Moving Elderly People’s Homes  in London

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Making the decision to sell up and move to a new home is never an easy decision, as it always takes a lot of planning and effort. This can be especially for elderly people who may not be doing so by choice but rather a necessity. In these circumstances, it’s essential to use a removals company that has experience in these situations. It takes an additional level of compassion and understanding to undertake this type of removals as it’s not just a typical relocation.

However, it’s not always obvious where to start looking for a company that can do this type of relocation correctly. That’s where online research and rating platforms can come in handy. You can check out how they perform for previous customers. Reputation is everything and will lead you to a reliable company that can deliver a high standard of service. And at Aussie, we have a reputation for delivering exactly what we promise on every removals job we take on.

Compassionate Packers and Movers in London –

No matter what sort of removals job we take on, our team understands the benefits of working closely with our customers. Each job has various individual aspects to consider, which is why we assess everything in detail. That’s why it’s vital to book with a reliable company like Aussie. Every job we take on is done to the highest standard. And part of that level of excellence is providing extra assistance for specific moves.

And it’s this reason why our team dedicates additional time and resources for any removals job when it involves an elderly customer. We understand that there may be some organisational and packing issues before the day of the move. That’s why we assess everything in detail and plan in advance. Our friendly and attentive team will visit to help organise and pack everything. Not only that, we’ll create an inventory list to help when we unpack at the new location.

We often find that our customers have had issues with previous removals companies who lack proper communication standards. This can be especially stressful for seniors, as they are often contacted directly to discuss aspects of their relocation that they can’t answer. This can cause a lot of additional confusion that makes things more difficult for everyone. That’s why we assign one person to oversee complex removals jobs to avoid this scenario.

Additionally, you can contact us whenever you need to – we are here to help this transition. Our staff are friendly and courteous and are happy to answer any questions you may have. By booking with Aussie, you’ll be receiving a professional removals service. And that means no breakages or damage due to poor packing or carelessness. Moreover, our prices are affordable, and there are no hidden fees.

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At Aussie, it’s vital that we do everything we can to accomplish a high standard of service that surpasses our customer’s expectations. This isn’t an ego thing, although it is nice to receive positive feedback and affirms that we’re on the right track. We do this because it’s necessary for us to provide the best customer service possible. Other companies in our industry do not always share this, and unfortunately, this is all too evident when it comes to elderly customers.

It’s not just rogue traders or individuals who prey on vulnerable or elderly people. Some companies will convince customers to sign up for unnecessary services that cost more money. Or they won’t do additional services, like dropping items at the tip or charity shops, without charging for it on the final bill. And often these other services were not part of the original quote.

The Aussie team is always happy to pass on any useful advice or information. And here are a couple of suggestions if you’re taking the lead on your elderly relative or friend’s relocation.  You may also need to use other services other than removals or storage. It’s advisable to check up on any prospective company you use online but not via a price comparison site. Every company that is on Google will have ratings from previous customers. Have a look at them and only use companies with an average rating above four stars.

Another tip is to try and phone and email the companies you’re considering using. If they don’t answer their phone or reply to your email within twenty-four hours during the week, it’s not a promising sign. And if they do respond, ask if they do no obligation quote and no hidden fees. A reputable company will have no problem with agreeing to this, and the ones you should avoid will take issue with it.

Aussie – We’re London’s Number One Company for Relocations for Elderly Relatives –

The Aussie team knows that it’s difficult it can be to organise a relocation for an elderly relative or friend. They might be leaving neighbours and friends they’ve known for years as well as a house which has a lifetime full of memories. It won’t be easy for them to cope with the upheaval, but there is one thing that we can guarantee, and that’s to provide you with a professional service.

We believe that a company should put itself in their customer’s shoes to understand the different needs of each person. This not only helps us deliver the best possible service, but it helps us improve our removals and storage packages. We can use each job we do as experience for the next one. And it’s also why we have a loyal group of customers who use us again for future moves.

The Aussie team have elderly family and friends, and we would want nothing short of the highest quality of service for them. We turn up on time and complete when we say we will. Every aspect of our service is transparent, and our team are always happy to attend to any questions or issues. And if necessary, we can also assist with the packing.

At Aussie, we believe that showing compassion is all part of the standard service; it’s something we want to do for our customers. If you’re planning a relocation for an elderly family member or friend, please contact us today.