Moving House in London at Christmas

Moving House in London at Christmas

Few people would get behind the idea that moving during the Christmas period is the thing to do. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Perhaps you’re part of a chain, and it’s just an unintended consequence that can’t be shrugged off. Or maybe there are compelling reasons that have led to you making this decision. Whatever the case may be, there are some steps you can take to mitigate the added stress of undertaking a house or flat move at a time of year when you’ve probably got a lot of other things on your plate – parties, guests, children’s presents and more.

Icy conditions

If it’s one of those ultra-mild years we sometime have, then you’re in luck. Otherwise, you need to think about making sure that driveways, entrances, pathways and so on are sufficiently salted so that removals vehicles don’t run into trouble and the men and women helping you don’t slip up and injure themselves. It goes without saying that you’ll also have to put aside warm apparel to wear on moving day.


Moving during the bleak mid-winter comes with a number of obligations that you might be able to evade if you were making a summer move. For one, you don’t want to spend so much as an hour at your new place without gas, electricity, heating and hot water. So you need a seamless transition of your utility accounts – even more so, if you’re intending to make Christmas dinner and put lights on the tree as soon as you arrive.


During a standard move at a clement time of year, you might opt to unpack your day-to-day things and relax a little before tackling the other stuff. But if it’s a Christmas move, it’s preferable to create a little atmosphere, warmth, privacy and festive spirit before you do anything else. So consider putting up curtains and Xmas decorations straight away, especially if you’ve got children who won’t want to have a damp squib of a holiday season.

2-in-1 Christmas Cards

Kill two birds with one stone by merging your Christmas card list with your change-of-address card list. Then achieve both aims simultaneously by putting a sticker with your new address in each Christmas card or using an online e-card generator, such as Jackie Lawson, that allows you to add text including your new address.