Moving Out? – Contact Aussie for the Best London End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning

Moving Out? – Contact Aussie for the Best London End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning

Are you moving out of your rented apartment in London and you want to get your full deposit back? It’s difficult being a tenant sometimes. The balance of power often favours landlords and agencies when it comes to deposits. It’s also difficult to know what sort of property you’re renting until you’ve lived in it for a few weeks. If it has issues, then it might mean you need to find somewhere else, but you need your deposit to do this.

The best way to begin the process is to try your best to leave the property as clean as possible. By doing this, you’re able to make deposit negotiations easier to discuss. The problem is, no matter how tidy you might be, there are always places you forget to clean or can’t reach. Under the fridge, behind the cooker, under the sink, on top of the kitchen cupboards, some places are either too tricky to clean or too grimy for ordinary cleaning products.


Tips on Getting Your Rental Deposit Back –

One of the most challenging aspects of securing a rental property is the upfront security deposit and one month’s rent. Sometimes, you’ll end up paying the equivalent of three months’ rent before you’ve put you’re in the door. And if you’re planning on moving out, you’ll most likely need all your deposit back for a new rental property.

The aim here is to get your full deposit back. Luckily, there are numerous articles about this online, so you’re in good company. In a nutshell, you need to do the following:

Read your lease in detail: make sure you understand what constitutes things like wear and tear

Photograph every room: hopefully, you’ll have done this when you moved in. Additionally, you need to do it when you leave as well. It’s photographic evidence of how clean you left the property.

Fix any small issues: if you’ve scuffed a wall or left marks on the carpet, get them sorted before you leave. This includes touching up paintwork.

Inventory: even if you haven’t kept one throughout the year, make a list of any issues you don’t feel are your responsibility. That includes things like damp, pre-existing marks or damage, broken appliances.

And when you’ve cleaned everything, invite the landlord: ask them to visit their property to show them everything. Discuss any issues you’ve raised, and get them to sign your inventory. Don’t feel afraid to ask them about the details of the deposit – if you’re able to give them a thoroughly clean property back, then you deserve your full deposit back.

If dealing directly with your worries you, ask a friend or family member who to be there and act as a witness. The bottom line is – you need to hand back a spotless property. If you can do that, then you’re not only within your rights to receive it, it’s your money.


Use a Reputable Cleaning Company –

If we’re lucky, we don’t have any war stories about dodgy landlords pulling a fast one. For many of us, we’ve all been stung at least once. One way a landlord might try to retain your deposit is by stating the property was in an unclean state, and a professional cleaning service was needed. While this might be true, technically it should have been discussed with you. You might have left an entirely spotless flat which didn’t require any further cleaning.

If you’re in any doubt, it’s advisable to use a reputable company to do a thorough clean of the property you’re leaving. It’s a way of safeguarding your deposit’s return, and it’s best not to leave it to chance, especially if it’s a larger amount of money.


Aussie Clean is London’s Favourite Cleaning Service –

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ cleaning team that offers the very best professional cleaning service in London. Our number one aim is to provide you with a thorough clean of everything in your rented property. We’ll clean in those hard to reach places, removing all dirt and grime in our path. We’ll even discuss any issues we’ve found when we’re cleaning, just so you’re aware of any small bits of maintenance, like touching up paintwork.

If you need carpets cleaned – no problem. We have the best cleaning equipment and products available. Aussie Clean provides a tailor-made cleaning service. No two cleaning jobs are the same, and we use our wealth of knowledge and experience to work out what your needs are. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t settle for second best. Aussie Clean is a flexible service that can work around your schedule.

Contact us today, and you’ll learn why we’re London’s number one cleaning service.