Part of the Solution – Aussie’s New Fleet of ULEZ Removal’s Vans

Part of the Solution – Aussie's New Fleet of ULEZ Removal's Vans

This year, London took a gigantic step towards becoming a capital city that is lowering its emission levels. Now, Central London has been designated as an Ultra Low Emissions Zone or ULEZ for short. All vehicles that enter the area that is already subject to the congestion charge now must also be ULEZ compliant. The standards differ depending on vehicle age and type, so you should read up to see if this affects your car, motorbike or van.

At Aussie Man & Van, we are all too aware that the level of pollution in our city has reached a tipping point. Although this measure will have an impact on businesses like ours, it’s something that we fully back. To ensure that Aussie moves in the right direction, we are putting ten brand-new removals vehicles on the road with immediate effect. We plan to do our bit and be part of the solution that will see London become a low emission city.

Aussie is Introducing New ULEZ Vehicles in London –

This week, the arrival of ten brand-new removal’s vans to our branch marks the first phase of what will be a complete roll-out of vehicles that comply with the ULEZ regulations. As you read this blog, the vans are in operation and will primarily focus on relocation jobs in Central London.

Aussie’s large fleet of vehicles has made it possible for us to provide removals for the whole of Greater London and the neighbouring areas. Some of the vehicles that were already operational before the launch of ULEZ on the 8th of April meet the compliance of their vehicle category.

Any that don’t currently meet the standards will be phased out in stages, ensuring that each Aussie vehicle does so before the ULEZ zone also meets its next phase in 2021. Our self-imposed mandate is to have a fleet of vehicles that meet the ULEZ standards and regulations before 2021.

For the Aussie team, it’s about more than avoiding the charges that apply to non-compliant vehicles. We want to be part of the positive change that actively reduces the amount of carbon in our atmosphere. In 2019, people are taking the impact that humans make on our environment more seriously, and the appropriate action is long overdue.

Our company is doing the same, and this initial vehicle replacement phase is just the start of becoming a greener removals provider.

Aussie Man & Van’s Greener Removals and Storage –

In addition to the new ULEZ vans, Aussie has always made a policy of being a greener removals and storage company. Wherever possible, we reuse our removals boxes and any other packing materials for future jobs. And the ones that are no longer usable are transported for recycling as we head to the next relocation, making sure we limit our journeys.

Wherever possible, we try to avoid throwing anything away that may have a viable purpose. Our team make regular trips to recycling centres with unusable materials. And our local upcycling companies and charity shops receive donations of furniture and appliances clients no longer want to keep.

Every removals job we undertake undergoes rigorous assessment and planning in advance of the moving day. This makes it possible for each relocation to be as efficient, weighing up the carbon impact for each removal. If we can logically use one of our smaller Man & Van vehicles, we will do so, but that may not actually be efficient. And one trip with one of our larger vans is more economical for certain situations.

Our five branches across London all have energy saving policies and procedures in place. Further to the reuse, recycle, upcycle and donate process our teams work with, each facility uses electricity sparingly and has energy-friendly lightbulbs. We also encourage our customers to turn any electrical appliances off at the socket when they’re not in use.

Aussie Man & Van – Doing Our Part to Work Towards a Solution –

At Aussie Man & Van London, all our staff and team members welcome the ULEZ regulations and compliance standards. Meeting the rules is not a simple task, and it won’t be easy for other companies to change their vehicles. However, we do encourage them to join us. This can have a positive impact on our children’s future, and it’s worth making some sacrifices now.

We believe that London can lead by example and other cities in the UK and worldwide will follow us. It’s possible for us to shake the negative image of a city that suffers from high levels of carbon emissions. London is renowned for many great things, but pollution should not be one of them.

Aussie’s ten new vehicles are just the initial phase of our ULEZ overhaul. We are currently in the planning stages of the next steps. It isn’t an overnight thing and will take a lot of investment and organisation. However, we take our role in the community seriously and will have a completely compliant fleet by 2021.

If you have an upcoming relocation and want to work with a company that’s ULEZ compliant, please contact us today. We can provide you with an affordable and greener removal’s solution in London.