How To Move A Fish Tank

How to move a fish tank

Perhaps the last thing on your mind when you’re planning your move is what on earth you’ll do about the fish tank (and its precious inhabitants). There’s so much else to get on with that the complicated matter of moving pets ends up on the back-burner. Still, eventually it’s something you’ll have no option but to address, so here are some pointers and some guidance to make sure everything goes swimmingly.

  • The first rule of thumb is never to move fish in their tank.
  • Stop feeding your fish 24 hours before the move.
  • The fish themselves should be moved in clear polythene bags, partially filled with water from the tank. Double-bag the bags, just for extra safety in transit, and tie with rubber bands.
  • Get a polystyrene container from an aquarium/pet specialist in which the polystyrene bags can be placed, ready for moving.
  • If your tank contains plants, these should also be bagged along with some tank water to keep them going.
  • Quarter of an hour before the move, turn off any electrical elements of the tank and, where possible, remove them, wrapping them in paper.
  • Protect your tank with padding (e.g. Bubble wrap). Place cushions (or similar) in the boot of your car (it’s better not to transport the tank in a removal van) and place the tank upon them.
  • Set up the tank as soon as you arrive at your destination.
  • To ensure that your fish are safe during transit, beware of extreme temperatures. If it’s a very hot or very cold day, your fish could be imperilled on a long journey. In either of these events, there is the option of using a battery-powered air pump and a bucket to create a temperature-controlled home for the fish. Your aquatic specialist can advise.
  • At your new home, settle your fish. Dechlorinate the water in the tank and, before placing the fish within, check that the water in their bags and in the tank is at room temperature.
  • Over the next fortnight, keep a close eye on your fish because the experience may have stressed them out.