Moving a Piano and Other Musical Instruments

Moving a Piano and Other Musical Instruments

There’s an art behind moving valuable items. And if you’re a musician or piano collector, it’s in your interest to go with the professionals to carry and transport them. That’s because there are many things to consider before the relocation happens. For every successful move, you’ll find thorough assessment and planning. This is vital when moving valuable items like grand pianos and other musical instruments.

At Aussie, we have a keen understanding of how important pianos are to their owners – they’re not only special musical instruments but also heirlooms with sentimental value that defies quantifying. Moving them is a delicate art, and the procedures differ from piano to piano. Uprights are comparatively straightforward, often requiring no dismantling before transit but just careful loading and unloading.

Extra Care when Moving a Grand Piano –

Grand pianos pose more significant challenges than their smaller cousins, so let’s go through our process of taking one apart in preparation for a relocation. First, we determine the make and model of the piano – if its value exceeds a certain amount or its structure is not standard, we will call in our specialist team, who’ll come and take over.

But if the job falls within our area of expertise, we’ll start the dismantling process by ensuring three of our staff are in place – two for holding the instrument, while the third starts removing one of the piano’s three bolted-in legs. We’ll then lower that side of the piano to the floor (with padding in place), then lift it to its side to remove the next two legs.

After this, we’ll transport it onto a piano shoe, reassemble it, and then do the exact reverse of the starting procedure, putting the final two legs back on, rolling it, then lifting the corner and attaching the leg we took off initially. Some grand pianos have legs that are kept in place by a series of screws rather than a bolt – if this is the case, again, we call in specialist assistance.

There are additional circumstances in which the specialist personnel are called in – for example, and we will only move pianos from the ground floor to the ground floor unless there’s a lift that can contain the instrument. A couple of steps here and there is negotiable for us, but anything more than that, and it’s over to the specialists.

Packing Valuables and other Musical Instruments –

We hope detailing our process for the disassembling and moving of grand pianos gives some insight into the level of detail we apply to every move. At Aussie, we’re sticklers for due diligence and preparation. That’s because we know it gets the results we need. And that’s reducing any issues when packing up and during transit.

Other musical instruments tend to have fewer moving parts than a piano, but we pay just as much attention. An example would be using packaging correctly, and we’ll go into more detail in the next section. If you’re a musician or owner of a musical instrument, we’ll ask you for specific information before turning up on the moving day. We’re doing this to make sure we understand any complicated fixings and other things to consider.

You can then understand how this transfers to other valuable items and how every object has specific needs. We undertake the same high level of research for every job we sign up for. Should we’re unsure of anything, we’ll arrange a visit, which is sometimes necessary for locations with parking or access restrictions. This is the standard of excellence you can expect from us.

The Importance of Packing Correctly –

Now to investigate this side of things with more information on the hands-on stuff (pun absolutely intended). You might think that packaging is just packaging, not much more to consider, as long as it takes the sting out of any impact. Unfortunately, this view is often shared by other removals companies as well, to everyone’s detriment. In a nutshell – it’s a mistake to think this is true.

If you were to use packing materials that become slightly adhesive in warmer temperatures, this might damage the surface of an expensive piano. That’s why we have experts who have consummate handling and packing skills. Additionally, they know precisely how to arrange the removal vehicle to avoid collisions. It’s also vital to separate more oversized items from valuable or delicate ones.

Extra padding comes with similar things to consider because there’s further potential for damage occurring. It’s crucial to make sure the packaging you use shouldn’t cause any scratching or marks. Understanding how to pack things is best left to the professionals in this case because of the high value of grand pianos and similar instruments. That’s where the Aussie team excels – we take this all into consideration at the planning stages, weeks in advance of your moving day.

Using a High-Quality Self Storage Service –

You might find yourself in a situation where storage is necessary. Some people need to stagger a relocation because of a long-distant relocations. This is usually for national and overseas removals jobs, but it might also apply to local moves. We suggest using self storage or container storage, depending on the timeframe and what level of access is needed.

Much like using a company that has unique qualities, storage needs to match this level of excellence. Similar issues can happen if temperatures frequently change in the storage unit or room. At Aussie, we have temperature controls as standard, which removes and issues with overheating or dampness. You can have confidence your items will come out of storage in the exact same condition.

Moreover, we can collect with man & van vehicle for self storage customers, so you don’t have to worry about having a large vehicle. For container storage, we’ll bring an empty container, pack, inventory, seal, and transport back to our depot. Our AusBox storage is a unique package that meets both services halfway. For us, more options equal better customer service and being able to work with more people.

Why Reputation Should Matter when Moving a Piano –

This one has an exact sentiment that showcases what the premise of this article is about. You need to trust and have confidence you’ll receive excellent service. This is a precious possession for piano enthusiasts and must be treated with the same esteem by the moving provider. Allowing someone who doesn’t have the experience to handle this might cause some major problems.

However, there’s a disconnect between how to achieve this before the event takes place. Is it possible to evaluate the quality of a business before using them? Luckily, there’s a way of weighing up the odds with a higher chance of success. And that’s by using online rating platforms to see what previous customers have to say about the service they received.

Google Reviews and Trustpilot are two notable platforms that shoulder be much of the internet’s ratings. By doing some research, you’ll see what a potential moving company’s rating out of five is. Furthermore, there are testimonials from previous clients available for reading in more detail. Then seek quotes and cross-reference which fits best. Aussie is a five-star removals company, and we have a quality policy to promote customer service and accountability.

Aussie Man & Van – Protecting Your Piano During a Relocation in London –

At Aussie Man & Van, our goal is to provide the best service delivery in London and the neighbouring areas. We work with hundreds of people who need specialist removals and storage annually. And these jobs indeed require a higher level of oversight and process management. Our team understands this, and we’ll map things out thoroughly, starting with an assessment.

You’ll have us in your corner at every stage, including all your planning and organising duties. That’s why we’re known as the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company. It’s our job to go the extra measure to meet your requirements. For us, individual merits matter, and we apply this logic to every single removals or storage job we book up for.

Your grand piano or musical instrument needs the best packing and handling skills available for your next relocation. Click here, and we’ll begin the assessment process, and provide you with a free quote.