London’s Favourite International Removals Company

London's Favourite International Removals Company

If your moving to a location overseas, you’ll no doubt have a lot of things to sort out in the run-up to the big relocation. One of them is choosing the company who will get your possessions from London to your new home. Initially, this can be tricky as there are loads of removals companies that state they’re the best. However, it’s always a good idea to do some research to make sure you receive the right removals service.

Aussiemoves thousands of people to Europe and further afield every year, and we’re known as the best in London for overseas relocations. The way to work out whether a company is worth using is via their online reviews. Aussie’s reviewers all give us top marks – a trulyfive-star companyin every sense. That’s why you should book with the best international removals company in London.

Choosing the Right International Removal Company –

When booking any service, it’s crucial that you use a reliable company. And that goes for any type of service that you need during your relocation. Reputation goes a long way, and that’s why you should research every company you use. With Google Liveand Trustpilot, you can see what previous customers thought of us by clicking here. We have an overall five-star rating, and we aim to keep it that way by providing excellent customer service for every job we take on.

It’s vital that you’re 100% confident that your belongings will reach your new destination, and in good order. This is crucial for any European or international relocation. At Aussie, we have a team of experts in packing and removalsand this means your possessions will be well protected during transit. We’ll also assist you with paperwork for international moves outside of Europe.

Due to the regular trips we make to the continent, Aussie has a dedicated Overseas Removalsservice for Europe. Via our network of partner removals companies, we relocate people to every major European city weekly. Furthermore, we only work with companies that have the same ethos of customer service that matches our own.

Other Useful Moving Tips from Aussie Removals –

The first thing you’ll need to do is visit your new town or city at least once, two times or more would be ideal. Typically, it’s advisable to purchase a property somewhere you’re familiar with. However, if you have a few places on your list, make sure you have time to visit each one for at least a few days. This is a big decision, and you need to make sure you’re buying the right house or apartment for you.

You also need to be very well-read on the rules and regulations of purchasing a property in your chosen country. Some will have restrictions on foreign property ownership, lots of red tape, and costly fees. And some countries are notorious for allowing long, drawn-out waiting periods to get approval. Make sure you don’t find yourself stuck on hiatus as a perpetual tenant of a rented property.

It’s also essential that you check the visa requirements in advance of your departure. The last thing you want is to find yourself in an interview room at Customs. While some countries are laxer with regards to visitation periods, others are stringent and difficult to extend. If you’re unsure about visa requirements, contact the UK embassy in the city you’re considering moving to for recent information.

If English isn’t the native tongue, you should start learning the local language now. There are lots of apps and traditional online learning platforms, in addition to checking if there are any night classes nearby. Being able to communicate is a crucial part of integrating into your new location. You feel more confident, ready to ask people questions. Plus, you’ll be able to make new friends quicker.

Aussie – We’re the Best at Removals and Storage in London –

Aussie is London’s fastest growing removals company and it’s down to our ‘can-do’ ethosthat we apply to every job we undertake. We’re confident that we can provide you with the best European removalsservice, as well as helping you undertake all your shipping and documentation requirements for international relocations.

The Aussie team have decades worth of experience, and we utilise this for every relocation we sign up for. This is why we have tens of thousands of European and international relocations under our belt. People know us by our high standard of service, and our reputation gives us the opportunity to work with hundreds of people every week. Many of our jobs are done via referrals from happy customers.

Customer service is the key to everything we do – and it’s why we have been successful enough to operate from six branches. Not only that, we have a network of associates across the UK with links to European removals and storage providers. Make sure you book with London’s best international removals service provider by choosing Aussie.

Contact ustoday, and we’ll walk you through our dedicated Overseas Removals service. Additionally, we provide you with any information to help you plan your relocation.