Our Unpacking Service

One of the most crushing and stressful aspects of a move is that sinking feeling that comes once you’re in your new home but instead of being able to make some coffee and relax, you’re surrounded by a sea of boxes, with an unthinkable, Herculean task still ahead of you. Sometimes, it’s the straw that breaks the camels back and you want to give up and have a good cry or a rant and rave. At moments like that, it all seems to much and you’re even tempted not to bother and just succumb to a life lived in a chaos of bags and cardboard. It doesn’t have to be like this. Just as Aussie can get you all packed up and ready to go, so we can unpack for you, placing everything where you want it, and treating your belongings with care and consideration as we go along. It’s an additional, bolt-on service that can move all that stress and toil off your shoulders and on to ours. It’s like moving but without the dread.

Our unpackers will work in conjunction with you, using a flat service on which to take out items from their cardboard boxes, and leaving you to move them to the part of the room where they belong (with our help, of course, for the heavier or bulkier ones). We find that this method works best because then you know exactly where everything is and you can also check for damages right there and then (although we’ll do our best to ensure that there aren’t any). We’ll be at hand should you change your mind about anything and need, say, an armchair taken to another location in the house. We’ll also remove all the packing materials and make certain that they’re disposed of correctly, in the appropriate and environmentally-friendly fashion.

You’ll find that our unpacking teams are friendly and fast on their feet, with the ‘can-do’ attitude that runs through all our services. They’re problem-busters who delight in doing the impossible and making it seem easy. They come into their own during the last phase of your move, placing all your goods in the correct rooms. Having dismantled complicated items of furniture, they’ll then reassemble them so that they’re back in their original state and ready for you to enjoy. You’ll be able to relax in your new home within hours of arriving there.