Moving House During Pregnancy



It’s one of those paradoxical situations – when a baby’s on the way, it’s not the ideal time to be moving house and yet, because of the obvious desire for more space caused by the pregnancy, it is. But what can’t be dismissed is the fact that it adds an additional layer of complication to a move, especially if the pregnancy is in its final term. However, with a little forethought, your move needn’t be made harder by the situation. Here are some suggestions, easy to adopt, that could make all the difference.

Determine what you can and can’t do

Heavy lifting and carrying can be put emphatically into the ‘don’t’ column, but there are still plenty of things that can be marked ‘do’. For starters, you can take on the packing side of things and – since you know your stuff better than anyone else – you’ll do a better job of it than if it were farmed out. It can also be started months in advance, perhaps with some gently-paced decluttering, getting rid of things you have multiples of or just don’t need anyway. Filling boxes, affixing labels, exploring the dark recesses of closets – all this and more can be done by you, at your pace, your way.


Acquire a new GP

Few things are as important in your circumstances as making sure there’s complete continuity in your care, with checkups going according to plan and nothing getting missed or overlooked. Armed with your future postcode, you can easily find out online which GPs fall within your catchment area and then decide which one’s the one for you. If you have friends or contacts in your new area, word-of-mouth recommendations can help guide you towards your choice and there’ll also be online reviews and feedback. Use


Change of address

Before friends and acquaintances come into the picture, prioritise any and all medical establishments that need your new details, scheduling a day or so prior to your move to do a full blitz online and on the telephone, making sure that your hospital is apprised of your new address.


Allow for problems

Moves rarely go ahead without error or hiccups here and there. There may be little problems which have nothing to do with your move or your pregnancy but which get in the way nevertheless. Try to bring yourself to a place of acceptance where these are concerned, so that the stress has less impact.


Keep yourself fed and watered

Plenty of water and lovely things to eat, perhaps including restful trips to nearby restaurants to lighten the monotony, will keep you feeling good. Moving house can be so absorbing that people overlook basic self-care at the time they most need it.