Moving House in London During Coronavirus

Things To Remember When Renting in London - Part 1

London hasnt had an easy time of it over the winter. Just before Christmas, at the 11th hour, we were plunged into Tier 4 of the Covid-19 restrictions, upending plans and ushering tens of thousands of people to the nearest train station, desperate to escape the city before the midnight cut-off point. Then, once wed readjusted to the new Tier, it was all-change again as we went into full lockdown along with the rest of the country. People whod started planning house- or flat-moves during the summer, when restrictions were eased, began quite understandably – to worry about whether theyd still be able to go ahead.

The good news is that the housing market has been allowed to stay in motion. From buyers to sellers, estate agents to surveyors and valuers comes a collective sigh of relief. Yes, the process may be more complicated, but it has not been brought to a screeching halt by any means. At Aussie, we keep ourselves fully apprised of all the latest health guidance. Were here to move you without jeopardising your safety or wellbeing.

Simple Steps To Stay Safe

If youre moving, then all the guidance about staying safe is more important than ever. That includes washing your hands, maintaining a two-metre distance from other people, wearing a face covering and not entering any households other than that the one youre leaving and the one to which youre moving. Exemptions – pertaining to bubblesor administering care to the vulnerable still apply. You can keep yourself fully informed here

Could Covid-19 Delay My House Move?

Yes, your move could certainly be held up by covid. If, for example, someone in your moving chain is suddenly compelled to self-isolate, either because theyve tested positive for Covid or come into contact with someone who has, this could necessitate a delay of seven days or more. Delays could also be caused if other parties involve in the process are self-isolating, whether conveyancers, agents or moving personnel. Of course, it is entirely possible that you wont be delayed, but its worth taking potential delays into account when planning.

Can I View Properties During Lockdown?

The process of ooking for a property has changed, with a significant proportion of it now taking place online. Your agent will probably offer virtual viewings in the first instance. Of course, while virtual viewings are sufficient for making some provisional choices, an in-person viewing is vital for taking things further. Government advice is that there should never be more than two households within a property at any one time. Indeed, its advised for the owners/residents to vacate temporarily any time a viewing takes place. Viewings must only take place via appointment and you should abstain from touching surfaces when youre looking around. All parties should wear masks at all times.

What If Someone I My Household Is Classified As Extremely Vulnerable?

If youre considered extremely vulnerable(this is the category of person that was referred to as shieldingin the first lockdown), its worth considering rescheduling your move altogether or arranging it in such a way that you dont take an active, physical hand in the process.

What is Aussie London Doing To Keep People Safe?

Were undertaking zero-contact moves to keep our customers completely safe. All the Aussie movers, drivers, planners and packers are kept fully apprised of the government and medical guidance. In terms of the number of people with whom you cross paths, your move with Aussie will be much, much safer than visiting a supermarket. We are fully conscientious and committed to moving you in a safety-compliant manner. You can find out more about everything Aussies doing here.

Aussie Cleaning To The Rescue

Never has there been a time in which cleaning was so important, especially if youre selling up and are therefore required to clean after each viewing. Our can docleaning team are here to take up the slack if, at any point, youre not in a position to take on this task yourself. Were experienced at end-of-tenancy cleans and we do everything to the highest possible standard at competitive rates. Were adept at carpet cleaning, using specialist products that get the stains out without damaging the fabric. For more information about our new, covid-disinfecting cleans which target all the areas of a property most likely to be touched by hand, look here.

Is Aussie Storage Affected By Covid-19?

Aussie is offering all its usual storage services. Our self-storage units are unaffected by coronavirus since you can use these without needing our help or intervention. Our container storage, which does require Aussie personnel, is being arranged in a zero-contact manner and our friendly staff will guide you through this process.