Thinking of moving from London to Bath?

moving from London to Bath

The route between Londinium (London) and Aquae Sulis (Bath) has always been well travelled. These important locations in Roman Britain were reached in yesteryear via the road to Atrebatum (Silchester).  While the A4 and M4, and the Great Western Railway are the current thoroughfares, the migratory patterns of humans moving to and from Bath, persist. In fact, so many of our London customers were moving to Bath, that Aussie expanded to create a base at Aquae Sulis, to assist Londoners, Bathonians, and all those transiting in between. In this article, we look at why there is such a correlation between London and Bath, from the moving to Bath angle.  There are, thousands of reasons one may move to London, and so what is more interesting is why people may leave London for Bath.  However the migration flows, back and forth, Aussie is carving a clear route for helping people move to London from Bath and vice versa, with all the ease you would expect from London’s favourite removals and storage company. 

Commuter Options 

Although Bath is in Somerset occupying the West amidst stunning countryside, the city is well connected to the capital. Within an hour and a half, you can be in Central London, or even up in the air. 

  • By Train – 

Bath Spa has a direct line to Paddington London which takes about 90 minutes.  Direct trains to Bristol are about 15 minutes and continue onto Cardiff. 

  • By Bus – 

Regular local services serve Bath and head to Bristol and beyond. 

  • By Car – 

Located on the M4/M5 corridor it is easy to head directly to London, Oxford, Bristol, and further south- west to Devon and Cornwall.  For more local information about public transport in Bath check out Visit Bath’s dedicated page. 

  • By AirBristol Airport is 15 miles from Bath with public transport routes from Bath and Bath Spa to the airport. 

International destinations

Both London and Bath draw tourists and visitors, though their scale is dramatically different. The Avon Valley which is home to Bath sets a scene of West Country tranquility close to the borders of Wales. However, despite its small scale, it magnetizes 1.3 million visitors a year.  Despite this transient footfall on the Georgian streets, Bath also has a strong community feel and retains its cultural poise as well as historical majesty.  The official Visit Bath site showcases all that is on offer at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, for residents and visitors alike. With its regular markets and fine food and restaurants, Bath is far from being a country backwater.  Many Londoners have opted for a second home in Bath where they can spend weekends and gradually ease themselves into the West Country rhythm.

House Prices in Bath 

Over the last decade house prices have been steadily increasing. As more and more people can work from home, they don’t necessarily need to save for that second home but can base themselves in Bath, and commute into London.  House prices are higher than the UK average in Bath, but the cost of living is 16.57% lower than in London. With everything within walking distance, quality of life dramatically increases, plus the parks and countryside are enchanting. 

Recent average house prices in the last year – on average a house costs around £592,075.

  • Detached £1,110,320
  • Semi-detached £589,076
  • Terraced £525,334
  • Flats £356,757

Characterised by Georgian townhouses, Bath also has Victorian terrace housing adding to its illustrious period home stock. New developments along the riverside will bring more modern homes into the equation over time. There are even moorings along the River Avon for those who prefer to live on the waterways. 

Culture in Bath 

Bath has its layers of heritage, from the Roman Temple of Minerva to the Georgian sandstone crescents. Jane Austen’s world of the elites still haunts the historic streets. While all these can be explored in depth, they also provide the backdrop for life in Bath which has its own original pulse.  Bath has a film festival and a whole culture surrounding and supporting new filmmakers. The Theatre Royal has a wide range of events and theatre productions.  A thriving centre for local producers and farmers, the Bath Farmers Market is a regular Saturday event on many locals’ calendars.  With a seasonal Christmas market, and artisan and craft markets there is a fertile culture for independent makers and traders. Plus, around Bath and Bristol, there are many National Trust properties to explore with beautiful and historical grounds. 

Restaurants and shopping in Bath 

There are so many restuarants to choose from in Bath, but here are ten to keep in mind.  Many make use of local produce from Wiltshire and Somerset. 

1-The Bath Pizza Company

2-Clayton’s Kitchen

4-Colonna & Small’s

5- Sotto Sotto

6- Oak

7-The Elder

8-The Landrace Bakery    

9- The Scallop Shell

10- Noya’s Kitchen

Over Christmas there is the perennial Bath on Ice experience in Royal Victoria Park, where you can ice skate, play glow golf, and eat and drink in a winter wonderland. This shopping guide will give you an overview of what is generally on offer in Bath,  but take the traditional meandering way of walking the streets and you will be surprised by the treasures you can find. Bath has a vintage and antique market two Sundays a month, as well as a range of antique and vintage shops. 

Moving to Bath from London and London to Bath 

London, as the metropolis has its own magnetic field. That is to say, if you are a Londoner, you may have experienced that strange sense of thinking there is no real world beyond the M25. However, sometimes the moment comes when that myth must be challenged.  Bath, with its majesty and history, fine dining, foodie vibes, and art culture is not so far removed from Londinium.  What is removed in Bath is the vast sprawling city, the long tube rides, and the relentless speed of life. However, it can go both ways, for there are many reasons why the metropolis can beckon and call.  We help people move from Bath and the West country back to the city as well.  Luckily, we have our depots in London, Bath, Gillingham, and Oxford which give us flexibility in how we can assist our wide customer base. 

Aussie Removals and Storage in Bath 

The one principle, which has been key to our success is that we provide great service to our customers, all of the time.  We move over 350 homes in London every week. We specialize in having a positive approach and being able to make things happen.  In Bath, we have different storage options, some of which can help students as well as small businesses.  Our network expands beyond the UK, so if you need to move abroad, we can ensure an international removal experience that stays true to our aim, which is your satisfaction.  Our reviews say it all. If you are planning to move in and around Bath, London, or somewhere between the two, we have got it sorted into a seamless process.  Get in touch and we can provide you with a free quote. 

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