Moving to a New Home – When’s the Best Time to Start Planning?

A Renters Final Checklist – Becoming a Homeowner

With the recent increase in online searches and property sales for moving outside of London, the housing market is bustling with activity. And it’s not just the trend of leaving London for a more rural setting. There are lots of inter-city relocations and moves to nearby commuter towns. Businesses are looking for affordable options, in addition to what’s now the new normal regarding remote working.

This is keeping everyone at Aussie busy, and we’re signing up jobs all over London, the surrounding areas and nationwide. It’s crucial to start planning early, and here are tips on how to do this while balancing everything else in your life.

Planning Ahead for a Successful Relocation –

Regardless of what type of relocation you’re planning, timing is key and will determine how successful your move is. Trying to balance your work duties and home life is difficult, especially if you’re in charge of organising everything. It’s easy to lose focus and miss a task here and there, which is why errors and mistakes begin to happen.

This is why a moving checklist is vital and will ensure you set out every part of your relocation in detail. It can organise and ground you, providing you with a master document of every task and essential dates. Even if you feel you’re veering off track, you can refocus by referring back to your list at any time. Moreover, by linking it to a calendar, you’ll always know how close your moving day is.

One of your first action points should be booking a removals company. By working with Aussie, you’ll have a dedicated team to assist with the planning and preparation stage of your relocation. We’ll map every step of your move in detail, making sure we take every aspect into account.

Typically, it takes an average time of two or three months to market and sell a property, although the pandemic may affect this. While it’s always better to give yourself plenty of time, Aussie can undertake emergency jobs where needed. No matter what your circumstances are, if you prepare thoroughly, success will happen.

What Time of Year is Best for Moving in London?

Before we start to discuss the best time of year for relocations, it’s worth considering some practical things. Firstly, moving to a new house or apartment takes a lot of planning. The average time is two or three months to sell your current property. And then you’ll have to balance that against finding your new home. This means you’ll need to time things correctly if you want to relocate during a particular month or season.

This won’t come as much of a surprise, but the least favourable season for moving is winter. The daylight hours are shorter, and the weather presents some potential hazards. However, it’s worth remembering that fewer relocation bookings might work in your favour, as many companies offer discounts during quieter periods.

The summertime is the most popular season for moving, especially for people with young families. You’ll probably have a good idea of what summer receives the most bookings. More hours of sunlight are handy when unpacking, the weather is usually better, and there’s vacation time to work with. So, if you want to move during the summer months, you’ll need to start looking at properties now.

Late spring and early autumn are ideal for relocations because the weather is milder. Summer relocations often require an advance booking to secure the exact day you want to relocate. The advantage of going with a spring or autumn move is you’re more likely to find available booking spaces.  At Aussie, we have a fleet of vehicles and can accommodate relocations all year round. Nothing stops us from getting the job done, and we have all the right tools to undertake any relocation.

Benefits of Using Self Storage When Relocating –

There are a few things you’ll need to factor into your preparations to ensure you have a backup plan. It’s not commonplace, but it’s still worth knowing what to do if there’s a delay. It’s crucial that your possessions are safe and secure in the event of a change in moving-in dates. This is where storage becomes a lifesaver, and Aussie has three storage options available.

Self Storage – people who need to access a storage unit a lot would need to rent a self storage unit. You can use your unit as much as possible during our opening hours. This is more suitable for people or businesses that need storage for a short-term period.

Container Storage – this is ideal for long-term storage if you don’t need to access your unit regularly. There are restrictions for accessing container storage unitsv, and additional fees might be applicable.

AusBox Storage – this storage service combines elements of both the previous options, but on a smaller scale. It’s a unique storage option that is ideal for people who need long-term storage at cheaper rates. You can also visit your AusBox four times a month without additional charges.

A Superior National Removals Service in London –

Every relocation entails lots of planning and phoning around, with some people working with more than one company. While there’s an element of truth in saying all removals jobs can be tricky, it usually increases by how far your new destination is. Fortunately, Aussie’s customers don’t worry about that because we can do everything they need. Whether you’re moving from one part of London to another area or heading to Edinburgh, you can leave it in our capable hands.

Starting from £400 (inc VAT), Aussie Man & Van can transport the contents of a one-bedroom apartment container from London to another area in the UK. We achieve this through a network of partner companies, making it possible to reduce our costs. And like all companies with a high standard of customer service, we pass our savings onto our loyal customers.

Moving away from London is a big decision where you’ll no doubt have your hands full with plenty of other tasks. At Aussie, we do everything possible to take the burden of your relocation from you. We plan each stage of the removal’s process in detail, ensuring we fully understand your requirements. With the correct assessment and removal package, we guarantee your move will be a complete success.

Using a Professional Cleaning Service –

There’s one area most people know is a vital part of the moving process, but many keep putting it off. However, this is too important to let slide until every box is packed and ready to go. For tenants, it’s essential you fight to get your full deposit back. Homeowners should also do whatever they can to leave a spotless house. The problem is, it’s time-consuming and tedious. This is where using Aussie’s professional cleaning service can save the day.

House CleaningAussie Clean has a spring cleaning / deep house cleaning service to help save you time and provide you with a clean home. From deep carpet cleaning to removing stubborn limescale, our expert team has everything they need to give your home a top-to-bottom clean.

Carpet Cleaning – We have the state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to give any carpet the best professional clean possible. Similarly, our knowledge of carpet types and cleaning products makes it possible for us to get any dirt or stain out while safeguarding the material.

End of Tenancy Cleaning – Our End of Tenancy Cleaning service will get your rented house or apartment into perfect shape. We clean every inch of the property to ensure you get the full deposit back. Additionally, we work with several landlords to get their property back on the market straight away.

A Range of Removals and Related Packages –

When you have a date for your relocation, your next task should be to book with London’s most reliable removals provider. Aussie’s Home Removals and Man & Van services are the best of their kind in London, and we also operate in the surrounding areas. We have three storage options if there are any gaps in moving dates, and we guarantee to keep your possessions safe and secure. To help you understand more about Aussie’s range, this is a quick guide into our Home Removals service.

One of the packages in Aussie’s range is our dedicated Packing service. Our team will do all the heavy-lifting, inventory, loading and unpacking work for you. Our removals team have all the right packing materials which we also offer for sale from our website and branches. We can protect fragile items and things like fine art during transit. And that requires additional packaging applied correctly.

Aussie gives our crew specialist equipment so they can undertake any relocation. That includes protective covering, dollies, carrying straps and any other tools. Our experts know all the tricks of the trade. They can instinctively work out if certain items are too large for doorways or whether they need to go via a window or a flight of stairs instead.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s ‘Can-Do’ Removals Company –

With five branches spread throughout London, one in Bath, Gillingham, and Oxford, Aussie is the fastest-growing independent removals and storage company in the South of England. Due to our high standards and attention to detail, we’re the favourite removals and storage company in every area we work in. And because of this, we have many loyal customers who use us for their next relocation and other services.

Customer service is the number one focus for everything we do at Aussie Man & Van. In addition to the standard removals and storage packages, we have a list of specialist services that you won’t find anywhere else. For us, more options equal a better standard of service because we can cater to various people’s individual specifications.

If you’re planning your next relocation, you should book with a company with a five-star rating. We will take on any removals or storage job, delivering the best possible service. Aussie is here to make your upcoming relocation as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

To ensure you receive the highest standard of removal service in London, contact us today. We’re confident that we have the right service for your needs.