Man & Van and Self Storage are a Perfect Match for Ecommerce & SMEs in London

Using Man & Van and Storage for Room Conversions and Home Improvements in London

Finding your feet as a new company is an exciting challenge that can sometimes be a bit of a rough ride for the first year. That’s why it’s a good idea to start with a money-saving ethos and keep your overheads as lean as possible. Having a readily available cash flow will help you navigate any dips and troughs in sales, as well as financial preparation for busier periods.

To help to consider some initial methods of lowering costs, using a reputable removals provider might be the ideal partnership for startups in London. A man with a van service will provide you with the use of a vehicle, while storage can act as your base of operations. Aussie Man & Van is London’s ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, and we work with entrepreneurs and startup enterprises every day.

Using Man & Van for Your SME in London –

The first year of any new business is a vital one. If you’re still working full-time, you should begin planning and preparing now, as well as saving raising capital. You should start putting money from your wages into a savings account while you’re able to now. That way, you’ll have a decent budget for when you begin your startup.

For people who are entering the e-commerce sector, you don’t need to buy a vehicle straight away. Aussie’s Man & Van service is ideal for collections from suppliers and deliveries to customers. Although you will eventually need your own car or van, it’s an expense you can save up for when it’s financially viable.

Aussie’s man with a van service is the best in London, and we go to every length to ensure the safety of your goods when in transit. Our expert staff have a long history of packing items to avoid damage. We have our brand of packing materials that are above the industry standard for quality. And should you want the same quality materials, we sell our products online.

We charge by the hour, which is another cost-saving measure to help you maintain a workable budget.  This gives your startup enterprise time to grow and consider making the right investments with your cash flow. Without expenditure, growth can be slow. That’s why it’s essential the keep your running costs and investments as low as possible.

Self Storage and Alternative Workspaces –

Finding an affordable rental property in London is a difficult task. Which is why many entrepreneurs have put their skills and business savvy to good use with trending innovations. With things like co-sharing, workspace labs, and office sharing, startups and SMEs can have affordable and flexible workspaces.

And there is one trend that’s happening across London and most major cities in the UK. Using a storage unit as a dedicated workspace is an excellent way of lowering monthly rental overheads. All you need is somewhere that offers you secure storage for your products and to do work in.

Just add a desk, a couple of chairs, an internet router, a filing cabinet or two, and you have yourself an office. Then, if you split the unit into two or three sections, you can keep your stock in one, the office in another and space for any equipment and packing materials. This is the ideal setup for an e-commerce enterprise, and we have a range of unit sizes to choose from.

Now that you have your alternative storage workspace, you can use Aussie’s Man & Van service to deliver and collect goods directly from your unit. Aussie has onsite amenities that will complete the final touches to your startup’s base of operations. We also offer archive document storage, making this the holistic, affordable solution for any startup or SME in London.

Aussie Man & Van – Partnering with SMEs in London for over Fifteen Years –

Aussie Man & Van currently has several e-commerce enterprises and other startups on our books. From working in the removals and storage industry for more than fifteen years, we have a good idea about what makes a successful business function. And regardless of the type of profession your startup undertakes, the variable that remains the same throughout is setting and maintaining a budget.

To help keep costs down, Aussie has the most affordable rates on the market. We have a range of services that comprise our ethos of having everything ‘under one roof’, so you don’t have to use multiple companies. Excellent customer service is our primary goal, and attaining the highest standard of service is why we have loyal customers.

Aussie has five branches spread throughout London, and every facility has a fleet of removal vehicles and storage units. And because of the success stories of our London depots, we now have new additions in Bath and Oxford. When it comes to e-commerce startups and SMEs, you have the right partner when you work with us.

If you’re starting your e-commerce enterprise or another type of SME, please contact us today. We’re London’s favourite company for startups and new businesses due to our positive ethos.