail and will make sure nothing is left to chance.

If you’re organising a relocation in Oxford this year, please contact us today. We have the right removals services and expertise to accomplish the best service delivery.