Office Removals Check List

Office Removals Check List

The last thing you need when you’re faced with the daunting prospect of moving offices is to forget crucial details and stumble haphazardly through the whole thing. Too much error can mean huge loss of productivity and a commensurate loss of revenue. With the right preparation, however, your move can be swift and successful. The trick is to give yourself plenty of time – enough time, in fact, for the odd thing to go wrong (and then be righted). No one’s perfect and no office move can be entirely without mishap. However, if you follow some guidance, take advice when necessary and keep a cool-ish head, it can be much easier than you’d dare anticipate. Here are some things to check off your list as moving day approaches:

Two months before:

  1. Finish any work that needs to be done for deciding on layouts in both individual offices and communal areas.
  2. Arrange for any new furniture required to be delivered in good time
  3. Pick people from among your staff to help co-ordinate the move

Six weeks before:

  1. Assign different moving responsibilities to team members
  2. Check that all necessary insurance will be in place, covering staff, furniture and equipment during the move
  3. Look into new suppliers (e.g. Cleaning, milk deliveries, drinking water) if you’re unable to use your existing ones after the move

Four weeks before:

  1. Give a presentation to employees, updating them on the move and the requirements that fall to them to take care of
  2. Order new stationary and business cards, featuring the new address
  3. Issue ‘change of address’ details to business contacts
  4. Confirm the moving date with your removals company
  5. Decide where communal equipment (e.g. Fax, printers) will go in the new office

Three weeks before:

  1. Make sure all employees know exactly what they’re doing vis a vis the move
  2. Organise a purging of all unnecessary filing and accumulated stuff
  3. Arrange for new address to appear on your company website

One week before:

  1. Take delivery of all necessary boxes and labels
  2. Train personnel if the telephony system at new office is different to previous one

Days before:

  1. Label packed boxes with the precise destination where they’ll be going in the new office


Remember we can help you with a lot of this, for more information visit our London Office Removals page.