Office Moves

Sometimes, our prowess with house and flat moves and all manner of domestic relocations, means that one of our specialities gets overlooked – namely, our commercial moving department. Aussie absolutely excels at moving businesses of 50/60 desks and even more (or less), including technology migration and IT infrastructure relocation. We can work at any time of day so that the negative impact to your company is minimised along the way and unnecessary disruption avoided. One thing you may not know is that by going with a company like Aussie, you could be saving significant sums. Some companies that only do office removals have higher charging structures than a company like us, that does all manner of moves.

We’ll work tirelessly from the very start, when we come to survey your workplace and determine exactly what your office relocation requires. We’ll brief your team both in person and in writing, submitting checklists to help everyone involved know exactly what’s happening at each key juncture of the move. Also included will be a clear timeline, breaking the move down into its most important stages and then ordering them chronologically.

IT relocation itself can alarm and worry people – we use only the finest tech-minded experts so that both the dismantling and then the reassembling go off without incident. We want you up and running again at your destination point as quickly as possible and we go about it with judicious speed rather than manic and ill-headed haste. Because we’re set up for all kinds of moves, there’s never any worry that we won’t have the appropriate equipment. We know exactly the right way to package PCs and Macs to ensure that they’re utterly safe in transit and we’re equally as attentive when it comes to the transportation of precious filing systems and miscellaneous office equipment.

If there’s simply no good time for moving during the week, we can move you over a weekend, thereby keeping your business from taking a hit in the form of the loss of a whole day’s productivity. Another workaround to keep you protected is to move you overnight. So already, that’s two options that keep your company from suffering protracted downtime. If you need further convincing that we’re the right choice for your office, visit our Office Removals page.