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If one of your first tasks for 2019 is moving in with your partner, then you’re off to an amazing start.Being in a loving relationship that is going to the next phase is an excellent way to begin the year. However, there are a few things to sort out before the day of the big move, just to make sure you both start as you mean to go on. One of them is booking the removals company to relocate you to your new shared house or apartment.

In addition to sorting out your removals company, it’s worth meeting up prior to the moving day to set some ground rules. Things are always different when you live together, but it’s easy enough to avoid issues if you’re proactive. By getting things in order now, you’ll both have made clear boundaries in a calm and adult manner. Then, you can look forward to living in your first home together without having too many awkward moments or arguments.

Top Tips When Moving in Together in London –

Chores– everyone can handle different tasks better than the next, so you should discuss your pet hates and compromise on them now. First, list every duty you can think of and divide them roughly in half.

Date night– set at least one night where you both take an evening off to have fun at home or go out for a meal. It’s easier than you think to fall into bad habits, but if you keep a weekly date night, you won’t have to worry about it.

Possessions – agree on how much space you will both have now, in case you need storage or to get rid of some of your excess items. Much like the chores, you should try and divide the storage space in half.

Allowing space– give each some space and remember you’re both individuals who need to grow as people. There is no ‘rule’ to this; it’s mostly just about respecting the other person enough to allow them to do their thing.

Cohabit – this will seem like it’s contradicting the above point, although it has more similarities. Giving each other space is essential, but so is spending time together! Try to make sure you both spend as much time as possible together, even if it’s doing boring stuff.

Hobbies and activities– encourage each other’s hobbies or favourite thing. It’s likely you already share things in common, but it’s worth being positive about your lives.

Using a Home Inventory App to Help Your Relocation –

There are lots of different ways that you can create an inventory of your possessions. But the best way of doing this is a home inventory app. They’re available for Smartphone and Apple devices, and they’re cheap or free to download. Although there are several different apps to choose from, most have similar functions that allow you to take a photo of each item.

You can write a short description of each entry, as well as categorising them by the room they’re in. And when you begin to pack everything away, you can assign each box a code. Then you can update each item with that code, which will be essential when it comes to unpacking your things.

You should also contact your insurance provider to check or amend your contents cover. Make sure you mention that you plan on relocating, and they’ll advise if you need to increase your premium to cover all eventualities. It might also speed up the process if you send over your home inventory files by email.

By the time you complete your home inventory list, you will know exactly how many pieces of furniture and appliances you have. Please also send us your list so that we can assign the most suitable removals vehicle for you.

Aussie – We’re London’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company –

Aussie works with hundreds of people every year who make the decision to move in with their significant other. It’s an exciting time and has the potential to be a fulfilling experience, but it’s usually a good idea to be upfront with each other from the word go. That way, you can cut out a lot of pointless bickering and have some clear boundaries.

A lot of people who cohabit in London also happen to be extremely busy and focus a lot on their career. That’s where Aussie Clean becomes your knight in shining armour. Every cleaning package from Aussie is done at a professional level and is worth the cost for a spotlessly clean home. Plus, you won’t have to lose any of your precious time off work.

To move you and your belongings in, our man with a van service is ideal if you have a smaller number of items. Aussie’s Man & Van service charges by the hour which means you only pay for the time you use. There will be two Aussie removals experts on hand to do all the heavy work, and they’ll have you moved into your new house or apartment in no time.

If 2019 is the year you take the next step in your life journey by moving in with the person you love, contact us for your relocation.