Moving in London with a Young Family – Aussie Has You Covered

Moving in London with a Young Family – Aussie Has You Covered

Moving home can seem like a daunting experience when you first begin organising everything. You can multiply this several times when you are also contending with one or more small children. They’ll be competing for your attention and milling around you as you try and get quotes and pack boxes. It can all get overwhelming and may also lead to booking with the first removals company you see.

One of the advantages of living in London is the number of companies you can choose from. You don’t have to compromise customer service and affordability. That’s why many people with young family’s book Aussie for their relocation. They know that we will make their lives much simpler while they organise everything. You’ll get a high standard of customer service without breaking the bank.

Tips for Moving Home with a Young Family –

Aussie has every service you could ever need when relocating, all under one roof. One package will save you lots of time and help make your move more efficient. Our packing service may come as a welcome relief for people who have many other responsibilities. The Aussie team will arrive the day before the move to prepare everything for loading. And on the day of the move, they will arrange all your items to reduce the possibility of damage in transit.

One piece of advice that we always give our customers is to prepare an inventory of your belongings. The best way to do this is to download a home inventory app for your phone. You can take photos of each item and save them in groups for each room. Not only are these apps invaluable for your relocation, but you can also use them for insurance purposes.

If you’re not familiar with the place you’re moving to, it’s time to go online and do some research. The more you know about your new town or city, the easier it will be to adapt and integrate. Start contacting the local schools to see how transferring from their current institution works. You’ll need to know what the local healthcare and amenities are like. Additionally, find out as much as you can about the quality of the area’s regional and national transport operations.

Sometimes moving can be disruptive and upsetting for children. They’re leaving their friends behind and will have to make new ones. This can be daunting, but an excellent way to remedy this is to visit your new location a few times. Not only will you get first-hand experience of where you’re moving, but the kids might make some new friends before you arrive.

Turn the Relocation into a Fun Activity – 

You will undoubtedly have your work cut out for you when trying to organise the relocation. But there might also be an element of huffiness or opposition to the move from your little ones. This is where some distractions will be handy, and you can utilise several techniques to bring them on board. The best way to approach this is by making everything as fun as possible.

Here’s the biggest hack – you’re going to turn the preparation stage into one big adventure and align with their interests. Do they like pirates or astronauts? Then turn this into a theme that would make Neil Armstrong or Long John Silver proud. Pack ready to cast your sails to find buried treasure in your new home. Or prepare the spaceship to voyage to a new planet, whichever catches their imagination.

You can also put together a playlist of their favourite songs on Spotify or iTunes. Have a singalong and some dancing as you pack boxes and containers. You can have rewards and treats for packing or other duties, ranging from sweets to choosing a takeaway meal for dinner. Another trick to hoodwink them into the planning is to let them choose the new decoration or colour scheme in their room.

Using Self Storage to Help with Packing – 

The scenario that most parents face on a daily basis has an element of chaos. Your busy household is a whirlwind of kids, and possibly a cat or dog running around, all vying for your attention and competing. This makes it tricky to get anything done, let alone packing and organising for a relocation. And the last thing you need is boxes in the way on top of all this.

The solution is simple – use self storage to give you an option to create more space. When you fill a box, send it to your unit and get it entirely out of your home. Then you’ll have room to deal with family life without having the shift containers and furniture around. And you’ll make sure everything is safe and secure without little fingers and hands opening boxes when you’re not looking.

We can then help with inventory as you move your possessions over to storage. If you’re struggling to find a suitable vehicle, we can arrange to collect them for you. On the day of the big move, we’ll load everything directly from your self storage unit. Then we’ll head over to pack the rest of the items at your home. We’ll coordinate it all – leaving you to take on other tasks.

How a Man & Van Service Can Help Your Next Move in London –

Trying to organise something like a relocation is difficult for anyone. But being a young parent to one or more children can add a layer of chaos to the task. Every parent with young children needs a helping hand. And at Aussie, we work closely with our customers to try and make their lives easier.

For the Aussie team, it’s all about planning, creating deadlines, and meeting them. We always impress the importance of this for every customer we work with. The more time you spend in the planning stage, the smoother the move will be. You’ll reduce your stress level significantly by cutting things up into smaller tasks.

For us, the service we recommend for family relocations is Aussie Man & Van. One of the first advantages we highlight is the ease with which the smaller vans navigate around London. Even the most thorough planning can derail if an accident happens. Our man & van vehicles can utilise more minor roads and side streets to change the route, making it possible to avoid undue delays.

Instead of applying a flat day rate, we charge by the hour for our Man & Van service. This means you only pay for the time you use, which often works out a lot cheaper. Most removals companies in London prefer day rates so they can increase their profits. At Aussie, we believe in saving our customers money wherever we can.

Every Aussie Man & Van service comes with the labour of two of our expert team members to help you pack and unload at your new destination. The Aussie team has years of experience and expertise in removals and storage, many of whom have previous industry and trade skills.

Home Removals for Three-Bed Houses – 

From experience, we know that everyone has different needs from their removals company. That’s why we have a fleet of removal’s vehicles to ensure we cater to everyone’s requirements. Larger vans are often better for properties with three bedrooms and more because they can hold a more significant volume of their goods. And we’re able to fit all your possessions in one trip.

It’s all about efficiency and choosing the right service for your situation. Don’t worry – we have a team of assessors to evaluate this for you, so you don’t have to work this out yourself. They’ll go through your specifications and suggest the best package to match them. You’ll then receive a free quote with no pressure to book.

Are you struggling for time because of family and work? We can also take on packing duties with our dedicated service. We’ll arrange arrival and completion times for the final week. You’ll then have a choice of whether to get us to pack or if you’re happy to do this yourself. We have a crew of experts with the best handling skills on hand and are ready to take this on.

Create and Use a Moving Checklist to Focus – 

Most people face the reality of juggling home and work life when arranging their relocation. Other than a few days here and there, it’s unlikely you can take time off work to pack and organise your move. Then you will be preparing meals transporting the kids to and from school, not to mention afterschool activities. On top of that – you have a full day of work to contend with.

That’s why people forget important tasks because there’s too much happening simultaneously. Even vitally essential things slip through the cracks. A moving checklist is the best way to track your progress and to return your focus during these stressful and busy times. In conjunction with a blank calendar, you’ll use it to create a timeline and plot how long you have left to complete every task.

As you finish a duty, you cross it off and move on to the next one, with a general suggestion to complete a few each week. You can start today because there’s no time like the present. Don’t put things off if you can take them on now. By having this mindset, you’ll be on the path to a successful family relocation where you don’t forget any crucial steps.

Aussie Man & Van – We’re Here to Make Your Relocation Stress-Free –

Aussie moves hundreds of people with young families in London every year. That’s why we understand that it’s a difficult time for anyone who has a young family to contend with. It’s a balancing act that can make things seem overwhelming.

That’s one of the reasons we choose to build close relationships with our customers. If we understand everyone’s needs before the relocation, it helps us plan everything. At Aussie, we leave nothing to chance. Everything goes through a rigorous assessment, from the type of vehicle and removals service to the time we arrive to load your possessions.

Providing the highest level of customer service is our number one goal. When we see things from the perspective of each person we work with, it’s easier to relate to their requirements. The Aussie team consistently delivers a service that we want and expect to receive. And our standards are set very high.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company, and we’re London’s fastest-growing removals and storage provider. We deliver a high level of customer service and offer affordable rates. You don’t have to choose one over the other. The Aussie team is full of skilled people who love what they do. We are always happy to offer advice for our followers, especially customers planning a move with a young family.

Click here, and we’ll discuss our range of services and how they can help you plan your upcoming relocation.