Making National & International Relocations, to and from London, Simple & Stress-Free

London's Favourite International Removals Company

If you have an upcoming relocation in London, there will be plenty of planning ahead and organising everything which will take a lot of time and energy. For anyone this applies to, things get a little more complicated for national removals where distance becomes an issue. You may find that you’re dealing with more than one removal company at the same time. This is where mistakes start happening, and conflicting information begins to present itself.

And if you think that national relocations are tricky then moving to Europe of further overseas takes things to another level. There are additional paperwork and processes that present you with a lot of headaches. However, it doesn’t need to be like this. If you choose to use a removals company that excels in national and international relocations, you’ll find things are much more manageable. And in London, Aussie Man & Van is the number one company for all UK and overseas relocations.

Finding the Right National and Overseas Removals in London –

Aussie Man & Van undertakes regular trips to France and all other major destinations throughout Europe. We have a dedicated Overseas Removals service that can relocate you to just about anywhere in Europe, and we are also able to arrange shipping to other international destinations. Via our network of partner removals companies, we relocate people to every major European city weekly. Furthermore, we only work with companies that have the same ethos of customer service that matches our own.

Remember that it’s crucial that you’re totally confident that your belongings will reach your new destination in the same condition they left in. At Aussie, we have a team of experts in packing and removals, and this means your possessions will be well protected during transit. We also provide a service for paperwork and the related processes for international moves for relocations that are outside of the EU.

When booking any service, you should always aim high and book with a company that does the same. And that goes for any type of service that you need during your relocation. Reputation goes a long way, and that’s why you should research every company you use. Only book with a removals company that attains the BAR accreditation and can provide you with a free, no obligation quotation that covers you from your starting and end destination.

The Best UK & International Company Reviews –

During your online searches, you’ll no doubt see an option on Google where the company’s reviews can be seen. This isn’t trivial information and might be the most important part of finding a reliable company. If you find a company that has a few five-star reviews, it might be a good sign, but they might be made by their friends and family. Look for a company with over ten reviews, some with four-star reviews from people who feel more like genuine customers.

With Google Live and Trustpilot, you can see what previous customers say about most companies that are live on Google. Aussie attains an overall five-star rating, and we aim to keep it that way by providing excellent customer service for every job we take on. We’re very proud of this, but it’s not about bragging rights or putting our competition down. We believe our customers deserve the best service and we will continually work towards improving where we can.

At Aussie, we encourage any potential customers to contact us straight away. We are happy to create a direct line of contact with you, even if you only need a quote. It’s essential to contact your removals company directly and can at any time. Once you book your overseas relocation with us, we’ll provide you with a direct contact person for this purpose.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s Number One for UK and International Removals –

Aussie is London’s favourite removals company.  And it’s down to our ‘can-do’ ethos that we apply to every job we undertake. We’re confident that we can provide you with the best European removals service, as well as helping you undertake all your shipping and documentation requirements for international relocations.

Aussie Man & Van is BAR accredited, which means our company dedicates its focus to providing the highest level of customer service. This covers everything. From standards of removals, levels of health and safety, fair treatment of employees, correct avenues for complaints and much more. It’s our industry’s recognised certification board, and you should only work with compliant companies.

The Aussie team have decades worth of experience, and we utilise this for every relocation we sign up for. Therefore, we have tens of thousands of European and international relocations under our belt. People know us by our high standard of service. Moreover, our reputation allows us to work with hundreds of people every week. Many of our jobs are done via referrals from happy customers.

Contact us today, and we’ll walk you through our dedicated Overseas Removals service. Additionally, we will provide you with any information to help you plan your relocation.