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Moving Abroad

London is a great city to live, and life in the capital can be exciting and full of adventure. Sometimes life leads us in a different direction, and you may find that you need to relocate for work or other reasons and your next move might take you overseas to Europe or further afield. If this is where you find yourself, then it’s time to embrace this new chapter in your life, and when you start to plan your move from London abroad, you can rely on Aussie – London’s can-do moving and storage company. Head directly to our dedicated Aussie Overseas removals page here.

Moving Abroad Checklist –

No matter where you choose to relocate to, there will always be a lot of forms to complete and places to notify before and after you’ve successfully arrived at your new home. Rather than putting this off, it’s better to do some research online to see what authorities you need to contact, what forms you need to complete, and what other considerations you should consider.

There will be tax and rates implications, so head to the HMRC website to see how your tax will be affected, especially if you’ll still be earning money from savings and rental from a UK property. Contact your local authority for things like council tax and other rates, and then list your utility bills that you pay every month. To avoid receiving utility bills after you leave, you’ll need to contact them all with a date you’ll be leaving your property.

You should also research healthcare and apply for the European Health Insurance Card if your destination is in Europe. It’s all very dull and tedious but it’s better to have this in order before you begin to start bidding on properties, and a majority of this must be complete before you leave the UK.


Favourite Destinations for Expats –

Now onto the exciting part of your relocation – where are you going to live when you leave London?

France –

One of the most popular destinations for people leaving London is France, and it’s not always the straight swap of London to Paris, a lot of people leave London for a quieter life and choose more rural villages and towns like Ars-en-Re or Eguisheim.

Portugal –

Portugal has always been a firm favourite for British holidaymakers, but it’s also becoming a preferred destination for relocation. Portugal seems to have a good balance of what expats often look for when relocating – good schools and provisions for children make Portugal a good place for families.

Spain –

Spain is possibly the main attraction for British expats so it might not need much of an explanation. Great food and drink, entertainment and the sunshine, all within a short distance to England.

There are a few more countries that are popular with expats – Germany and Switzerland have always had a good reputation with people relocating to Europe. If you’re looking for destinations that are a little different, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Denmark are places where expats adjust and enjoy a high quality of life.


Use a Reputable Moving Company – Choose Aussie –

Using a reputable moving company is a topic that always finds itself on two different lists – every moving checklist will note it, and more importantly, you’ll also find it on lists of mistakes expats often make when moving abroad.

Aussie is not only London’s favourite moving and storage company – our famous Aussie vehicles are a constant sight making the journey from London to France and back again. It’s such a popular route for relocations that we can offer fantastic rates. Because of our strong network of associated companies, we can reduce costs by providing part-load consignments.

Aussie is committed to customer service, and our aim is to lessen the stress of your relocation as much as possible. Our expert team are all time-served, and we can confidently pack and transport all manner of things – from the large antique wardrobe of grand pianos to the small and fragile vases, we will ensure that everything leaves London and arrives at your new home is perfect condition.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company – we take on every job with individual care and attention. We plan every detail, and we let nothing deter us from providing the best customer service available in London.

Contact us today, and you’ll learn why we’re London’s favourite movers and storage providers.