Why we use live Google reviews in our site

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It’s easy enough for any company to crow about how great their customer service is, but for Aussie, it’s different. To provide good customer service was one of the reasons we were founded in the first place, and we’ve endeavoured never to lose sight of that. We’re confident enough about what we do to put it to the test, which is why we allow Google Reviews to appear on our site, unedited. When customers compose man and van London reviews, other customers can immediately read them.

Man and Van Reviews London in Google

The same goes for removals company in London reviews. Unflattering Google Reviews can sometimes sink a company overnight, but it’s our intention that every Aussie client be as happy as possible with the work carried out on their behalf. Our founder looked around despairingly at the state of the UK services industry and, in 2000, Aussie was born so that fewer people fell victim to movers who were incompetent or downright dishonest and then, when everything fell apart, impossible to reach on the telephone. Much of growth is down to word-of-mouth recommendations from customers impressed by our proficiency in every aspect of moving and storage.

Removals Companies Reviews London  in Google 

Since we move over 350 homes and offices a week, making sure that each one goes well is quite an undertaking, but it’s one we relish. Moves made in heaven are what we want you to have – moves that don’t leave your nerves shredded and your finances bankrupted. Through a combination of thorough training, common courtesy and loving what we do, we make every move count and to us, you’re a real person, not a number on a job-sheet. We realise that what, to us, is the next move on that particular day is, to you, a matter of life and death, sink or swim. We are honoured to help you through it all, lessening the sense of upheaval wherever we can. We don’t overbook ourselves, and we send you the right amount of men in our state-of-the-art vehicles, along with all the equipment they’ll need. So please do review us exactly as you see fit. We don’t attempt to manipulate good reviews out of cherished customers. We want you to speak it exactly as you find it.

You can take a look at some of our Google reviews here or just Google “Aussie Man and Van London”